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Cookie G3 5 out of 5 stars

Review by: SwissSkydiver, 2012-07-21

I bought my helmet directly from Cookie Composites ! I think it's the best Full face helemt available on the market ! Very comfortable to wear, looking great, and your are not feeling the audible in the inside pocket of the helmet, and you have a great view to everything around you !

The Fist visor Version 1 had a bad fogging and crackling issue ! I contacted the customer service and they immediately sent the Version 2 ( for free) which is now almost perfect ! Sometimes it's lightly fogging in the area around the mouth, but I think we can overlook this ! I recommend this helmet to every sort of Skydiver

Review of Cookie g3 5 out of 5 stars

Review by: Littlelad, 2012-07-09

I see lots of reviews here for the older and superseded G2 yet none for the superb G3 helmet. I have put 50 jumps on mine through summer and now winter and I have to tell you, I love it. Well ventilated in summer, warm in winter (I donít even take it off in the plane). I use a dytter in the internal pocket and I donít even know it's there (until I hear it of course!). I have never had any issues with the visor fogging up and it is really easy to open under canopy once checks have been completed. I order mine from Cookie direct as they are about 50kms from my home, they delivered within a week as I told them I needed it to jump on the weekend. The only downside I can think of is that you canít get a G3 in carbon fiber. I wouldnít hesitate to recommend a Cookie G3 to anyone looking for a full face helmet.

First full face that fit 4 out of 5 stars

Review by: fly67, 2012-06-22

I tried a bunch of other helmets but none really fit my head. The G2 (small) fits well (if a little tight), so I have no worries about it falling off. Two audible slots are great since I use two. When I need one, my next helmet will probably be a G3.

Glad I have a full face since it already saved me from a possible broken nose from a jump in which a friend's foot/shoe slammed into the visor.

The original visor (from about a year ago) developed crackling. I asked Cookie for a replacement (sent a pic) and they sent one no questions asked.

Nice product...


Visor issue, rubber bands 3 out of 5 stars

Review by: gzimmermann, 2012-05-20

I love this helmet and now have more than 100 jumps on it. The fogging issue has not been that bad to me because I got the modification at purchase already. What I do not like: The visor was "cracking" and showed mate spots event though I only cleaned it with a micro-fiber cloth and water. Let them fix it, really! Today one of the rubber bands broke which makes it difficult to have the visor closed on jumps. Seems these are common spare parts, they sell them in six-packs for USD 15.... Suggestion: If they are spare parts, make sure you pack some of them in every delivery, they are only worth a few cents and the owner can at least replace them with common tools. Plus please fix the coating issue, immediately, and let us know when!

Let them fix the visor issue before you buy 3 out of 5 stars

Review by: croy, 2012-04-17

Love the helmet but the visor is an issue, and until that issue is taken care of I can not recommend it. Both Chuting Star and Cookie have been great about replacement lenses but I'm on my third one and have seen at least 5 other helmets at verious DZ's with the same issue. Hope they work it out.

pure awesomeness 5 out of 5 stars

Review by: k11stan, 2012-03-28

Had this helmet for almost 8 months now - and I must say that it's getting more and more comfortable as time goes by . Yes the visor sucked at first (the clear coating started to chip away) , but I got a replacement (free - customer service was excellent) . Visibility is outstanding - being in the air feels like an IMAX movie . I highly recommend it having gone through 2 other full face helmets (mamba and a factory diver).


Love it! 4 out of 5 stars

Review by: Maveas, 2011-10-07

There is really not much negative to say about this helmet. I mainly bought it because of the awesome locking mechanism which can be easily opened with or without gloves. But after I have been using it a few times I really just likes almost everything about it. It's super comfortable and has a great panorama view. The only reason why I only gives it 4 stars is because of the bad antifog coating which doesn't do any good.

Cookie G2 5 out of 5 stars

Review by: Archers1, 2011-09-21

This review is meant to be instructional for those G2 owners with issues.

I treat my G2 no different than I do my expensive motorcycle helmets. When I'm not jumping, it's in my DZ locker in the Cookie helmet case. When I'm jumping, it hangs on my rig rack until I am gearing up for a load. I see other jumpers treat their G2s like they are cheap $60 helmets. I don't, and as a result of that, mine still looks new.

Getting onto the airplane, I pull my visor half way down so that I can't bang it on the door or the ceiling of the aircraft. For most rides up, unless its really hot, I leave it on. I like the visor to be half closed to remind me to close it before exiting.

I only fully close the visor right before I exit. In freefall it is amazingly quiet and secure. The visor has only rattled a little during high speed head down positions, but never during belly or sit flying positions.

After opening my canopy, checking my air space, and stowing my slider, I open the visor to have fresh air in my face during my canopy ride and landing.

Visor SUCKS 4 out of 5 stars

Review by: clustermagnet, 2011-09-19

Yes, visor is a piece of shit, and Cookie is not admitting it. Awesome customer service, thanks guys... I want to be able to see the mal above my head. The Ranch Pro shop have been complaining to them for a while.

My helmet, my girls, at least 3 others develop a visor cracking , and there is nothing you can do about it. Fogs up pretty bad as well. Have fun on bigway break offs.

G2 is the best helmet I've used otherwise, comparing to Mamba, Factory Diver, Oxygen, Z1. I've yet to try the paratec.

Give it a 3. Why? Because if the visor issue will get resolved, then it would be a 5 star helmet. 1 star off for customer service, another star off for not jumping the thing enough before putting on the market.


Is anyones G2 developing a crack like mine? 3 out of 5 stars

Review by: rsteadham, 2011-09-13

I was the first at my DZ to purchase my new G2. I let everyone play with it and try it on. I was thee advocate for this new awesome product. Then after about 50 jumps I noticed the helmet was developing a crack and delaminating over the left eye. There is not a scratch on the helmet. It goes from my case to my head on the jump and then back in my case. I also noticed the lens was not sealing tight to the helmet.

I called ChutingStar and sent pictures of the crack and the lack of epoxy where the crack was forming. They sent it on to Jason Cooke. The email they got back from Cookie was that the helmet crack was due to an impact and they would not cover it under warrantee!!!! Really? How about at least looking at the helmet before you make that decision? ChutingStar suggested I crushed the helmet while in my bag. Last time I checked, I don't use my helmet as a trampoline or to sit on. I baby this thing. I personally wrote to Mr. Cookie and he never responded. It looks to me like they are quick to sell and slow to back up their product. I'm pissed that I spent nearly $400 for a paper thin helmet that neither the seller nor the manufacturer will even bother to say, "send it to us so we can see what you see."

Just wondering if anyone else out there is having problems with their new state of the art G2 that's supposed to be made by the best. So far, I've been disappointed. If I conducted affairs they way Cookie is I would expect to be out of business in short order. By the way, I have to practically hold my breath to keep the helmet from fogging up. I hate to bitch about this sort of thing but I've been left with little choice.

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