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ICON Sport Container 5 out of 5 stars

Review by: bu3butler, 2011-11-21

I love CReW, and this container sits you up and the ride never gets old. The company is super friendly too. I was very lucky to have my container acutally made on my birthday! Thanks Aerodyne!

great container 5 out of 5 stars

Review by: skydive_steve, 2011-11-08

I love my new Icon. I will buy another. It is designed very well. The flaps are secure, the main flap doesn't have to open for deployment. The rig does not move around in freefall. The pack volume is distributed well, I had the same canopies in another container and the Icon is less bulky and shorter. Everything is straight and symmetrical.

Best rig by far!! 5 out of 5 stars

Review by: ScottSmith, 2011-02-09

When I started jumping back around 1998 I went with one of the most popular brand which was a Mirage 4. At the time I used a 210' for main canopy and 220' for a reserve. I felt that the Mirage was really big and bulky and if I suited up to meet the plane it really felt uncomfortable after standing there for a few minutes. I decided after 1 season to sell it and after reading reviews on several brands I went with the Icon. THANKS GOD!! This is by far the most comfortable rig ever. Comes with the hip rings and I also ordered the chest rings and it is awesome. Can't say enough about it. I tried several brands at the DZ that others owned and the Icon beats them all!!

Put it this way... If I won the lottery I would still buy the rig (and Pilot canopy) first without even thinking about it!!

Blue Skies!!


Great rig! 5 out of 5 stars

Review by: linebckr83, 2009-03-18

I ordered my Icon right after couch freaks this last year. It arrived right on time. First off, there are a couple really cool design features to this rig. The most noticable is the mini force riser system. Alot of people think it is a fake but they have alot of literature on their website about it. It really does reduce cutaway forces. Also, lines catching the bottom of the reserve tray is a common factor in linetwists, so they sewed an extra piece of material down there to keep the lines from catching here. Lastly, the reserve freebag has elastic half-cylinder keepers for the line stows. The lines freely pull out but are much cleaner to pack. The rig is very solid and well-built. Also, I love being under canopy now. In my older Vector 2 I just hung there, but the Icon is designed to sit you in the harness. It is a very comfortable position and ais optimum for good canopy control. When I first received it, the yoke felt a little tight on me, but I think it is because my last rig was so loose. It really fits like a glove! It really is comfortable on the ground, in the plane, in freefall, and under canopy. I am extremely impressed with it. A lot of problems other people report in forums and reviews seem to be addressed and solved on my rig. Thanks Aerodyne for listening to customers and striving to make better products!

ICON SYSTEM 5 out of 5 stars

Review by: Perriscicaba, 2008-09-14

The rig is confortabel made for skydivers to skydivers. The main D bag container is made to suit all kind of skydiving styles (FF, RW, Wingsuit, etc...). I own other rigs before and the ICON does everything the others do with a excelent price. Well, I need say, and with a great costumer support as well !

Thanks Aerodyne !


You Get What You Pay For - and this thing is CHEAP!! 3 out of 5 stars

Review by: surfbum5412, 2008-09-07

I was looking forward to trying out the ICON because I own an Aerodyne canopy (Pilot). I can only say one these products they make are worth buying...and I'm not talking about the canopies they make.

I was completely let down. First, when I was packing my canopy and placing the D-bag into the container, I immediately noticed how floppy and cheap the materials were. On my javelin, when I spead out the container at the bottom so I can place the D-bag in, the side walls down flop down. On the ICON, they do. That just says cheap to me.

Second, while I was under canopy, I looked down and noticed that the leg straps had loosened about an 1 1/2 inches or more! I didn't feel safe at all after knowing that the legs straps loosened!

Third, the reserve flap came open on me under free fall. When I got in the plane, that flap was completely stowed. I don't feel safe free flying knowing my reserve flap is open.

After my experience, I would definitely not buy an ICON. From what I here, these things start unraveling after about 100 jumps. I now have first hand experience. I would not buy one.


Icon Sport, I5 4 out of 5 stars

Review by: andym148, 2007-07-21

I've had my Icon for a little over 2 yrs, it is the second one that ive had. I finally got my rig just before xmas 05 with a look to jump it over the xmas boogie in Seville. Initally I was impressed with the rig, all looked good and I was quite happy. Over the first few jumps with it i noticed that there was a slight delay on openings, up to 4/5 seconds on some occasions.On getting the rig inspected by the rigger at seville we came to the conclusion that the pilot chute was at fault, so I payed for a new pilot chute to be made out of ZP, the original was made from F111. This cured the problem. My rig was one of three that me and some friends had made. While I was busy working through my problem in spain they were busy jumping in the uk. One container was fine but the other was having the same problem, and becuse of this delay it caused him to cut away when he got to around 6/7k on his count, and the bag was still firmly lodged on his back. The problem we found out was the pilot chute had been made too small and egg shaped (manufacturing fault). One of the Aerodyne guys came to see us in the uk over easter to look at the problem. They looked at the PC and agreed to send us new ones. This took at least 12 weeks to happen but when we got them we had new PC, bag and freefly pad, all for free so quite happy there. How ever I was still financally out of pocket due to paying for the new PC from spain.
Now the rigs have been jumped for a year or two, the stitching is coming away on all 3 rigs, and all in the same places. The mud cover on one of the rigs was put too high on one shoulder. This was replaced free of charge by Aerodyne with free shipping. Also my rig was made to measure but it moves around alot when im freeflying and back tracking/back flying and is not what you want happening. Could be cured by cut in latterals, maybe?
I leave it up to individuals to decide on what container to get, but im not going to get a third one when i order my new container. That should speak volumes!

Icon Sport Harness 5 out of 5 stars

Review by: vtskydivescott, 2007-06-08

I bought my brand new Icon over the winter of 2006 / 2007. I owned a new Mirage G4 before that and rented a Javelin before that and I have to say the Icon is the most comfortable out of all 3 rigs. I liked my Mirage too but if you wore it for any longer than 3 minutes waiting for the plane it would start to feel bulky and wear on my sholders a bit. When I got my Icon, I wore it for around 20 - 30 minutes around the house and I forgot I even had it on...Very nice!! I would certainly get another one above all the others. I love the pin protection in freefall. Works great for RW, Sit, Head down etc.. I paid $5000 for it and this included the hip rings (Standard) and added the chest rings and did custom colors etc... All for $5000.00 Compare the others where they ask for extra for hook knife, chest rings, hip rings etc...this is a good deal!!

What a great container system 5 out of 5 stars

Review by: freefallpaul, 2006-10-22

I recieved and jumped my Icon and I am thrilled with it. Extra options I got were chest rings, RSL, hacky handle and narrow chest strap(free option). I was talking to one of the guys at the DZ that used to sew at one of the shops in FL that made what most people consider one of the top two containers. We got to talking about the entire container construction process and he showed me the way the harness was constructed and the methods used in the stitching. He was using a new container made by the company he used to sew for and the stitches didn't step off on the webbing on all the points and he showed me a few other minor issues that weren't like they were supposed to be. I highly recommend a lesson like that if you have someone knowledgeable around the DZ. I recieved my new Icon the next day and checked it over for the things he showed me and it was top notch. It may not be one of the BIG TWO, but I will take it over either. I had the money to buy what I wanted and if I needed another I would buy the Icon again. Great container and features, Good price

A Great Rig 5 out of 5 stars

Review by: nicknitro71, 2006-03-08

I just finished assembling an band new I4 with a Smart 135 and Pilot 140. Even though everything is very stiff and slippery, all the components went in with no sweat to my surprise. I could definitely put a Smart 150 in but not anything bigger than that.

The reserve free bag is by far the best designed free bag I have ever worked with. It has an internal fabric channel between the grommets so the t-botkin is not needed. The lines pocket is a really neat design. It opens like a BASE canopy tail pocket and it has elastic (not rubber bands) line keepers. I really liked it. The lines are stowed nice and neatly. A really great feature.

I liked the reserve pilot chute, both the construction and the fact that it has a big opening so no .22 cleaning rod is needed to thread the pull up cord.

The AAD routing is also pretty neat and does not leave anything exposed into the pack tray like the older Icon.

The internal coating of the reserve tray is very thick and looks very durable.

Closing the reserve flaps was no sweat and the pack looked nice (sometimes a rare thing on the very first pack job.

I tried to stuff the bag evenly like you would do with a Vector rather that stuffing the ears as much as possible like a Javelin for instance. It seems it worked out quite well.

I'd give the reserve system an A, I really could not find anything that either it did not make much sense or I personally did not like.

The main risers are pretty cool too. The toggles seem a solid design and the front riser loop are the best I've seen thus far. Made from the same webbing as the rest of the risers, they are sewn in such that they are always open. They scream for "hook it!".

Of course the mini-force rings are pretty cool too. By the way all the hardware comes standard SS.

The cutaway handle has a hard stiffener in and it feels beefy, another nice touch.

The d-bag of the main canopy I did not like it much. First the stow are on the sides and not on the top flap like other designs, a minor thing, it takes me 10 minutes to add stows on top. The PC bridle is sewn into the container hence the d-bag-bridle-PC are one unit. I'm not too keen about his design. Also the kill line is embedded in the bridle inside the d-bag. This makes the bridle to accordion fold itself when the PC is cocked. I do not like this, it adds bulk and can spring back. So overall I did not like the d-bag system.

Another thing I found a bit annoying is the slot of the riser cover tuck tabs. It is directly underneath the reserve risers and makes closing the tabs a bit of a pain. If it was let's say 1/4" out it would be much easier to close the risers. I bet as everything softens up it'll be easier to close them up.

The internal riser covers I really did not like. Care must be taken in order to avoid folds and wrinkles. A solution would be just to get rid of them (I am not a big fan of internal covers) or make them much stiffer.

On the good side the I4 comes standard with cut-in laterals and the harness does fit like a glove. I like the leg strap design and webbing (I guess they changed the webbing construction to address some issues).

The hook knife is really neat (not the same .50 plastic knife) and it has its own internal pocket inside the mud flap.

All the stitching, reinforcements, bartacks are top notch.

Overall I am very impressed with the Icon. There are few things (no rig is perfect by the way!) that could be improved but this is a solid rig without any major flaws and loaded with features that come standard.

And it's the most rigger friendly rig I have ever worked with.

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