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Skydiving Gear : Reviews

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Review by: KrisFlyZ, 2004-12-06


The suit is built of tough material(made by salomon), much tougher than ZP. The build quality is superb.

Ease of use:

Hook up is a breeze, four zippers and the suit is on the rig. Getting into the suit is hard because of the single zipper in the front. Using a chair or couch to wear the suit and rig makes things easier.


I have only been able to put 7 jumps on this suit since I received it(Nov 2004). The suit is very stable and comfortable to fly. The arm position also makes it less tiring to fly when compared to my SF3 or GTI. The suit is atleast as good as the GTI, I make this statement from seat of the pants feel rather than actual numbers from a logging device. As I get that information, I will update this review.