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A must have for skydivers with a fetish for high quality equipment 5 out of 5 stars

Review by: FfChArLeS, 2003-07-02

I've been jumping my V-308 for over a year now and still every time I pack, I really enjoy the attention for detail Bil Booth and his team have put into the design and manufacturing of this rig.
I've chosen for a pull out opening system on this one for safety reasons (freeflying and premature openings.
If you're orientating on a new rig you should take a look at a micron or a vector 3. Of course there are cheaper rigs on the market and they will bring you down safely. Just remember that most a lot of modern rig design originates at the RWS: 3 rings, hand deployed pilot chutes, velcro less riser and pin covers. Latest RWS inventions are anti twist lock hard cutaway cable covers on the risers and very neat velcro less toggles.
This indicates that RWS really thinks over design before they manufacture. On top of that their products are manufactured really neatly. So if you're buying this container you know for sure that it is good.
For me it performs good, feels very comfortable and also looks good.

Buy this container 5 out of 5 stars

Review by: JFC3, 2003-02-26

One the first things that pops into mind is how damn comfortable the leg straps are under canopy. This may seem insignificant (and had always too me) but I went from Javelin to the Micron and there is a major difference. Also the way they cut their yoke is just ingenious. Of all the things all the other manufacturers have stolen from RWS I wonder why more haven't hit upon this. Now it may not make a difference doing belly work, but free flying it makes a significant difference. My last two rigs (the Javelin before and the Micron now) were both custom cut for me. While I never feared the Javelin coming off it would alway snake off my shoulders in a sit or slide back and forth on my back during the jump. The Micron is always right there. I was amazed after the first jump and haven't thought about it since (which I did on every jump with the Javelin). It's freed me to concentrate more on the jump.

Customer service at RWS was remarkable. Akin to what you would receive at PD. Marc, Gwen, Rosi and the whole gang over there took care of all my nagging questions and assured my every concern. I had my handles embroidered and there was a typo on the cutaway. I wrote and told them of the error and they replaced it within a week and a half. Then I was completely satisfied.

I wish I could show you how this thing came out too. It's seriously beautiful. And I'm not saying that as the proud owner. Soon after I got it I brought it to my DZ and then travelled south for some jumping and everywhere I've gone I've gotten the best comments on how it came out.

I have become so in love with the attention to detail, the magnificent quality, the great construction of this rig that I douubt very highly that I will ever jump another container system again. I will reccomend this to every one I know and to even those I don't. If you want the best go for a Micron.

Vector III Micron V308 5 out of 5 stars

Review by: skypig, 2002-10-20

I recently recieved my fully customized V308 w lighting split design and now have about 10 jumps on it, and I love it. It fits perfectly and everything stays where it should. I have gotten nothing but "man that is a nice rig" comments since its arrival. My hat is off to Relative Workshop great job guys. Relative Workshop ROCKS!!!!!

5 out of 5 stars

Review by: mjasantos, 2002-01-31

I bought a Vector 3 Micron V306, completely customized.
This is simply the Best Container I've ever had!
It suits great, great finishings... AWESOME!
I have some photos available at
For me, Relative Workshop is still the best container manufacturer in the World!
Buy a Micron!
Blue Skies,

Matrix FS

Vector Micron "Untouchable" 5 out of 5 stars

Review by: paulm, 2001-10-17

I just recieved my V308 Micron and I must say that in my 5 years in the sport I have never seen a container that was so comfortable and safe. The harness is shaped perfectly to fit to your body and there is no exposure to any of the lines, risers, cables or Pilot chute. I am a freeflyer and I have complete confidence that everything will remain in its place even in the most intense dives. It has very large padded leg straps that are very comfortable under canopy. I highly recommend this container.

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