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Reviews for Phantom X Average Rating = 4.33/5 Average Rating : 4.33 out of 5

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Some serious issues 2 out of 5 stars

Review by: grubisic, 2015-03-23

Gread visibility but the visor buttons are useless. They're very small and after a moderaltey cold jump with numb finders it's almost impossible to press the stupid buttons down on each side of the helmet to open the visor. I've been in a serious line twist with a fogged up visor and cold hands, unable to open the visor to see what the hell I was untangling. Serious issues which could be solved very easily with a G3 style system. Thanks for the nightmares.

awesome helmet 4 out of 5 stars

Review by: kriber396, 2014-11-08

I like this helmet. I have yet to have a fogging problem in freefall. The visor does fog up under canopy but what full face doesn't? The two button locking system is good and bad. Good because it keeps the visor secure during freefall, but bad because it does take some practice to use both hands to push both buttons in and twist up. I always wear gloves and can still open it, but it does take practice. FOV is great and the helmet quiets the wind noise. The sizing chart is one size smaller. I wear a medium motorcycle helmet and my hat size is 7 1/4. The sizing chart states I should have a medium, but when I got it the helmet it was too small so I exchanged it for a large. It fits snug and great. The foam liner is thick and feels comfortable. My rating is a 4 because of how practice is needed for opening the visor, but other than that it's a good helmet.

Does everyone in skydiving have a small head? 3 out of 5 stars

Review by: jvirsk, 2014-09-04

Whelp, I got my phantom X. It IS SNUG. Probably TOO snug. My mouth touches the liner in the front of the helmet, and it feels like it compresses my head. I measure 23.5" around, and bought the XXL. Audible pocket works well, and I don't notice it even with the snug fit. I don't like the 2-button (one on each side) visor latch even though it works pretty well and easily. It takes a little practice to get used to, and might be tough with gloves on. Id prefer a one button latch maybe right at the front. The liner is glued in instead of Velcro - which probably makes it last longer, but no way to adjust or modify it. Looks sleek, great FOV, nice visor. Nice helmet for someone with a normal size head. But that ain't me. I don't think Cookie's helmet fits any better though...


Better than the G3 in my opinion 5 out of 5 stars

Review by: corpkid, 2014-08-22

I fly in the tunnel a lot and have been using this helmet for the past 6 months / 5 or so hours. I love it and the Large size fits me perfectly, even with my glasses on. I tried the Cookie G3 (that all the "cool kids use" and didn't care for it. It seemed like wind was getting up in it and was tight on my ears with the glasses on. Gave the PX a try and marched right over to the DZ to buy one the next day. It has not let me down at all. It's very easy to open and close the visor, and it seems very sturdy (so much that when I back fly I open the visor without issue). I don't have any problems with fogging, which is impressive since I'm 1) in the tunnel IN FLORIDA 2) Wearing glasses 3) I sweat like a pig. :) The cookie fogged up a little on me whereas this one doesn't. Also, changing the visor is a piece of cake. When I bring it to the DZ I change out for the smoke visor, and back to clear for the tunnel. Takes about 1 minute to remove and replace. Also, it makes the tunnel MUCH quieter and I've had no problems routing earbuds through my suit into the helmet, even in 150 mph wind. I'm happy with this (and NO MORE GOGGLES!!!)

Phantom X 5 out of 5 stars

Review by: rus1an, 2012-09-21

I tried quite a few different helmets full face, open, soft ones, no helmet ;o) The Phantom X was the best in every way starting with a comfort. Not to go on a long description I simply did not feel it at all, like you don't feel your body organs when you're healthy. Also jumped with it once with an open visor and was pleasantly surprised with the aerodynamic design. Love it completely. If it'd be half price I'd get 2 of those. The customer support at S1 was great too.


Good Helmet 5 out of 5 stars

Review by: emmett751, 2012-08-21

I love my Phantom X. I've got to fly both the G3 and the PX when I was looking. I choose the PX for the easier to use visor lock, selection of visors, comfort, price, and the no tools for the visor change. I also prefer the securing strap on the PX to the G3. There are 3 different lens to choose from clear, smoke and mirrored. I run the mirrored, it looks cool and is super dark for bright sunny days.


Awesome helmet! 5 out of 5 stars

Review by: Jergy13, 2012-06-17

The first helmet I received was a little too tight. My head measured for a size small but I really needed a medium. Sent back the first one and when I got the medium it fit great! I love how the helmet fastener cinches down and makes the helmet fit snugly under the chin and around behind the head. I have no problem with it moving around whatsoever when skydiving. I don't have any problem with air flowing up underneath and "inflating" the helmet.

There is significant noise reduction during free fall. I have gone head down at over 200mph and still the noise reduction is very good!

The audible altimeter pocket makes my N3 feel like it isn't even in my helmet but traps the sound enough so I can hear it loud and clear for my free fall and canopy alarms with the volume on low. The downside to the audible pocket is that it does make it somewhat difficult to wear glasses with an audible inside. The audible pocket is quite small. The N3 silicone sleeve will not fit on the N3 altimeter and in the audible pocket (recommended by Alti-2 in instruction manual for N3).

The buttons on the side of the lens are easy to find when unlocking it. The lens can be opened easily even with gloves on. The lens is a little heavy when I walk with it tilted up it gradually moves downward with every step. Wish it was a little more tight with the movement. I typically will flip the lens up a little bit when under canopy and have no problem with the lens slipping down even when I perform full toggle turns. However, the lens will come down quickly if you have a hard landing which is quite nice because it keeps dirt, grass or anything else from getting in my eyes or inside my helmet.

I recently purchased a smoke lens with mirror finish. The mirror finish lens on a flat black helmet looks great! I get many complements from it. The smoke lens is a little darker than a normal pair of sunglasses. One complaint I have gotten with the smoke lens is that fellow jumpers cannot see my eyes.

Both the clear and smoke lenses are durable and do manage to hold anti-fog coating for a while. Square1 recommends FogtechDX Anti-Fog wipes which are kind of expensive but are not needed often. Square1 claims that eyeglass cleaner or alcohol based lens cleaners can damage the lenses and can cause the lenses to fog worse. I have no problems with fogging whatsoever.

Overall I love this helmet! It is comfortable, snug fit, easy to unlock and change out the lens, and has a great field of view. The field of view is so good that I cannot see the borders of the lens. I would recommend this helmet to anyone.


Phantom X 5 out of 5 stars

Review by: Jonesy920x, 2012-06-08

I'm new to full face helmets, because I've been out of the sport for 15 years. However I've raced off-road motorcycles for 35 years so I'm used to full face helmets in general. I love the visibility and easy locking mechanism for the visor. They got the visor changing system from motorcycle helmets and it works flawlessly (why try to re-invent the wheel?). I had no problem opening the visor under canopy and it stays open. One very nice feature is the the audio altimeter pocket, I can't even tell my Optima II is in the helmet until I hear it. The only problem I had was the sizing chart said that a 23" head could go L or XL(I have a round face). I ordered a L and it was too small. Square one was awesome with the exchange and I had my new XL in 3 working days !


Phantom X 4 out of 5 stars

Review by: Kerridwen, 2012-04-30

This is my first helmet & full face helmet.
What I like-
I like not having to fuss with goggles. I have a good field of vision.
Fairly easy to open with gloves.
The pocket for the audible is definitely secure. In fact it is a little tough to get the audible back out but I'd rather have it that way than having to fuss with it.
What I dislike-
The visor does fog up on me and the condensation is pretty extreme but it does clear up in freefall but if you don't open the visor under canopy you have the same issue. I'm proably breathing out of my nose & causing this problem but it's an issue until I train myself otherwise.
The visor, when open, gradually slides down and even when opened fully doesn't go back very far. I saw someone with a camera on his and his visor could not stay open without being held no matter what he did.
This probably isn't an issue for most but because of the covered chin strap I can't hook the helmet on my harness or wrist while I'm gathering my canopy on the ground and/or walking back. You can open the visor and hook it on you that way but I tend to get grass or other debris on the inside much easier that way.
You definitely need to try this helmet on, I was not the size suggested either.

Great helmet 5 out of 5 stars

Review by: Jow210, 2012-04-08

This is my first full face helmet, so i don't have anything in terms of long term usage to compare it to.
I am delighted with it. Very comfortable, very little fogging. Easy to open (once you're familiar with the release buttons)
According to the size chart I should have been a medium.. Medium was a little large, so I went for a small and it fits perfectly.

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