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tandem mains 5 out of 5 stars

Review by: northern, 2009-06-29

Beautiful, consistent openings. Powerful flare and light toggle pressure. Everything I love and want in a tandem main. Job well done aerodyne. I love this tandem canopy.

Aerodyne A2 tandem canopy 5 out of 5 stars

Review by: kevino, 2007-04-15

I have just taken delivery of my new A2 tandem main and did my first tandem jump with it today. After 200 tandems, all on old canopies, this was my first on a new generation canopy. Great opening, flies very well and with minimal toggle pressure.

Good work Aerodyne - nice user friendly canopy.

A2 350 Tandem Canopy 5 out of 5 stars

Review by: suki, 2005-06-02

I Have 7.5k Jumps well over 4k in Tandems and 22 years experience.

I bought a sigma and the dealer sent me the A2 to demo after my first jump it was no longer a demo canopy, no one was taking this away I bought it on the spot.

The best feature of this canopy would have to be the openings.
A nice snivel and slow to inflate.

I did 10 jumps on it in one day(2 on the Ezy) all big guys ,I still had arms left to lift a beer at the end of the day.

Landings are great and toggle pressure slightly haevier than a Jyro.

Colapsable slider great(but I have trouble reaching it)

I've ordered another one


A2 - Tandem Main 4 out of 5 stars

Review by: djmarvin, 2004-12-10

I have jumped EZ and Icarus tandem mains and enjoy both for their own reasons. Our DZ demo'ed a 389 and then demoe'ed and purchased a 350. The toggle pressure is a little bit more than an Icarus, but still light. Great flare. Collapsible slider is also a nice touch. When are DZ takes road trips with our own gear I will choose the A2 out of the other tandem mains we currently have.

The new A2 5 out of 5 stars

Review by: Deuce, 2004-12-10

I am still a novice tandem master with just over 200 tandem skydives. The first 200 were on very tired tandem canopies with tired linesets so just about anything would be an improvement. The A2 has made tandem canopy flight fun for me for the first time.

So far, openings are two-stage. The canopy deploys and stands the pair up while it snivles for a second or two. The slider comes down and the canopy inflates at a very comfortable rate.

The first surprise is the collapsible slider, which is actually quieter if left uncollapsed. Toggle pressure is amazingly light. Much lighter than on a student Navigator. Above 1000' I routinely give the toggles over to the students, who have all been able to get both toggles down to full deflection. It is a tandem canopy that can actually prepare students for solo canopy flight. Turns are very quick and precise with none of the oil tanker input-wait-response of the old canopies.

My dropzone, Byron CA, is routinely quite windy, so the forward speed of the A2 is usually a plus. In calm conditions, though, the swoop is on with the A2 (in a tandem kind of way ; ) The flare is precise and responsive, similar but slower than my Spectre's (1000+ jumps @ 1.6:1)

I have no experience with other new tandem canopies, but if I were considering buying my own tandem rig, I'd be hard pressed to select anything other than the A2. It opens nicely, it flies easily for both the student and the TM solo on the toggles, and it has put the fun back in tandem canopy flight for me.

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