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Good Fun Jumping Pantz but Lack the Power of the PF Pants 3 out of 5 stars

Review by: mbondvegas, 2007-01-24

BM Pantz are well constructed and seem to be built for lots of jumps (be it from planes or fixed objects). Mine have a ton of jumps on them and I like them for fun jumps and as something to throw on for H&P's but if I'm looking for pure tracking performance...I reach for my PF tracking suit. I do wear my Pantz a lot though. The can easily be worn on normal fun jumps and definitely provide you with better drive than most jumpsuits.

300 dives with Birdman Freefly Pantz..... 5 out of 5 stars

Review by: Tonto, 2005-09-23

I've had my Pantz for 14 months. Apart from when I jump my Skyflier 3, I've worn them on every other jump.

I do mainly AFF, and in Pantz with a sweatshirt or T shirt, I have a range measured on my Neptune of between 95mph and 143 mph - all on my belly. They give huge leg power on those early AFF linked exits when the student doesn't arch as taught. I'm not a very good freeflier, but they manage a sit just fine, and are cool for head down.

And after 300 dives, not one loose thread.

Without a doubt - they are money very well spent.



Tracking CAN be more fun! 5 out of 5 stars

Review by: bkdice, 2004-03-15

I never thought it could be more fun than it already was. I love tracking! Well, I bought a pair of these awesome Pantz so that I could go play with my boyfriend that had a pair already. We went out on my test jump and it was incredible. These Pantz are FAST - even with minimal effort. We had a blast! I've gotten several friends to demo them too and all have LOVED them!

After the fun tracking jumps, we went out for some freefly fun in them (they are the freefly version). They flew AWESOME. They gave me a wide range of speed and control that I haven't felt with other freefly pants. They were very easy to fly in. A+

The other awesome thing about them is the way they fit. They sit a little low on me and are form fitting in the hips and seat. I like it! Pantz that make me feel sexy! Yeah!

Overall, very cool product. I highly recommend you at least try them. If you do, you'll probably want to buy them. :-)


WOW 5 out of 5 stars

Review by: towerrat, 2003-10-07

I recently received the new pair of Birdman Pantz I ordered at the WFFC.I can't say enough good things about them.They are extremely stylish, well built and above all else, they really work well.I was amazed at how powerful my legs felt while tracking.
I also found them easy to sit fly in, and I'm sure learning head down will be easier.
As an RW flier just learning to freefly, I was concerned with my ability to insure proper seperation on break-off without my RW booties.This is not a problem anymore.
Try them, they rock!


Pantz 5 out of 5 stars

Review by: LouDiamond, 2003-07-22

Superb design and function. The pantz work great for either belly /back tracking, sit flying or head down. Built of durable material that will withstand the abuse of a skydiver and still look good enough to wear out to the bar or club. Guys, you will get women if you wear these pantz. Gals these pantz will make your ass look fabulous from any direction. You can't go wrong with these pantz. Be sure to look at the sizes in the size chart as someone who wears a Small in the waist may find the length and cut to be a bit tight if you fall in between a small waist and a medium length. Recommend you go to the next higher size if this is your case and expect the length to be a bit baggy at the bottom like most Freefly pants already are.

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