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Pilot 210 ZPX Review 5 out of 5 stars

Review by: CCGV19, 2014-01-27

I tried different canopies after earning my A. I really enjoyed the Pulse, Sabre 2 and Pilot. I went with a Pilot 210 in ZPX. First off it is a blast. I was debating to go with the 188 but feel that the 210 still zips and gives the user lots of control while at the same time can be very forgiving. At first the ZPX was pretty hard to pack because of being slippery and because I am not the best packer. I have found that it fits into a smaller container than a 210 normally would.

This canopy is a lot of fun to fly and has a really good flare. I have not had any off heading openings or back breakers. It is very consistent and I would recommend to anyone as a great novice to advanced canopy. If you put it through its paces it is right there to respond and give you a great ride.

I custom ordered mine with custom colors and the Aerodyme team did an excellent job sending me color patch before I completed the order when I had questions. They also did a great job getting it to me before I had expected to receive it! I will buy another one when it is time to downsize.

Pilot 210 5 out of 5 stars

Review by: BrendonCCA, 2014-01-07

Jumped my Pilot 210 at the desert boogie in Namibia.

What an awesome canopy. We had a few bad spots where we need to travel long distances. Two times I didn't make it back, but the distance I managed to cover was remarkable. I load the wing 1.8. So I'm impressed.

The wing also reacts exceptionally well. turns are fast and crisp with easy flaring out. I have been able to do lower turns safely with plenty of reserve to flare and land like a baby being put into a cot.

I have to admit that this is the most fun canopy I have ever jumped.

All around excellent. 4 out of 5 stars

Review by: Anachronist, 2013-08-11

Have put about 20 jumps on a Pilot 210. The openings are smooth and on heading, good positive control on the toggles and rears. The flare is easy to time and plenty powerful. Even had a couple line twisted up deployments on a wingsuit but the Pilot flew along as though nothing was wrong as I spun out of them. It tends to pack a size larger than other canopies of the same square footage. If not for that then I'd have given it a 5 star rating.


pilot 150 3 out of 5 stars

Review by: pre7117, 2013-06-10

Tried out one this weekend and like the canopy. it opened on heading every jump nice a soft. Turns where quick and crisp with very little input and the flare was good. The glide on it was flat and it didnt want to land, had a hard time getting to my spot. Had to use alot of front risers to get it to come down. over all a nice canopy, great for novice.

188 ZPX Pilot 5 out of 5 stars

Review by: jordanginter, 2012-08-20

My first canopy off student gear and it opens soft, flys stable and flares amazing. i put a 1.2 WL on it so it turns quick! recommended for anyone

Highly recommend 5 out of 5 stars

Review by: MotherGoose, 2012-08-10

Onto my 9th canopy since student status and I think I've found my home. 1250 jumps flying a pilot 140 at 1.8WL. Fast and fun yet safe. Great landings, even a nice turf surf can be achieved (not competing in canopy piloting world championships any time soon). Great on demo jumps, decent on long spots and practically packs itself, even brand new ZP is easy peasy. Will be hard pressed to switch to another canopy.

168' Pilot ZPX 5 out of 5 stars

Review by: barbs666, 2012-05-14

Hi have put about 6 jumps on my brand new ZPX Pilot.

I am very impressed with this canopy and for a 168' it is more than I expected and am happy that I didnt downsize to 150' !!
I have a about 1.1 loading.
Even on my first canopy (150') this 168' easily out-performs it in turn responsiveness and in the landing.
it seems to have decent forward speed and was jumping in 18kt winds.

for a new canopy, it is reasonably easy to pack (still slippery) but from memory even ZP used canopies were only slightly easier.

I can see myself definately sticking with Pilot for a long time!

Do yourself a favour and test jump one or just buy it!

The ZPX seems to pack a little smaller, but I would have thought 17% would be hugely noticable, but I am sure that this will improve after breaking in a little (ie.50-100 jumps).....and also when my packing technique improves also ;-)

I can see why all the reviews are mostly positive for this canopy!

Blue Skies!

pilot 150 4 out of 5 stars

Review by: robes, 2012-04-04

Love it but no one wants to pack it. Can it be flat packed?

all around with broad range of flight styles 5 out of 5 stars

Review by: condorandino, 2012-03-07

Have been jumping my Pilot 168 zpx since my jump n. 50 (now I have 111) so I guess now I can write about it. Before the Pilot I jumped Silhouettes 190 and 170.

Order and delivery time

Very nice to order thru my dealer here in Brazil, delivery time (by them) was 10-12 weeks, but it took around 18-20 weeks... not a big problem for me, though.


Nice colors selection, mine came exactly as I wanted (a black, red and yellow 168 zpx)


Thought by other reviews that it would be easier to pack the Pilot ZPX, but I'm having a hard time doing... specially because it's mounted on a Micron V310, which is tight for my 168 sqft Pilot. The color tabs are great and made it easier for a novice packer, as myself, to start.


Great openings! Consistent 200-300 ft soft openings. It's amazing that it opens losing little altitude (at least for me) and still soft. had around 5 90 degree offheading openings and two hard ones... but I guess it was most probably a packing issue than canopy's fault. most of the openings are soft onhead.


Great, simply great... my canopy is part of my body... it goes exactly where I want and has the aggressiveness I want.. it responds to input as expected. I was used to a Silhouette 170, so I felt the Pilot 168 was a lot faster and sensible. I feel the front raisers are very heavy, but my WL is around 1,05 so I couldn't expect them to be very light anyway.


Can just say I came back from 3 miles with mild wind against... and with just a little front raiser input to land perfectly

Flares and Landing

Nice, constant, continous... very intuitive. Came hot some times in no wind days and yet I was able to control the canopy with the correct flare input. Landed near the target and on my feet every single time.

Now I'm starting (slowly) to do 90 degree turns on final approach and the canopy has behaved pretty nicely with a short recovery arch, and gaining enough speed to do up to 30 feet swoops... guess I have a lot to learn and get from this canopy yet, at this WL I'm using it (1.05).


Great all around intermediate canopy


The Pilot is a great Canopy 5 out of 5 stars

Review by: timeslikethese, 2011-12-12

Have around 20 jumps put on my new Pilot 140 which I am loading at around 1.35. The Pilot is my first brand new canopy and my second after 100 + jumps on a Sabre 1 150. After owning a Sabre, the great openings on a Pilot took a while to get used to especially on hop and pops, but it's great now knowing that my neck is not going to creek on every second jump. The Pilot is responsive but with great recovery even after last minute turns. The flare is great. The only slightly negative experience I had was after ordering a stock canopy, it turned out that after I enquired close to the delivery date to make sure all was on target, that Aerodyne had "a problem with red" and that my canopy would not be ready on time. In fairness to Aerodyne they offered me the only other 140 they had in stock in Aerodyne colours which was meant to be used for demos and through in a spare line set as compensation. The alternative canopy came with HMA lines, which means I probably won't need to change the lines for a long time. All in all I think the Pilot is a brilliant canopy.

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