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Samurai- AC on Big Air 5 out of 5 stars

Review by: aarco, 2012-02-16

I have test jumped a number of flying systems and am looking at getting back into it -with the ASA - the cool thing about- Big Air sports tech is its all new and in the right place - Brians mind makes the system - he has never been wrong - and when he has his hands on the right tools look out- I mean the guy sees liquid when desighning - the Samurai is a powerful shape along side the Jedei -


Samurai 136 5 out of 5 stars

Review by: EFS4LIFE, 2011-05-11

I have a Samurai 136. I had Brian Germain install a pocketed slider because I have a bad neck from a motorcycle accident and quick openings suck for me. If you like a snivel I suggest having a rigger do this! Warning though it can take 1000 feet to open so don't be pulling low with one installed. Airlocks are awesome. As Brian has stated NO canopy is collapse proof, but all you have to do is fly one with airlocks and see that wing still inflated laying on the ground and my money is betting they are in fact safer. You can definitely feel how more rigid the wing is than an open cell type. The accordian effect that gave me that little uneasy feeling is gone. I still would not jump in questionable winds, but I feel more confident under my Sam. Brian has stopped major production unfortunately. Pick one up used while you can! I will update with flight characteristics later when I have more jumps under it.

Samurai 105 5 out of 5 stars

Review by: spud, 2008-03-05

Had a Jedei 105, got a Samurai 105. Great canopy from opening to landing. Has got me back from some really long spots while others have landed off. Cant wait to see what Brian has up next.

Sam 170 5 out of 5 stars

Review by: boyd38off, 2007-06-13

Everything I wanted in a canopy and more. Responsive, stable, and with a conservative wing loading, it has a conservative recovery arc. Brian provides awesome customer service. Where else can you call and actually talk to the guy who designed it? The guy literally wrote the book on canopy flight. Awesome experience all around... I just ordered my second Samurai, and I am sure it won't be my last. Very highly recommended!

Jedei no longer supported 3 out of 5 stars

Review by: subse7en, 2007-03-13

I own a Jedei and I absolutely love it. The problem is that there is no technical support info available on their website.
I absolutely loath companies that stop production on a canopy and then suddenly stop supporting it, thinking that this will force customers to look at a new canopy instead.

If fact all it does is make potential customers question the company's commitment to supporting their products.

Take Performace Designs for example. They offer complete technical information on all canopies they have ever made, regardless of their production status. I feel this is a major reason PD canopies retain their value to the extent that they do.

Before purchasing any canopies from Big Air Sportz please take into consideration the level of customer service they offer, especially through their website.


Samurai (signature series) 150 5 out of 5 stars

Review by: kwmontreal, 2005-11-07

Wow,.... after putting 25 jumps on my new slippery (curse &*%^@^*) canopy, I am more that impressed. No more cringing during deployment (Saber style), and a whole lot more smiling while in the air!! Lets start with the openings. I have yet to have anything but a nice moderate opening (600ft. snivel). I have even rushed a few times packing and semi trashed it while bagging, and it still treated me well. I have had a few turns on opening, but I think it has more to do with body position and flying through the opening, than anything I can attribute to the canopy itself. Even at 150sq/ft it is responsive to harness input (especially sensitive with the breaks still stowed).

Riser pressure is light and builds to moderate during the dive. I like this because it lets you concentrate on the dive, rather that having to deal with the psychological distraction of heavier riser pressure build up. The tweaks of the Signature Series are most evident in the swoop. It just goes and goes, and, you can almost totally shut it down on landing with a really powerful bottom end flare. I am no swoop king by any means, and am some what conservative by most respects, but I am sure have more fun in the landing area!

Big Air canopies has been great for me 4 out of 5 stars

Review by: frost, 2005-01-27

I have owned three Big Air canpies. PD210->Safire 189->Jedei 170->Jedei SW 150->Samurai 136.

After FINALLY getting the flare right on my Safire I tried Jedei 170. The landings pretty much sucked on the Safire. The flare was horrible and I dreaded every landing, having twisted ankles numerous times. Enter The Jedei. What a difference. The flare was AMAZING compared to the Safire. The Swept Wing Jedei 150 was even better - it had Eagle Trim. The bottom flare was so deep I didnt even have to flare all the way sometimes. Next one was Samurai 136. All teh good things from the old designs by The Experimentator came together in this great wing. The flare - deep, powerfull. On landings I hardly ever run - just slide to a stop. Shut down on a dime. The glide. I dont recall ever landing out on this bad boy. In brakes I can glide to the DZ from the longest spots with ease (but still check your spot ;). Openings have always been on heading, soft and easily steerable with harness input.

Airlocks... well i'd rather have them then not, but i think there was way too much hype about them. If the conditions are less then perfect, good - I'll take them. But if it's all jacked up, and old timers are sitting on the ground and the only ppl you see up are the 100-200 jump wonders... DONT JUMP! If you think that airlocks will protect you... they might... but! you hit that bad spot... and you just might hit the ground with an inflated wing :) Excersise caution and make the right choice - sit it out.

Overall this is a great canopy and I would recommend it to anyone.

Other canopies I have jumped: Spectre 190, 170, 150. Sabre 1/2 170, 150. Crossfire 129. Velocity 120.


The best canopy I jumped so far! 5 out of 5 stars

Review by: JumpRu, 2004-09-16

I put about 200 jumps on my Sam120 loaded about 1.5 and I like this canopy. Samurai fly very stable in turbulence compared to my old crossfire and katana (I jumped it recently too). Front riser pressure is light (much better then crossfire and a little heavier then katana), toggle turns are fast (katana is a little faster on toggles). Openings were soft but a little fast for me, about 400-500ft, so I asked my rigger to put pocket on my slider ($30) and now I have 800 ft 8 sec openings just like I want it. Sam has good flare power. I jump with factory toggle settings and there is a lot of slack in break lines. With some practice I manage to land it strait (no additional speed), in no wind day, slightly up the hill and donít run like crazy. Downwind landings are fun too but I would not try to run them out.

Simply Amazing 5 out of 5 stars

Review by: skyvipe, 2003-12-04

Never have I felt so comfortable flying a wing. The Samurai has all of the characteristics one looks for when purchasing a canopy. I surveyed many on the market and finished my search this spring when a trip to Florida brought me in touch with Brian and his awe-inspiring wing. Until this point I was quite unsure of what to purchase, but when the Samurai opened all doubt was gone. Unlike the Stiletto, Sabre, Crossfire that I had jumped... this canopy opened so soft and on heading, on every demo jump. I have a back problem and the opening shock of the Samurai, or lack there of, brought a smile to my face. The flight itself was fast and stable. Whether the control input is weight shift, toggle, or riser the feeling of total control never leaves. I currently approach with a 180 degree front riser, the canopy dives with low pressure on the risers, the flare on the canopy is unreal. A few times i put myself in the corner the canopy gladly pulled out with just a touch of the toggles. The distance on the swoop is more than any other canopy the i have flown at a similar wing loading (1.4). The Samurai has great slow flight characteristics as well. I do not need to run my landings, the canopy continues to fly and i walk it out. The airlocks are nice, and they keep the canopy rigid, but I purchased this canopy because I believe that it is the best wing in its class on the market. The airlocks were a bonus. Ill never by another wing....Way to go Brian!!! ....Ill always be a Big Air pilot!


High proformance meets Airlocks in the next generation Jedei 5 out of 5 stars

Review by: PhreeZone, 2003-11-09

I LOVE the Samurai. Its got as much flare as I could ever use and its stable in all but the choppiest of turblence. Great recovery arc, light front riser pressure and a negative recovery means the canopy will swoop long if you know what you are doing.

Flare point is halfway between PD and Icarus style so a lot of people have issues at first but once you learn it... it only gets better and better.

The design is a few years old and I'm waiting for the replacement with high hopes!

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