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2k3 5 out of 5 stars

Review by: rlstkev, 2006-12-25

I demoed this CSS and I have to say by far this is the most comfortable rig ive ever purchased i have all the bells and then some on this rig love it lots will buy agian


Racer2K3 5 out of 5 stars

Review by: CISSCO101, 2005-07-21

I had sold my Javelin which had all options and purchased a Racer2K3.The fit of the Racer is so comfortable that its like wearing your levi's.The no velco rig is like nite and day compared to the old Racers.Belly down or head down the rig stays closed and the workmenship is amazing.This is not your Fathers Racer.

Racer 2K3 5 out of 5 stars

Review by: freeflir29, 2004-07-15

I got fitted by THE MAN himself, Mike Forsythe (Nightjumper) It took 5 weeks to get my rig but that was due to over a week and a half delay because I was slow mailing my canopies to Mike. He packed my reserve and main into the container JUST to make sure the rig was made correctly. The fit for both my canopies and me is PERFECT. The riser covers are THE BEST I have seen on the market. They are more secure than any others I have seen and their design will lead to a MUCH longer life than other rigs. Reserve deployment is the fastest on the market, price is low, customer service is second to none, the rig is beautiful! Why buy anything else?


Racer 2K3 - Take a look at the New Racer!! 5 out of 5 stars

Review by: Unstable, 2004-05-05

I ordered my New Racer 2K3 this January and have been jumping it Since February. I ordered a completely custom rig with all the options, and still had it on my doorstep in less than 4 weeks. If a person looks at the Order form, they will see that the Racer incorporates a larger number of options available on their rig... Jump Shack worked with me on a personal level to build me a rig that best suited my personal needs and wants...

The first thing I noticed about my Racer 2K3 was it's unique fit with the NOS (Narrow over the Shoulder) style yoke. That along with the articulated harness has made this by far the most comfortable rig I have ever tried on. Jump Shack has a reputation for producing the most comfortable fitting rig on the market, and this was one of my considerations when I made the investment in a New Harness container - From the feel of my rig, I can say that Racer 2K3 has lived up to it's reputation and to my expectations. As a Skydiver, I may spend up to 8 hours a day with a rig over my shoulder, Don't cut yourself short and buy something with second rate comfort!!

The Main Container is rather unique when Compared to some other rigs - It is very easy to close my container and have it look neat. The "walrus Teeth" Tuck Tabs keep the main pin protected very tightly and is Unquestionable Freefly Friendly. As for the reserve pins, well, How can you possibly get better protection then having them on the jumpers back??!?! Top of the line...

One of the most striking features of the New 2K3 is it's style of tuck-tabs o the riser covers. I have Yet to see a rig with more secure riser covers. Each tucktab folds across the rise as do most other designs, and then another piece of material folds on top of that to give the riser cover a clean, simple look. I anybody is interested, give me a PM and I will send you a few photographs I have of the tucktabs.

In conclusion, I want to encourage those unfamiliar with this system to take a look at it and put it into consideration. Jump Shack has a tremendous reputation for quality and comfort - take a look at the New Racer 2K3, I gurantee you that you will not be disappointed!


This isn't your daddy's Racer 5 out of 5 stars

Review by: LouDiamond, 2004-01-13

All of the old gripes people have aginst Racers are gone in this model. It still remains one of the lightest, most comfortable rigs on the market and has a slim side profile. The options available as standard on the 2K3 are usually extras on other manufacturers rigs; you get more bang for your buck and the way YOU want it. Combine that with a 4 week delivery time and excellent customer service and you can't go wrong. Workmanship is beyond reproach as is the price. I have taken mine on Birdman ,RW, and Freefly jumps with no problems. Tuck tabs really stay tucked, risers flaps work even while Head down. No velcro what so ever on the rig(unless you ask for it), stock risers come with slider stops and dive loops that work and are comfortable on the hands. Snap toggles ensure you won't have a brake fire or accidental brake release. You could pay more for a bulky ,uncomfortable rig but why would you when can have a slim, comfortable Racer for less?

reserve not that hard to pack 5 out of 5 stars

Review by: rigpacker, 2003-12-16

It fits like a glove. I use less tools to close the pop top than any other rig.
Price is good. All the rigs from the various manufacturers out there are good and for the most part safe, this one is just the best. Do some research before you throw a box on your back.

keep it simple
blu skys

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