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Dangerous !!! 1 out of 5 stars

Review by: bigsteve5, 2012-03-10

I bought a new Cookie Gas recently and when i took it out of the packet i thought the look and feel of it was amazing. it fit great too once i had adjusted the chin straps. I used the helmet once in spain and the inside of the visor became wet from my breath and due to the fact that i could not lift the visor under canopy i could not see much at all . I had trouble seeing other canopies and couldn t even see the wind sock !!! I have jumped the helmet in England about 10 times in the past month with some very scary outcomes. One jump i could hardly make out my alti due to it freezing up so instead of joining in the 4way i had to track off and pull high !! On other occasions ive not even been able to tell when to flare on landing !! Today i jumped the helmet 3times 2nd jump i landed off as i could not see other canopies and did not want to be in the "traffic" back to the PLF . The third jump i actually felt that much at risk that at 2k i took the helmet off completly and hooked it around my chest strap !! obviously while i was trying to clip the chin strap around my chest strap one would argue that maybe i was not paying full attention to other canopies etc !!! One landing i was met with an angry CCI who wanted to know why i had landed without head protection !! on inspecting the helmet and seeing the amount of moisture inside the visor he agreed that i had done the right thing but has banned this helmet from the dz for health and safety reasons . I therefore can not advise you enough not to buy this helmet if you are jumping it in the uk . Shame its such a good looking , light helmet i just dont think looking good is worth killing yourself for !!

Fantastic helmet! 5 out of 5 stars

Review by: hockeyrocks_89, 2011-06-14

I got my cookie gas second hand from classifieds. It fits great and is so freaking light. When you take it off at 1000' feet you realize how much sound it is keeping out, which is fantastic. The field of view is amazing, handles can be easily seen. I have tried to get this thing to fog up but it is damn near impossible. I also like the idea of the fixed visor. No need to worry about it popping open in freefall. Dual audible pockets is nice....just need to find myself an audible! Finally, I like how easily the helmet secures. Just pull it tight and clip it under your chin.

Just get one! You wont regret it!

Love this Helmet 5 out of 5 stars

Review by: Addicted2jumpin, 2011-01-12

I tried on several helmets at the DZ in Perris and was having a hard time finding one that fit right. Then we came across the GAS, instantly loved the way this helmet felt. After jumping with it today, I am very happy with my decision to choose this helmet over any of the others! Freefall was whisper quiet and my visibility was perfect!!


Cookie Gas 4 out of 5 stars

Review by: collinb, 2010-06-28

I just got my new Gas and love it, had great customer service during ordering, delivery and after sales service, top-notch!
My helmet fits perfect, everything works/functions as advertized.
easy to put on and take off.
Quiet and light.
Quality construction, I hope never to need it or use it in anger but feel it does offers great protection. It isn't a motor bike style helmet but looks and feels better than other helmets I looked at.

I maybe would like a more rounded shape like my old Z1 but the shape is nice and distinctive!

only potential negative is I really wish it had a flip visor then it would be perfect, it's 95% right now.

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