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Skyflyer 3 5 out of 5 stars

Review by: tourer4life, 2011-06-21

First jumps, this suit, didn't expect this force will be needed to keep the arms opened. lucky me that I'm a rock climber too :-) I bought the suit second hand, and I'm 3-5cm shorter that it's size, but I made a boot adjustment and it seems fine now!!

learning is easy with this suit 5 out of 5 stars

Review by: videoxtreme001, 2011-03-28

I love this suit

Big Upgrade from the GTI 5 out of 5 stars

Review by: KrisFlyZ, 2005-01-18

I probably am not adding anything new to the reviews here, but I am obliged to give the suit a 5 out of 5 and the customer service a 5 out of 5.

My S3's arm wing tore after two jumps(we never figured out if it was a manufacturing defect of if I snagged it jumping out of the cessna 182 on a weekday). Birdman Inc fixed the problem at their expense and even shipped the suit back overnight(at their expense).

What can I say, it kicked my ass! 5 out of 5 stars

Review by: nicknitro71, 2004-04-19

I did not put many jumps on my S3 but I would like to give a fresh review before I actually learn how to maximize it.

First thing is that despite the number of jumps you have (both FF and WS) if you are not physically fit do not get this suit. Stick with a classic or a GTI. This suit demands a great deal of force no matter your experience level. Iím 5.10 Ĺ 155 Lb with 6% body fat and I work out regularly still the S3 kicked my ass, arms actually in just three consecutive jumps. To get a decent fall rate those arms must be put to work hard.

Keeping the legs straight is not a big deal. The forward speed generated is tremendous and despite the fact that Iím still far from flying efficiently I got as low as 43 mph for about 5000í on my fifth jump. This tells me that I should be able to get in the 30s and hopefully in the 20s as I learn more about it. Turning is relatively easy and the S3 does not fish tail unlike, they say, the normal Skyflier although I have never flown one. Pull time is critical because the fabric of the wings could cover the BOC. You just gotta pull the fabric aside with a little search and then pull hard. I donít slow down or close my legs during pull time. If your arms get tired during the flight, and they will, relaxing them will put you in a steep dive; it happened to me twice. If you find yourself in that situation just bend your knees to reduce the lift from the legs. The most efficient position I was able to find thus far is with the legs completely straight and wide, knees locked, feet pointed out, arms 5 degrees bent at the elbow, shoulder rotated it as much as possible, hands on the winglets, and a slight de-arch. Turning with your feet generate shallower banks, the opposite is true by using the arms. I find the suit easy to turn, fast and crisp, but not too oversensitive. It did not over-steer on me.

My canopy openings have been flawless so far. I jump a h-mod Viper 105. My container is a Wings EXT with open corners, and I have a 28Ē PC. I place the bag with the bridle grommet facing the BOC.

Overall Iím happy with the S3. To tell you the truth if I was just going to skydive it I would have probably gotten a GTI. The thing is I want to do BASE with it and I need fast pressurization and lots of forward speed. I really think if you are not gonna be doing WS BASE or if you donít care about squeezing out every MPH an easier suit might be a better option.

Finally the quality of the construction is unbelievable, Robert does a helluva job putting the thing together and the CS at Bird-Man is top notch.


When you just have to go Longer, Slower and Faster... 5 out of 5 stars

Review by: PhreeZone, 2003-11-01

I just love my S3. There is nothing I find too horrible about the suit. Its not for a beginner though. The wings can interfere in pulling until you get the trick down.

Measure the suit with gloves on if you might ever jump them, they make the suits tight on the wrists. Also watch the zippers, I had one break on the first jump.

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