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terrific suit, great service 5 out of 5 stars

Review by: ufk22, 2011-03-26

I've had this suit for a little over a year now. I ordered this after doing a lot of research. I jumped my old Dive-Rite for 13 years, went through 3 sets of booties, but it finally got so thin that it was time for new. I wanted 1 suit that I could use for student training, RW 4-way, and big RW. My old Dive-Rite did it all, but I couldn't find anything like it til I called and talked to Bev. She knew just what I wanted. The suit fit great out of the box. I took it in the tunnel to try it out and it was just what I wanted.
With the coninuous swoop cords hooked up, I could fall slower than any student or stop a swoop on a dime. Not using them, it was great for 4-way. The pleating on the front of the booties give extra drive, and knee turns are much faster. The quality of the suit is second to none.
If you want 1 suit that will do the work of 3, this is the one.

A very good suit, highly recommended 5 out of 5 stars

Review by: VTmotoMike08, 2007-11-21

I ordered my majik style comp suit mainly because I wanted the large pleated booties but I am very pleased with its other features as well. I could notice a significant difference in my track with these booties vs. my old suit with regular booties. I got the biggest arm and leg grips offered and my team mates and I all like them.

I also got it with a loose fit and polycotton arms to help slow my fall rate, and this also makes it very comfortable to wear. You can ask for the "dive rite" style sides made of spandex and get a continuous swoop cord put it it too if you need more help slowing down. I only use those for diving after a formation, not turning points on a 4-way.

I recommend the high zippers on the legs, its a hassle to take your shoes on/ off after every jump to get out of the thing. Other essential options are inside leg grips and spandex pockets in the arm grips. All this adds up to a very expensive suit but I think it will last a long time.

I have not taken it to the wind tunnel yet but I suspect it would do fine in there.


FX Comp Suit 5 out of 5 stars

Review by: Faicon9493, 2005-10-04

This was my firt weekend with the new Majik style comp suit. The quality appears to be excellent and the performance was just what I was looking for. Since I'm not the skinny jumper that I was 25 years ago, I ordered my suit with spandex arms but also the small 3 inch wing and swoop cords. On one jump, I forgot the swoop cords but didn't need them. The booties are great compared to my old Tony suit. I was a bit disappointed with the long wait but it was worth it.

best jumpsuit I have owned 5 out of 5 stars

Review by: mraviation1, 2003-04-02

The comp suit is great, I got it in 4 weeks and am very happy with it in all regaurds except the colors are a little different between the poly and cordura. The FX style booties are the best. A must have for serious RW

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