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Flite suit is the way to go. 4 out of 5 stars

Review by: long6oarder, 2008-09-30

I wanted to order a suit that had flite stripes, which is not available to order anywhere, but these guys made it happen for me. They were not that much extra considering how labor intensive they probably were. I ABSOLUTELY recommend ordering in the off season. I placed my order in the first week of April, and did not receive it until the end of June! In their defense they had a four way team that wanted new suits and they also did the suits for that one Honda commercial. I'm glad they had that much business, but they were sure to wait until all that was squared away before even looking at my order. After week 7 I called once a week to inquire, because when I ordered they boasted an 8 week max return. That certainly did not happen! I almost said F*** it! a few times. I just wish they could have offered some kind of consolation. After all, I'm sure that company started by doing one single suit order at a time. I hope they won't forget that. Neverless, they finally delivered a gorgeous suit that fits perfectly and is quite comfortable. Just order in the off season and not anytime close to a corporate order.

Bomber FreeFly Impressions 5 out of 5 stars

Review by: HydroGuy, 2005-09-30

Received my custom Bomber Freefly Suit about two weeks ago. In that time I have put 15 jumps on it and 15 minutes in the tunnel.

Suit fits as ordered. I ordered with the "normal" cut, and it is not excessively baggy anywhere.

All stitching and matching was done well.

Once my flying cleans up, I will be ordering a Bomber 2 Piece combo with the "tighter" cut.

Freefly Suit 5 out of 5 stars

Review by: JOmama, 2005-04-21

I ordered a custom freefly suit on a rush delivery from Flite Suit. I recieved the suit in 9 days just in time for my birthday and skydiving trip. The fit and construction of the suit is great and looks like it will last for quite some time. I can't believe they can make such a great looking suit that fast. They must have some great people working there. Thanks to Lisa and Ryan for taking great care of me.

so comfortable I wear mine at home while watching TV and having a beer! 5 out of 5 stars

Review by: Newbie, 2004-05-10

ok maybe not, but the suit is lovely i have to say. The only thing i had to get used to was the fairly large ankle and wrist areas, which had a fair amount of fabric, that i just wasn't used to, even on my suit which is a standard fit. Once you get used to this drag, it's very nice to be able to feel your arms and legs, and work with the wind on where they are going and what you are doing with them.

Ryan turned this suit around for me in 1 week from the submittal of my order, and it wasn't even a rush job. My flitesuit dealer here had emailed my order through but they hadn't got it - Ryan asked for it again, and so i faxed it to him on the Monday, and the suit was ready to be shipped by Saturday. Yes, this was in the off season time, and no, i don't think everyone will get this service, but still, that's first class customer service if you ask me.

I have only a dozen or so jumps on the suit, so have no idea what its life will be, but from what i hear and from Screamers review, i'm pretty sure i will have it for sometime. The only thing i was slightly concerned about was loose stitching threads under the inside cover of the zip (like the inside part of the suit where the zip runs). I just burnt these off (rather than pulling them) and it seems fine, im sure im worrying over nothing.

Again, a great suit for freeflying, or even wearing around the house, and Flitesuit will go out of their way to make you happy.

So good I just bought another 5 out of 5 stars

Review by: skreamer, 2004-02-26

I have put about 450 jumps on my original Bomber suit. It is still in great condition, all the seams still intact, has stood up to quite a lot of abuse and still looks good. I recently ordered a new suit (wanted 2-piece suit, also trimmer fit). I got measured for the suit by Ryan at the Eloy holiday boogie, so I knew the measurements would be correct. The new suit fits great, exactly what I wanted.

There might be cheaper freefly suit manufacturers out there, but I KNOW that my Bomber freefly suits will last and last. The materials used, the stitching (still no loose or broken stitches on my original suit), everything about these suits is quality. You get what you pay for (in this case a damn fine freefly suit).


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