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Great container, but South Africa 4 out of 5 stars

Review by: WillyPete, 2017-07-22

Love this container itself, but it's made halfway around the world in South Africa. Nothing against what I have heard to be a beautiful country with great people, but when something like the 2015 recall happens the North American customer loses big time. I actually had a better experience with their customer service department than some folks, they usually got back to me within a week, but still a week is not great, especially when the question is repeatedly where is my container and why have you blown by the estimated shipment date again? I applaud their integrity and safety focus with the recall, but as another reviewer observed long wait times are fine as long as they are respected, which they were not.

All of that being said, I would still recommend this container and the entire PS line just because of how much money you save relative to the quality of product you receive. Had the recall not happened this would be a glowing five star review, even so it is a qualified 4 stars.

For perspective, I ordered my complete system in August of 2014, received it in February of 2015, sent back the recalled container in April 2015 (mine was a late addition to the recall and so I didn't realize it right away), received the new container in May 2017. I now have about 40 jumps on it.

Just said.. a lot of money and then I have to wait 1y 1 out of 5 stars

Review by: Kiwoz, 2016-08-16

After I bought the rig (used but semi-new DOM 2015) it was grounded. I did never jumped on it; never!

Therefore, it is not possible for me to assess the material.

The grounded rig was sent to Parachute Systems as fast as possible!

I think it is not correct that old rigs will bee replaced before my newer one! warranties????
The delivery time was repeatedly delayed.
Because false promises about the delivery date I bought no other one.

Had I never bought this rig!

Vortex V4 10/2014 3 out of 5 stars

Review by: tomtomgo, 2016-08-01

When I purchased the container in End of 2015, I was extremely impressed by the comfort and features.

You get in the basic price included a container with full optional!

I recommended this container and a friend has unfortunately acquired a Vortex too.

On 4.January, our material was grounded for risk of fracture of the 3Ring-System (120 jumps on it)
The company has agreed to replace free of charge any container affected the market. WOW!
From the first estimated delivery time of June, after was the end of July, after end of August. I get the new one on 18.september.

I was without Skydiving-rig; had no possibility to lend a rig in my area.

I know how hard this must be for the company; replace all containers , but I was without equipment and had only expenses.

The service of the recall was dishonest; I have only lost time and a season.

Long delivery times may be OK if they are respected!!!

why was not introduced a ranking according to material age?????? Very old equipments were replaced before mine (semi new)??!?!?!
The new container: Is nice and good like the old one;
My conclusion (rating):

-rig: ***** (4,5)
-"technical" customer service (FB/Messenger): ***** (5)
-customer service by Mail: * (1)
-process recall: ** (2)

Would I buy it again?
Probably not for the experience with the recall:
Before recall YES of course / After recall: NO!
I was more time without rig than with in the last year.
Respect for the recall, but up to last, it would have been cheaper to buy a Javelin or Mirage.

Thomas Gutweniger

Decent Rig. 4 out of 5 stars

Review by: pop0tart, 2016-02-21

Got my rig in early February. It had some issues initially. There were sewing machine oil stains on the hackey handle in addition to embroidery on the rig in the wrong spot and color. There was a limited effort by the customer service department to make things right in a timely manner, and I decided it was not worth waiting another 3 months for the embroidery to be fixed. I am still waiting on a replacement hackey handle.

Small issues with customer service aside, the rig is solid. It fits my canopies like a glove and has some great design features and includes a lot of features in the base price, including stainless steel hardware, articulation, slider locks, and louie loops. The Skyhook is the oldest and most tested MARD, so having it available on the Vortex is a great perk as well. Overall, the Vortex was the right rig for me, and I look forward to a great season with it.

What a great first rig... 5 out of 5 stars

Review by: luvin2bfree, 2014-04-21

I bought this rig in the spring of 2013 so I have been jumping it for almost a year (about 70-80 jumps). The rig is inexpensive with great quality and comfort. I ordered all the extras including padding, articulating harness, stainless components. It was shipped on time and arrived in BC within 2 weeks of shipping. Myself and others have jumped it and really like it. as it is my first rig I needed it to fit a 170 because I was not quite ready to go to a 150 when I made my purchase. i have now gone to a 150 and it still fits great. They say I can also downsize to a 135 and seeing the fit I have no doubts. This rig will last me a very long time and was much less in cost than any other new custom rig I could find. Lets be honest this freed up $$$100's for jumps. My dealer is Bryan Cavage and he has been quick to respond to questions and patient with me when it was getting close to ship date and had none. I just ordered and received a Hurricane 150 custom parachute and colored risers to match my rig. I will review once I have a few more jumps but the first two were fantastic. Customer service has been fabulous and quick

Nicest rig I've seen yet, glad its mine! 5 out of 5 stars

Review by: Xranger, 2013-07-03

After jumping an older Vector 2 as my first rig I was in the market for a new custom container. After months of doing my own research I could not find a better deal than Parachute Systems Vortex II.

The fact that all the extras are included in the base price is a huge plus to this rig. My rigger who's partial to Infinity gave me his blessing, commenting on how well made Vortexes are. The customer service was great, I dealt with Manny at Icarus in South Africa, really nice guy who went the extra mile emailing me at all hours of the day with my many questions. They gave me updates on the process, and walked me through everything.

I saved so much money in choosing a Vortex II that I bought a brand new reserve and used main from Manny as well, and still came out paying what some companies charge for just a container!

Getting the Vortex II set up by my rigger was a great thing to watch, having him explain the ins and outs of the Vortex and the fact he likes packing them made me feel good. Has the extra riser protection flap, and the bridal protection is something that amazes me, talk about a freefly friendly rig...this is it.

And like others have said, I can't believe more people don't go for a Vortex II. Even though the price is great and I hit on that fact quite a bit, they are built tough and beautiful looking at the same time, I just get that feeling of solid craftsmanship when putting the rig on.

Well thats all I got, I'll probably update the review in a 100 jumps!


All comments I've read about this container in Dropzone are true... 5 out of 5 stars

Review by: Eldevor, 2011-04-05

I recently adquired a second hand Parachute Systems rig consisting of the Vortex II container and Hurricane main canopy. The rig is 4 years old with nearly 400 jumps and still looks new.

It is my very first rig and I read everything I could before testing and purchasing it. I have to say that all the comments in Dropzone helped me a lot. Everything I've read here is completely true. I would stress its excellent quality, comfy fitting and safety.

If you are looking for a container, don't hesitate to give a Vortex II a go.

Vortex II - a great alternative to the better known brands 5 out of 5 stars

Review by: StraightEdge, 2010-11-11

I am surprised that not more jumpers use the Vortex II container/harness system. There are about five at my DZ, but I have met jumpers from other DZs who have never heard of it. Too, I have met jumpers who are prejudiced against it because they say it copies the Javelin Odyssey, or that it is made in South Africa. My first container was a Vortex II made to my specifications, and it proved to be a comfortable, durable and good-looking item of gear. I have since obtained a smaller Vortex II that was going for a great price and I love it! This container benefits from sound, TSO'd construction and comes in cheaper than the big names, with a shorter delivery time. Various mods and options are available. A great first container for those who want to buy new and can't afford to order from the market leaders.

Vortex II is a winner! 5 out of 5 stars

Review by: cpg90, 2010-08-09

I received my new Vortex this spring and have am thrilled with the quality, safety, appearance, comfort and performance. Match that with a price that is very reasonable Ė especially when you add in the options Ė and the Vortex II is a great choice.

I found that the rig with options was actually less than the base rig with no options for the other manufacturers. I recomend the back pad and custom embroidery. The back pad with the lateral cut-ins is super comfortable, although it takes 20 or so jumps for the pad to conform to your body. I definitely recommend this option on this rig.

Looking a the Vortex it is a pop top but with a proportional tuck-up main flap. I like the tuck-up concept better than other alternatives. I also got double pin stripes on my Vortex, which I havenít seen on other systems.

My only dislike is the Vortex logo looks odd. I suggest you ask to have the Vortex logo in 2 colors as it makes it more interesting. Small thing, I know.

The materials and build quality is truly excellent. Iíve noticed that the newer Vortex IIís have great flap coverage. I also like the backpad, new Cypres control position and bottom flap designs. It was delivered within 1 week of the date promised.

vortex II 5 out of 5 stars

Review by: POOT, 2009-03-30

I have junped all rigs on the market except the vector and I can honestly say its the best container out there, you will not beat the price, service or safety of this rig.
I have flown my various vortex's in all orientations and have never had a flap open or had my flying affected by the rig moving.
I am now have my latest rig with lateral cut ins, full stainless hardware including hip and chest rings and its a joy to fly, I honestly dont even feel it in freeall.
forget the more well known expensive long time delivery rigs.
If you want to fly the best GET A VORTEX!

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