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Mamba 4 out of 5 stars

Review by: zfcyp, 2016-01-05

Getting on a mamba 150 loading at 1.35 and doing 350 jumps was interesting getting on the 124 loading 1.6 and doing another 350 jumps was even more interesting. Somewhere in there i really had to learn to pack because once i started loading the openings got hectic for a bit but once u learn to pack it opens... Good but rarely on heading... Rarely. Learning to swoop on this canopy is not advisable its named after an animal that bites take that as a warning. Its a steeply trimmed aggressive (maybe the most) 9 cell. The rears are powerful and you really trust them as well as the flair. Now jumping sensai 101 xb and the transition was comfortable the xb is just much more stable and better openings performance wise it is much faster but the dive and riser pressures and flair are reminicent of the mamba.

Between the 2 mambas i briefly owned a xf2 129 i found the mamba 150 to be a much more aggressive canopy and opted to get the 124 mamba as the xf2s replacement.

get to know a good packer and lern from them.


Aerodyne Nailed it 5 out of 5 stars

Review by: Ghobbs444, 2012-09-19

There have been plenty of reviews talking about the flare power of this canopy, they are all dead on! Im about 6'2 225 out the door so Im wingloaded at around 1.5 on my Mamba 150. ( a pretty conservative wingloading considering the planform) I have had no problems bringing it straight in (it still wants to swoop then) Front riser turns are a whole different ball game. Front riser pressure for me is a bit heavy but remains heavy all the way through the dive. Nice long recovery arc and swoops very very well once mastered. There is a huge response to harness input-- I can always get pointed in the right direction without even unstowing my brakes.

You will however, want to pay special attention to how you pack it. I am at a conservative wingloading and it still is very picky. ( i roll the piss out of the nose and the tail)

Overall great canopy with amazing amounts of glide. I glided better than a katana loaded the same. I would recommend this canopy. I love it.

My Mamba 5 out of 5 stars

Review by: Kirils, 2011-05-30

After 30 years of jumping, I have experience with 23 canopies. I usually jump a 108 Xaos which I think is the best canopy ever made. The Mamba,is the only 9 cell that comes close to cross braced performance. It is a dream to fly and the glide ratio is the best of any 9 cell on the market.
I had poor openings with a pro-pack, with twists and spins. After I psycho-packed it the problems were cured. This is one fantastic canopy!


fly's great..opens funky 4 out of 5 stars

Review by: freeflyer03, 2010-12-30

I fly a mamba 117, super canopy to fly, harness input is great, you could nearly fly just using harness turns, also back riser inputs are really responsive, on the other hand I would say ...openings can be quiet interesting, funky openings!! but hey that's the joy of skydiving!! I would advise a magnetic bag with this canopy for openings :), blues

I like it! 5 out of 5 stars

Review by: Jonsmann, 2009-05-31

I jump a Mamba 104 loaded at 1.7 lb/sqft.
Super responsive in toggles. The only canopy I know turning faster than the Mamba is the Diablo.
The flare is super strong, and landing in any condition is easy.
The demo Mamba 117 I tried had the most terrible openings I have have ever experienced! At first it felt like a 50/50 chance of cutting it away every jump! You have to use all the tricks in the book to make it open acceptably. Yet, it flew so great that I bought a Mamba 104. Fortunately, the 104 opens much better than the demo!
If you cannot handle the stress of the openings, you don't want this canopy! If you can handle it you are rewarded with the most responsive flying available!
The Aerodyne material on the Mamba states that it flies flat, I disagree it is trimmed very steep (I love it!).

Mamba 140 5 out of 5 stars

Review by: jmpjumkie, 2009-03-11

I've put 200+ jumps on my canopy, and it gets better every jump. The light riser inputs, the amazing flare characteristics, and the range you are able to get, are awesome!
Being attentive on openings, will reduce or remove any problems on deployment, thats the closet i could get for a "con".
When you're ready for a high performance 9 cell, this is one you should check out.

ULTIMATE non X-Braced Swooping Machine 5 out of 5 stars

Review by: verticalflier, 2007-06-23

I have two Mambas 96 loading them about 1.85 :1.
All I can say that for the longest time I wanted to buy a Crossfire 2. Last summer I have demoed Crossfire 2 and put several jumps on it. Then without doing a demo I ordered Mamba 96. It was a gamble but after couple of jumps I knew I had my container full of fun. I have put about 150 jumps on my Mamba since April. This is an ultimate swooping machine in the non-cross braced fully elliptical class. I will take it over Crossfire 2 any day for a simple reason of performance. All inputs are awesome and it is very responsive to harness turns. Front riser pressure is very, very light giving you ability to stay in a dive longer. If you are already using rears be prepared for long swoops. It lands awesome using toggles as well as just rear risers.
Demo one if you have a chance!

Mamba 150 @1.6 4 out of 5 stars

Review by: amir1967, 2007-01-25

tried one in Eloy with DZ holiday boogie
after one jump I gave it back telling Carl I like it alot but it was above my level. this canopy is sensatie for harness, I open at 4500 or so lift my arm for the steering line and the canopy is allready turning, I though I was ready jumping Vengeane for about 200 jump but the Mamba is a different monster
lots of fun it was a bit too much for me.
stay safe if you jump one

Yahoo!!! Mamba 132 5 out of 5 stars

Review by: chopchop, 2006-06-21

I've got about 30 jumps on my mamba 132s now.. loaded at a little under 2:1. This is one responsive canopy. Toggle response is sharp and immediate and the flare is huge. It is just as easy to fly this canopy around using harness input as it is to use toggles or risers. The front riser pressure is very manageable and the rears feel nice and solid giving you excellent control. The canopy has a fairly steep angle of attack but will float pretty well in brakes and I have used the rears to get back from some long spots already. The openings are decent if you are attentive.

I am having so much fun with these canopies that I find myself leaving my funjumps early so I can open high!


Mamba 124 Test Drive 5 out of 5 stars

Review by: FlyinBob, 2006-06-12

Introduced last fall, I've been wanting to try one of these for a while. According to the rep, about 100 or so have been made so far. Most sales have been in Europe, but few have posted about it.

I finally got a demo in June 2006, so took it for a few test jumps. One was captured on the belly cam and can be viewed in the Miscellaneous section of (

In all, three test jumpers (with 1200, 1500, and 4000 jumps) pushed it to see what it could do. Each loaded it between 1.6 and 1.8. Here are some of the comments:

- Faster opening than the Crossfire2
- WooHoo!
- Toggles are 2-4" too short they brake while flying with just harness input. Slows front riser turns.
- Definitely sensitive to harness input!
- More sensitive than Velocity to harness input
- Due to sensitivity, there is potential for spins on deployment depending on body position
- You have the ability to really start steering in the saddle before touching anything at opening can start to avoid potential freefall collisions during deployment, before grabbing the risers
- I LIKE it!
- Lots of fun to fly
- A little rocky on approach feels like sitting on a ball, you must be careful how you shift your weight
- Good swoop potential with mastery, you could go really, really long
- Good flare!
- Was able to slow it down to a walk after about 25 yards on a 98 degree no-wind day in Texas, with a few more inches of toggle flare left to go.

The toggle line length is a minor issue and is easily rectified. Overall, its a super canopy. More quickness than the Crossfire2, Velocity, or Heatwave we've tried.

At this point, its the one Id buy. Howwever, I'm going to try the Katana next the same way.

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