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Bev Suit - Polycotton suit 5 out of 5 stars

Review by: CaptFrank2001, 2006-08-26

After making my first 50 jumps and having considerable problems jumping with my girlfriend who is 80 pounds lighter. I purchased a Bev Suit. MONEY WELL SPENT! The polycotton jumpsuit (with swoop cords) looks great and flies even better. I now find that I have a much greater range of speed and can maneuver around without spending all my energy hugging the beach ball. I now actually need to make some effort to fall faster which is a new skill to learn. And when I jump with the guys I just don't use the swoop cords. I'm very satisfied and give the Bev Suit my highest recommendation!

Fall fast? Here's your solution 5 out of 5 stars

Review by: SkydiveMO, 2005-11-16

As Bev says the Polycotton suit is “for the mature skydiver with a lower center of gravity or the faster-falling skydiver”

At 6’2” and hovering around 210lbs I fit into that fast-falling category. My first jump suit was cotton and in my opinion increased rather than decreased my fall rate. I wasted a good 50 skydives trying to stay up with everyone on RW dives. Luckily I ended up moving and started jumping at a DZ which had an old Bev Polycotton Suit on the rental rack. The DZO suggested I try jumping it to see if it wouldn’t solve some of my problems. Boy did it ever! Before I knew it I was hovering above formations thinking “#%$&! now how do I get down?” The polycotton suit gives me a huge range in fall rate and allows me to fall at a normal fall rate in a relaxed position rather than “hugging the beach ball”. I am still able to fall very fast by simple deflating the drag pockets around the arm pits and when needed I can really slow down by extending my arms and reinflating those same pockets or wings. Bev provides a nice clip system for the swoop cords so they are easily added or removed. If you are a fast faller this is the suit for you.

I have now made over 1,000 jumps on my Bev suit in 10 years. I have also made many (oh so many) crash landings in my suit and have done everything I can to destroy it. Somehow it’s still managing to go strong. Last season I had the booties rebuilt and a cordura seat added which has been the only maintenance needed. I believe I’ve easily gotten my moneys worth and then some out of this suit. I’ve been so happy with my Bev suit I’m about to order a second even though I receive a staff discount for another vendors products.

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