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Firefly RW Suit 5 out of 5 stars

Review by: DocMallard, 2014-11-22

I first met Sherry at the old Antioch Parachute Center. I was a novice jumper at the time. She ran the manifest at this very fun place to jump.

Now she runs her own business making fantastic jumpsuits.

There were no “Off The Shelf” designs that were what I was looking for, but it didn’t matter. She made just what I needed at a very reasonable price.

When the suit arrived, it was better than I thought possible. It is very robustly constructed. Every place a jumper will wear out a suit, is well reinforced.

The suit looks great, and is quite comfortable to wear.

It is everything my old “Flite Suit” never was!

I am planning to order my camera suit from her as soon as I am ready to return to my camera work.

RW Suit 5 out of 5 stars

Review by: robzay, 2002-12-27

Firefly is more known for their freefly suits, but they do make a great RW suit. The customer service is Outstanding, always helpful and very positive. I had lots of questions and they took the time to answer everything. I put approx. 100 jumps on the suit and it has held up very well. Plenty of options and a competative price. I did have to wait a few weeks for delivery, but I ordered the suit right in the middle of a freefly rush.

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