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Canopy Glide: good student training tool 4 out of 5 stars

Review by: 377, 2009-01-09

This program has promise. The free version is too limited for me to judge whether to spend money on the paid version. I do think this could help students avoid newbie landing errors and see how a landing flare really works. It is easier to land a real canopy safely than it is to do the simulated one so it might scare students. I never biff a landing and I crashed the simulated canopy a few times. I wish they'd let you try the full features before buying. Simulation could save a LOT of student injuries and this is a very good start. The graphics are crude compared to todays amazingly realistic video/computer games, but hey, this is a limited market and limited budget product. They are good enough to do the job here, but will not be visually captivating.

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