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PMS 5 out of 5 stars

Review by: DoZ3r, 2009-03-07

On some points I was actually quite disappointed with the PMS video... But that is (or rather was) mostly because I already knew how to pack a 'chute... Watching it again with a more open mind, changed my opinion totally... I will if possible make my next packing-trainee watch this video!

So if you are one of the newer skydivers, I would advise you to give this video a chance... It doesn't replace actual training with the chute, but helps with the understanding of the basics of a packjob...

Keep packin'

Packing Made Simply 5 out of 5 stars

Review by: mst5632, 2008-11-25

As a new student just learning to pack this video is perfect. I had observed several pack jobs and was shown to pack a couple of times at my DZ but was still having problems in some areas. Not only were the 3-D graphics on basic canopy design very nice but the easy instructions really made things clear. There are a lot of little "tricks" along the way that made the areas I was struggling with very clear. They show step by step not only how to do a regular pack but also show how to do the flat and psycho pack I had heard guys at my DZ talk about. There is a ton of information on this video and well worth the low cost of it. I definitely recommend it for any student or someone who has questions about packing. Great job on the video guys!

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