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Great canopy for a variety of experience levels 5 out of 5 stars

Review by: Anachronist, 2014-05-20

I got the chance to demo a Firebolt DOM 2013 at a WL of 1.3:1. About 10 jumps total, sub terminal, terminal, and wingsuit. Snivel was long and soft every time. On non-wingsuit jumps it maintained heading very well but the long snivel gave it too much time to spin a few line twists on wingsuit deployments. Certainly not a bad wingsuit canopy but not ideal, I've been told it can be packed to make it open a little faster. It likes toggle input most but front and rear risers are effective, shallow fronts are a little bumpy but once you get deep enough it smooths out. Toggle turns were very quick and comfortable with very little input required. The best part is the flare which is very very powerful. If a big flare is important to you this canopy certainly has it. The packing and stowing brakes takes a little getting use to if you're coming from PD canopies but after about 3 packs it all makes sense. This may be one of the most under-rated canopies I've flown, I would strongly recommend giving it a try if you're in the market for a great all around canopy.

Incredible flare power 5 out of 5 stars

Review by: tan, 2013-09-08

Demoed a Firebolt 218 over one weekend from Jumpshack; Jarrett and Michael delivered fantastic support. Put 8 jumps on the canopy @1.12 wingloading. Flare power was superior to any of the previous canopies that I'd ever flown.

I had to spend a bit of time figuring out the double brake lines, as well as how to untwist them, but I don't think it makes a difference once they've been set.

The Firebolt 218 did seem to have a steeper glide ratio compared to the Saber 2 210, but I felt that the Firebolt still outdid the Saber 2 on flare power. Plus the price is excellent too. Am definitely keeping my eyes out for a Firebolt 200 next!


So far a good novice canopy at a lower wing loading. 5 out of 5 stars

Review by: SecondRound, 2013-08-14

Bought a used 218 Firebolt and I load it at .9 lb/sq. ft. started jumping it at 40 jumps. Learned that an elliptical canopy requires more attention to body position on opening if you don't want line twists and that at this wing loading and size, twists are very manageable no spinning and fairly normal flight. Also found that the responsiveness and range of speeds immediately improved my accuracy. Flares took some adjustment since the sweet spot requires about half as much control input. The snap toggles and line stows are much easier for me to set correctly and the hybrid canopy is a joy to pack after an all ZP student canopy.

After a trip to DeLand for Flight-1"s 101 and 102 Canaopy control course I can add another big plus to this canopy, the people who manufactuer it and stand behind it. I walked into Parachute Laboratories to discuss my slider and walked out feeling like part of a family. It was clear to me that the people at Jump Shack are passionate about skydiving and care deeply about the equipment they produce and the people who use that equipment. My Firebolt performed well in class and during coached jumps giving comfortable openings , powerful flares and stand up landings (at least most of the times). Thanks again to all.

Great canopy 5 out of 5 stars

Review by: Rickford56, 2013-04-01

Very responsive, flares great for landing. Smooth openings, certainly not hard, on heading. Very pleased.


An Excellent Canopy! 5 out of 5 stars

Review by: woppyvac, 2013-02-10

I've got just over 20 jumps on a 146 Firebolt. Wing loaded at 1.55. I highly recommend folks to demo this canopy!

Openings: This is the biggest selling point. SOFT. It's just amazing how wonderfully this canopy opens and is the reason I had to have one. You've gotta experience one to understand it.

Packing: It's F111 bottomskin and ribs make packing the Firebolt easy to control. I found it easier to pack than the Sabre 2 150 I had before ordering the Firebolt and the Sabre had 200 jumps on it. Additionally, I had a jumper with less than a hundred jumps pack it for me in between loads today and he had no problem getting it in the bag. There are two brake lines. Only the out board lines get stowed and the excess inboard lines get pulled back toward the canopy meaning you aren't spending time stowing excess line - thats a plus onto itself by saving time.

Flight: It does exactly as advertised. At 1.55 wing loading it's a spirited wing and wants to get back to the ground quick. Long spots may be the only semi con I could think of...

Flare: Good and strong. I like to pick up speed for my landings and it's sweet spot is easy to find and creates great glide across the ground.

Price: All the above and it beats out the competitors on price.

Demo: Do It.

Edited 9.23.2013 ---- update.

I've put over 150 jumps on my Firebolt. The craftsmanship of this canopy is excellent - minimal wear. It's still opens amazingly (i've yet to have a hard opening). Flare is still strong. It's the only canopy I'll buy from now on.

AWESOME canopy !! 5 out of 5 stars

Review by: wigginspizza, 2012-03-30

After demoing several canopies, Sabre 2, Pilot, and Firebolt, I chose the Firebolt due to it's quick response to input, stability, and on heading openings. The toggles have 2 lines each, I believe creating a better flare. Had to learn how to stow them, but PLI was great with instruction and support. I found the team to be extremely helpful and patient while I demoed their canopy. I even had an off site landing into a deer feed plot. Felt perfectly in control.... I liked the canopy so much, that now I am the proud owner of TWO!!!


Demoed a Firebolt 5 out of 5 stars

Review by: firemedic, 2011-12-03

Decided it was time for a new main so I demoed a Katana 150, a Stiletto 150, and, since I'm getting a bit older and more conservative, decided to try a Firebolt 164. The Stiletto opens too erratically, the Katana was too ground hungry for me, though both were fun to fly. What I noticed about the Firebolt was the awesome openings and powerful flair especially at the bottom end. Another thing I noticed was how easy it was to pack. The largest canopy I've been able to put in my container is a 150 Cobalt with an H Mod. The Firebolt 164 packed up smaller than the Sabre 150 I used to jump. This is the best canopy I've ever jumped. I've ordered one and I can't wait for it to get here.

Firebolt 200 ! 5 out of 5 stars

Review by: skyfox69, 2008-09-13

After 100 jumps on the Firebolt 200, I have to say it is one of the best! Great opening (the best I've experienced)and flies like a mini- sport car. I load it 1.12 to 1. Good speed, but you do have to pay attention and fly this one. Great landings and good flare power. Easy to pack. The only negative is the four brake lines, but not bad after you get used to packing and stowing the lines. This is a great canopy, try one, you will highly satisfied!

Firebolt 5 out of 5 stars

Review by: cirrus1ag, 2008-08-08

I am 230 lbs geared up and have jumped several sizes of the Firebolt. The 164 for me was a fast but controlled hotrod yet it opened on heading, reliably and softly. I purchased a 182 because I am old and on hot, no wind days I still want a soft landing. I have that with the 182. It is an amazing canopy and Nancy,John, Suzie, Tim and everyone else at the Jump Shack are the best. Nancy is a person of high integrity and always a joy to work with. She also happens to be an outstanding skydiver (in all disciplines), rigger and pilot. She'll give you the straight answer and really try to help you. I have no financial or other interest in the Jump Shack but I have known them and others in the industry for many years. There are plenty of great people in the industry, Nancy and the rest are top notch. Give them a try I'll bet you be glad you did.

Cushy; Fast and Fun 5 out of 5 stars

Review by: mbondvegas, 2008-01-05

I love the Firebolt. This canopy stands out for its outstanding opening characteristics, ease of packing, fun turns and very smooth, progressive, and powerfull flare.

I have flown via rental/demo the: Manta, Navigator, Spectre, Safire2, Sabre2, and Pilot and owned and flown a Safire1, Triathlon, and Spectre. I still own a Triathlon and love it for wingsuit flights. The Tri's docile nature is great for that purpose. But on other jumps...when I want a little more fun under canopy..I fly my Firebolt...I absolutely LOVE it. Prior to flying the Firebolt, I really liked the's openings were the best I had ever experienced...for both softness and on heading characteristics, it also was equal or better than the Safire2 and Sabre2 in all other characteristics. I had hoped to demo the Fusion and Firebolt as well, but Precision said they did not have demo program...which is just lame and enough reason for me to never buy a canopy from them! Nancy from Jumpshack replied quickly to my demo request but said that they currently did not have a demo Firebolt in my preferred size but that they were making a new one for their demo program. Following this quick reply, I was dissapointed in their lack of follow-up after this initial request and one subsequent request for a demo. So, I had pretty much decided to buy a Pilot.

Well...after that, I ran into a good deal on a virtually new Firebolt and bought it. Well...lucky me!

You really have to experience the openings to believe them. I think they might be softer than the Pilot (which is saying alot)...well...they are at least as soft and smooth. The Firebolt is consistently on-heading and does not suffer from the Sabre2's end cell closure issues. Soft, smooth, and symetrical...everytime! If you open low...beware...these soft openings do take a bit of altitude.
The elliptical planform yields some pretty good fun! Crisp turns and steep dives are to be expected! I load my Firebolt at 1.25ish and it dives hard with strong toggle or front riser input. I know JS states that this canopy is OK for entry level jumpers at low W/L's but I wonder. I would not recommend this canopy to total least not based on how reactive it is at 1.25 to 1. That said...when you're ready it is FUN!!!

It is worth noting that the glide ratio in full flight is kind of weak compared to say the Pilot, Sabre2 or Safire2.

Excellent! The flare stroke is smooth and progressive and very powerful....I simply love how this canopy flares PERIOD.
Swooping...well I don't really swoop and this is clearly not a swoop monster...but it planes out really well and is really fun to land.

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