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Reviews for Mirage G3 Average Rating = 4.60/5 Average Rating : 4.60 out of 5

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Fly Mirage 5 out of 5 stars

Review by: Copycat, 2009-01-15

My first Mirage is my fourth rig, after 3 Javelins. Being a packer, I had the chance to see and touch many rigs and jump some as well.

At first I had problems with the leg straps, they hurted when I was under canopy. Then I realised, I needed not to tighten them so much. Now my G3 feels like an angel hugging you.

I'm very happy with it and I hope my next rig isn't a G3, but a G4 =)

Great people and product 5 out of 5 stars

Review by: projekt9, 2008-04-16

Just got back from a trip to Deland and Z-Hills. I took delivery of my new container while in DeLand. They arranged the rigging for me so I could drop it off Friday night and jump it the very next. This was 5 days earlier than the rig was supposed to be ready but they made it happen sooner so I could jump it while in Florida, and didn't charge me any extra! The container is beautiful, they know how to build them at Mirage. The fit is the best I could ever imagine. The people there are the greatest, they respond to you no matter how much you check up on them and are very helpful every step of the way. Go Mirage!

Spend the extra $, it will be worth it 5 out of 5 stars

Review by: Buffs303, 2007-01-10

Although I was told it would be ready in 3 weeks and it took 10, I forgot about the delay as soon as I put it on my back. It felt like an extension of my own body and I could not be happier. My first jump with it was my smoothest jump thus far. *Possible buyers beware of the color picker on Mirage's website, the colors do not come out exactly the same as shown, but nevertheless they come out looking great and very sharp. Thanks Mirage.

love this rig 5 out of 5 stars

Review by: skydivekid, 2006-10-04

alrite i absolutely love my mirage g3. it was made back in 98 so it's a little older, but it's still great. the only problem i have found with it is that both my reserve is really soft in the container (PDR 160 in a M4) and my reserve flap has come open a few times while freeflying. however overall this rig is amazingly comfortable (even not being articulated) great for freefly or RW and my absolute favorite system.


Would not buy a Mirage again 1 out of 5 stars

Review by: 1335smaj, 2005-07-03

I bought a new Mirage in late 98'. When I ordered it the "free-fly" mod was an option for the "Mirage". G3's and G4's were not marketed yet. Since then the Mirage has given way to the G3. My rig is identical, however it is now severely devalued. The reserve deployment system was designed to accomodate the Cypres and similar AAD's. There was nothing wrong with the system yet we all had to send our rigs in to have the cypres /reserve deployment system modified. I applaud Mirage for doing this pro-bono but I still had to disassemble my rig and pay the shipping. Now there is a huge gap and unsightly bulge in my system where the modification was done. So......Mirage says the riggers aren't packing efficiently. This is enough of a problem that Mirage offers a new pilot chute with a sunken top so there is no bulge. Of course this is $100 and not a replacement but simply an aid to make their modification look normal again. My rig works great, is very comfortable, and is completely functional, but if I am paying nearly $2K for another harness and container I am going to go with a system that does not change so much in a few years. I'm going with a Vector, Infinity, or Javelin. In that order....

My new G-3 5 out of 5 stars

Review by: surf4life11, 2004-11-15

Well I just got my new G-3 and all I can say is I am trully impressed. It is gorgeous and I cannot wait to jump it. The fit is perfect, the articulation is outstanding and the comfort is unmatched.Compared to my old rig it is 100 times better. The riser covers, hip rings, rsl and hardware all look great and the construction is flawless. Thanks Mirage and I look forward to years of owning a Mirage.

G3 ...ohhhh yea 5 out of 5 stars

Review by: skipro101, 2004-02-14

I bought a custom G3 brand new with fully articulated harness and all stainles and chest and hip rings.

I got a great deal because the g4 just came out.

The rig is everything I expected and more. Very well made. It feels heavy, but i have big canopies in there (210 hornet main).

Everyone says that mirage is expensive, but with a little smart consumerism, you can find a great deal. I got my g3 for about 1700 (with all the options).

Check one out, you will be glad you did!

First Rig - lots of research, couldn't be happier!!! 5 out of 5 stars

Review by: MrHankey, 2003-01-21

After demo/renting gear for way too long, the research began on purchasing. I looked at every type of rig I could find with a solid eye. If there was someone packing a rig I hadn't seen, I would look at: pin protection, riser coverings, handle placement, strap configs., etc. I recommend admiring the following features on a Mirage: Pin Protection - flawless, solid. Riser protection - inside and out. Nobody has had to re-stow my risers, or tuck in my brake handles on the plane EVER. The bridle stays in it's channel always, the hard cutaway housings are complete, the chest strap is thick, the harness rings are padded, and my rigger said Mirage has the fastest pilot chute ejection speed he is aware of - he jumps Javelin and says he is impressed by my rig. The backpad, the custom fit, and the harness points are super comfortable. The rig is SOLID. I jump at a DZ where the pros tell you to buy Javelin because they are sponsored by Sun Path. I bought the Mirage despite the resistance due to the research I conducted on my own. I still got a great deal and the cost was only slightly higher than other rigs I was interested in. And Skydiving is not a sport where you go cheap on equipment!!! The G4 looks to be even more comfortable, if I was buying right now, I would get a G3 for the remarkable deals going on. Have fun, fly fast, and enjoy.

5 out of 5 stars

Review by: michaelmiller, 2002-03-13

Did I remember to put my rig on? In freefall, in the plane. It's that comfotable.


The Mirage G3 Works for Me! 5 out of 5 stars

Review by: Diveguy3, 2001-10-31

My name is Dave and my skydiving background is pretty simple. I have been actively skydiving for 3+ years and have around 1200 jumps. Most of my skydiving for the past two years has been as an AFF instructor.
In these three years I have owned a lot of gear. I have owned 8 containers. Four of them were/are Mirages and I have loved each one. I have owned other major brand container systems when downsizing or to just try other manufacturers' latest and greatest product to see if it is better than what I already have. I can own any brand I want. Mr. Pennington summed this philosophy up best in one of his canopy reviews when he stated that he has no ass to kiss nor ax to grind. Same here. The major brands on the market are all of very good quality and reputation. With today's selection it is basically up to the customer to decide what he or she is looking for. I personally keep going back to Mirages.
The biggest thing that keeps me in Mirages is the amazing customer support and service that the Mirage folks extend to the customer. I have visited the Mirage factory twice. In both visits I was made to feel extremely welcome despite just showing up with no notice from North Carolina. All of my questions have always been entertained. This includes the myriad of silly questions that one thinks up on rainy non-jumping days. No matter how trivial, Mirage has taken the question seriously and always gotten me an answer. The most interesting thing I need to note about this company is the confidence that they have in their product. In all the times that I have spoken with Mirage personnel (about 50+ emails, conversations and 12+ hours hanging around in the shop), they have never, not even once, said a single thing bad about another manufacturer's product. It is a classy company that obviously does not have to impress someone by taking down another product. Unfortunately, I can not say the same about another rig manufacturer. It is too bad because they have one of the more popular systems on the market.
The guys at Mirage have gone through great lengths to make my rigs fit well. It amazes me how comfortable they are. If I had any doubt at all about the sizing or fit they would do a correction on the spot! They did this for me twice. Once in the shop and once through the mail in under a week.
I can go on for days about the customer service and dedication that Mirage is committed to. In a nutshell:
1. The Mirage is an extremely well thought out rig.
2. Mirage stands behind their product.
3. Mirage goes out of their way to treat a customer with dignity and respect.
4. Mirage goes to great extremes to ensure that the product is right.
5. Mirage does not have to bad mouth other manufaturers' products to build trust or confidence in their product. Very adult.

Dave Kiedaisch

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