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I have owned 2 and loved both of them. 5 out of 5 stars

Review by: freakyflyr11, 2003-05-16

i have owned 2 space's a 150 and a 130 and loved both of them.they dive and have the sofest opening's i have ever had every time!!!and if a canopy is ever a pleasure to pack this one is it!i would recomend it to any one wanting a high performance canopy with slow opening's.

For a nice pack 4 out of 5 stars

Review by: melissagsc, 2002-12-04

Boyfriend bought one.. used ... I like packing not like most zero p..not so slippy. Haven't jumped it..but he likes it says it opens slow and soft.

This is a very nice canopy. 0 out of 5 stars

Review by: ramon, 2000-10-17

Yes the Space/Alphas are the same canopy I found out from Atair. I bought one and have about 20 jumps on my Space/alpha or alpha/space whatever it is a 150 loaded about 1.5.

I love this canopy the three stage inflation keeps me with nice soft yet brisk pretty much on heading openings. This canopy turns very quickly with small toggle input, yet is capable of some very sedate braked turns. It is easy to pack and I leave the nose open with just a tiny shove. The flare is very powerful. I have had nothing but nice soft landings whether hooked in or straight in (wind or no) and with the brakes stowed it will float back from a long spot fairly well.

The riser pressure is hard while still in the recovery arc from a dive, but once you level out with speed the riser pressure lessens. This is a very nice canopy.

Space and Alpha are the same 0 out of 5 stars

Review by: David Crawford, 2000-10-10

The WinTech Space and Alpha are the same canopy.
The only difference is the name and loading.

I just love flying it and always will. 0 out of 5 stars

Review by: Dave Cook, 2000-07-15

This canopy rocks!! I had 56 jumps when I bought mine(150sqft) after jumping the "safire", spectre", "pro series", "sabre" this canopy wins in ALL aspects by a long shot (I now have 81 jumps). Packing, openings, landing, flying, far better than anything I've jumped. The nonslip material is so easy to pack, have never fought with any of my pack jobs, I was surprised the very first time I packed it. Opens soft and on heading, nuff said. My butt has not touched the groung since I started to jump this canopy.!! You get so much flare power (with the right loading) my landings have been sooooooo smooth. I'm loading it at 1.2:1 I weigh almost 180 with gear. Great flyer, toggle preassure is sweet, you really feel what the canopy is doing at all times, it is forgiving and very predictable. I actually do CReW with this canopy with some of my buddies. I just love flying it and always will. I high recommend it to those who are canopy hunting!!

The Space is what every other ZP high performance canopy wishes it was. 0 out of 5 stars

Review by: Brad Foster, 1999-11-27

The Space is what a Stiletto and every other ZP high performance canopy wishes it was. It opens predictably, on heading, smoothly. It handles well in toggles and front risers, again in a smooth and precise fashion. No bouncing around like some "high end" canopies.

It has the best bottom end flare of any canopy on the planet. I know because I have owned or test jumped every canopy that makes claims to greatness here in the US. (Drop Zone owner's perks). It packs easily due to the non-slide ZP material. No more struggling to get it in the deployment bag. None of the extra pack volume of a Velocity or Icarus.

When I find a better canopy, I'll say so. Right now the Space and Alpha line are top dogs. I'm waiting to test jump the new wide aspect Icarus main, but I doubt if I want to put up with the extra pack volume for the same flight characteristics I get out of my Alpha already.

I love this canopy and the price is very good too 0 out of 5 stars

Review by: Felipe, 1999-11-24

Hi, I have a Space 170 loaded at 1.2:1 (I weight 180), I've put 10 jumps on the Space.(I have 130 jumps so far). My previous canopy was a Viper 170 also manufuactured by Winchester Tech. The openings on this canopy are soft, you still have to roll the nose 4 times and put it way back to the C-D lines though (line over anyone?) the openings are soft, but not as soft as a Spectre but you could wear a camera with confidence. Soft front risers, very responsive canopy, the Flare is very powerfull, with a little front riser input you end up surfing the turf and come to a stop and your toggles will be at chest level....the fabric is like the Triathlon (south african fabric I believe) non slippery very easy to pack...I love this canopy and the price is very good too...check them out at

Blue Skies!!!!

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