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Pleasantly surprised 4 out of 5 stars

Review by: cbuffalino, 2013-08-27

I bought my 1996 Triathlon used for $650 and was excited to move down to 7 cells, get a good deal and have something that had a steeper angle than my PD Pulse. I had flown one of these previously on a student jump but didn't remember how it flew. So far I have put about 10 jumps on the canopy, below is my quick assesment:


Fabric was in "like new" condition, estimated between 200-300 jumps. Still crispy and shiny (sat in a closet since 97). It packed nice and easy, no problems stuffing it into the bag. The previous owner did a good job maintaining it and the canopy retained most of the previous owners folds, making it easier to pack.

When packing the first time, I employed the same exact method used for my PD Pulse 150 (nothing special), and had a nice soft opening, on heading. On the second attempt, I got jerked- not to the point of a "hard opening" but less smooth than desired. Slider came flying down over the front risers, and the opening moved left to right and eventually settled in on heading. This could have been because of packing technique, or body position, but I tend to think it was my packing.

On the next hand full of jumps, I made sure when quartering the slider to stick the slider nose a little further out to catch air quicker and aid in properly staging the opening. I also did 2-3 gentle rolls of the nose inward and left the center cell visibly hang out. I did not push the nose into the pack job. This arrangement has worked perfectly for me and all of my openings are gentle and on heading. The slider, even if it pops down quickly will not come down so hard that it covers the risers or toggles- which is a common problem with this canopy (as I have read). The slider grommets are larger than the more common #25 grommets most canopies have these days, but are great in their own respect because it has no resistance when moving them over the risers/toggles for a behind the neck slider stow.

Another note about my packing technique: I always, even with my Pulse, use a second pull up cord to tie the large rings on my 3-ring system together to make sure the risers stay the same length, which has helped dramatically in my on headings.


Generally pretty great! On heading and soft, if the pack job and body position are in check.


Note: My particular Triathlon's lines are about 5 inches out of trim.

WL on Triathlon: 1.24 WL on previous PD Pulse: 1.12

Turns are very gentle- there is no feeling of G-Force even when burying the toggle.

Recovery arc seems to be medium- after the toggle returns to full flight you gently settle back into the saddle and the canopy levels out smoothly

Glide is good due to its flatter trim, but there is a noticeable sink when compared to the PD Pulse, which can glide FAAAAAAR without any special maneuvering. Rear riser inputs to flatten it out further are noticeable and you can hear the canopy changing its glide when you do this.

Control length to me seems medium and the response is medium as well.

Front riser inputs respond smoothly and again no feeling of G-Force even when doing multiple rotations. In my experience when you use dual front riser inputs in final approach to land closer to the target you have to yank a little more than expected to get the change you want, but this could be due to my inexperience in accuracy landing or that my canopy is out of trim.


The flare is good and comparable to the PD Pulse. The canopy hasn't popped back up on me, except for once when I caught some extra turbulence before touching down. The stroke is one continuous motion from full flight to flare, just like the Pulse. Similarly, if you flare too low it won't drop you on your ass and you can recover a potentially botched landing and look like a badass when you stand it back up after a little foot drag. The landings are gentle and when compared to the Pulse you are coming at the ground at a noticeably steeper angle, and faster.

Random Note: The length of the lines is much shorter than on my Pulse, so when landing the canopy is closer to you. Almost every landing I get a step over or lines caught on my camera, so if possible after landing, grab those fronts and pull the canopy forward, or turn 90 degrees to get it to fall to the side nicely.

Triathlon 220 5 out of 5 stars

Review by: JMP4U2, 2013-08-07

I have about 850 jumps 100 off them as a Tandem master I I took about ten years off and now Im back at it . I picked up a 220 sqft . my weight seems to be 200 to 225 up and down . I have had a stiletto 190 . I am 56 . I love the Triathlon its safe openings stable flight and superb forgiving landings . If your a hot dogger and need to swoop haul ass and be one of the faster Guys down then this is not the canopy for you . If you need to be at work monday morning in the same condition you were in Friday this is a great rig ! Dont get me wrong its not a buss it scoots along fine . I feel very safe flying this canopy !

Geat beginner canopy 4 out of 5 stars

Review by: cobar, 2012-04-11

The 1st canopy I have owned, I was jumping a pilot 190 before this and I found the 175 Triathlon much more responsive, more agile and a lot more fun. Good canopy for learning canopy piloting skills, front / rear risers 100% / 0% breaks flat turns etc. although front riser input can be a bit mushy.

I really like my triathlon its a very stable canopy but if you don't roll it tight it will spank you with the mother fucker of all hard openings... Seriously, if you don't roll it tight it bangs open so hard and the slider comes rushing down so fast it flies over the toggles.

This canopy is also very easy to get inside the accuracy circle, but it sinks very fast. I have found that if you give it more height flying your pattern it will land exactly where you want it.

I have always had a good flare from this canopy even down wind. I recently brought this canopy on a canopy course and found it very forgiving and tones of fun.

Triathlon 175 ZPX, thumbs up! 5 out of 5 stars

Review by: Rossignolskier, 2011-09-19

It's my first own canopy. I made about 30 jumps on it and I love my Triathlon :)

Openings are fast but never hard (ok, can compare only with Navigator and Silhouette), and on heading. Fast turns, powerful flare. Downwind landing was also no problem.

Small packing volume.

Great reliable stable canopy for beginners like me.

Triathlon135 2 out of 5 stars

Review by: freefallfrom10k, 2011-08-01

I loved this canopy for a while. I jumped a 160 and didn't mind it, never noticed its flaring problems. I downsized to a 135 and what can I say, I really dislike the flaring potientional on the one I'm using now. Its a bit worn and has about 800-1000 jumps on it. Besides the flaring issue I'm having with this canopy and the all well known harder openings of a triathlon, its a decent canopy. If you intend to get one stick with the bigger sized ones and newer ones.


'96 Triathlon 160 2 out of 5 stars

Review by: Bodhisattva420, 2011-03-20

Last year I bought my first canopy, a '96 Triathlon,' and have put around 20 jumps on it so far. Recently I had the line mod done and switched from micro-lines to dacron. Since then, it flies much faster (the old micro lines had shrunk) and has a pretty powerful flare. I've read a lot of posts on here about this canopy being a dog, but I'd say its faster than the Sabre II 170 I've rented at the dropzone and has more flare as well. But maybe that's just because of the difference in wingloadings. One complaint I do have about this canopy is that it opens hard as shit if you don't split roll the nose. But if you just take three cells, roll them, then stuff them in the center cell, and then do the same thing to the other 3 cells on the other side, it opens fine. Just make sure you split roll that nose or it's gonna spank you! I suppose that's why the Sabre II is much more popular. The Sabre II's I've jumped open soft as shit no matter how you pack them.

Excellent Main for a begginer 5 out of 5 stars

Review by: BluePheonix, 2010-03-10

This was my first main off of student status. I did about 200 jumps on a Triathlon 190 at about a 1.1 wing loading. It was an excellent main for a begginer. It is very docile and exceptionally forgiving. This is the canopy to have when you're still learning new landing patterns at new drop zones, doing night jumps or just landing off. Great openings and great flare. Rarely had any whippers or line twist, unlike my Sabre2 now. It does get boring after a while, as it is so docile.

Great Beginner canopy 5 out of 5 stars

Review by: brofox17, 2010-03-01

I have a Triathlon 190 and I am at a 1.16 wing loading. This canopy is very stable on opening when the nose is rolled 3 times on each side. It only takes light pressure to plane it out with the rear risers. However, you have be in slow flight (with brakes) before using the front front risers (they take a lot of pressure to pull - be sure to have dive loops if planning on using front risers). Flight characteristics on front risers are not the greatest. Takes a long time to stall in deep brakes, very predictable. It is definitely not a high performance canopy, however, you can get some spinning generated when hanging on a toggle for a couple seconds. It does not have the best forward glide, more of a sinker. Also, flair is ok, but not great - especially on hot days. Overall, a predictable, safe canopy.

Update, if I wrap the toggles once, the flare is much better!

Also, if I fly with a weight belt, 1.25:1 wingloading makes it flare better without wraping the toggles.


Good beginner Chute 2 out of 5 stars

Review by: kymwhitt, 2009-08-18

The Triathlon is a great starter parachute. Doesn't cover much ground but provides very safe landings. Doesn't dive much so low altitude maneuvers are easily recovered. That make accuracy landings a breeze.

However it is a boat. Slow as shit. Watch all other elliptical canopies fly on by. The difference between a Triathlon and an elliptical is a shock. It's slow

canopy 5 out of 5 stars

Review by: old_timer, 2009-05-26

I wanted to wait till I had a few jumps on the canopy before I wrote this. I now have about 20 or so jumps on the canopy, I can not say enough about this canopy as to how great it is. I am not that good at pro packing and the tri opens like I know what I am doing. Great openings every time. Like I have told many people I have jumped with I have tried to pack a malfunction but the tri has opened every time on heading with great ease. I love this parachute. If you are looking for a chute that will open every time nice an soft and fly in any wind conds. The tri is for you. Landing this parachute is a dream, here again if you want a canopy that will set you down soft and not pound you in the ground buy the tri. I just can't say enough good things about this canopy. OK here's one if you want to swoop this is not the canopy for you. BUT! If you want a canopy that will be your best friend buy the triatholan! I love my new tri!

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