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Side FX Freefly helmet 3 out of 5 stars

Review by: trigger, 2007-06-15

I brought this helmet as a replacement for a 2KC helmet that was trashed in an aircraft emergency.

I went with 2KC as the original FF1 helmet was of good quality and served me well,however the newer Side FX helmet seems to be of cheaper construction though the overall finish is good.
As a result of this purchase i have decided not to jump it and use a protec instead and for the money i wish i had gone with bonehead.

FFX is best I've seen 5 out of 5 stars

Review by: flyingc, 2006-09-27

Besides the price and 8 week(really 11 week) wait for it, this helmet is amazing. For a sidewinder I haven't been slapped too bad, especially if I look down and to the right on deployment. My PC 1000 fits perfect with minor adjustments from the start. Its light, smooth, safe and I would recomend it to anyone.

Great product 5 out of 5 stars

Review by: HUSHPUPPY, 2006-06-23

I have the FFX in two tone (erie) blue and black paint. This helmet rocks. Easy to set up and comfortable. It took almost 11 weeks to get it but was worth the wait. Mine is fitted for the SONY HC-40 and required very little adjustment straight from the box (I use a thumb screw to secure the camera to the mount). I also got the cut-away chin cup for added safety, the cameye and bite switch and all are easy to use. It is a bit expensive but not too much when compared to other helmets setup in a similar configuration. Overall a great product!


Well worth it if you can afford it ... 5 out of 5 stars

Review by: freeatlast, 2003-03-24

I have had one of these helmets since June 2002 and have to say that it absolutely rocks. The shell is so smooth and snag-free that there seems very little chance of a line catching. It feels very comfortable to wear and I've had no problems with it.

It is quite expensive as it's made in the UK, but well worth it in my opinion.

If it could be fitted with a cut-away system then it would be as safe as anything I've seen - I understand that they're working on it at the moment.

Obviously I am new at camera flying (I only have a 100 jumps or so with the helmet). But almost everyone who has seen this helmet seems to like it as well including the two-tone paint job !!!

FFX Camera helmet 5 out of 5 stars

Review by: noggydog, 2003-02-01

Hi all, I've seen alot of posts and questions about the 2kComposites helmets lately, and well mine just showed up so I figured I'd give my 2cents on first appearance. Take in mind that this is my first camera helmet and I won't be jumping it untill I have 50 or so more jumps, so I'm no expert by any sense of the word. First off the ordering process went very well for me, Allie at 2k was more than helpful and answered all my questions and concerns to my satisfaction. In ordering they take your head size, what camera you'll be using, and any other accesories you want installed by them. The only special requests I had was to have a cameye installed and that the helmet to fit a little snugger on the sides due to the fact that I don't have a very bowling ball shaped head and I've had problems with helmets from other activities fitting terrible tight front to back and loose on the sides. It took about 6 weeks from date of order to arrive which is accurate with when they say you should expect to receive it. First impression out of the box is excellent, the finish on the surface, liner and trim looks very well done. This is the FFX which is the one that you put the camera in the helmet from the inside. I chose this one due to the smooth construction and lack of snag points. There is a carbon fibre plate/shelf on the inside with a elastic velcro strap that holds the camera in. There is also foam padding in the camera compartment that I assume is placed specifically for each camera, due to the fact that my pc101 fits nice and snug into place. The Audible pockets have a light padding in them with a wide elastic strap, looks like it would hold an audible no problem but again I have no Idea yet. Ok now the real test hows it feel on my head(afterall it would suck to have to send it back to them due to a major fit problem), no problems! Like a glove! I'm really impressed with the fit, I've always had to modify helmets one way or another to get them to fit correctly and this feels like I won't need to do a thing to it, I'm interested in hearing how other people who have purchased these helmets have made out with the fit. The cameye is installed about 2-3 inches above the front audible pocket with just the red of the button sticking through the surface, I had asked them if it could be located in the nooke between the two audibles(to offer a little more protection against being accidentally pushed), they tried it but unfortunately the lead wasn't long enough. The current location seems like it will probably be fine though, I don't think its in a place that would give you common trouble. The ratchet chin cup seems comfortable to me, but again I've never seen any one elses. Its well molded, the only thing I have to do is trim the ratchet straps down a little bit. Overall up to this point I would rate my experience with 2kcomposites a 10, the helmet came as described and I am very pleased with the quality. Customer service was excellent, and I can't wait to try it out. I've herd of some people haveing problems with getting returns to their questions but this definatley was not the case with me. Oh yeah its very light too. I hope this helps some one out there and I would like to hear how people like their 2k helmets and what they think the pro's and con's have been with their puchase.

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