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Reviews for Crossfire 2 popular Average Rating = 4.79/5 Average Rating : 4.79 out of 5

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Crossfire 2 5 out of 5 stars

Review by: Faicon9493, 2014-10-29

I recently got the Crossfire 2 after hearing many good things about it from other Crossfire 2 owners. They were right! I really love the soft, on-heading openings. The flight characteristics and landings are good also.

Wingsuit Friendly at 1.35WL-1.4WL 5 out of 5 stars

Review by: day_blaze, 2012-11-12

I have over 10 jumps now on my new crossfire 149 and I have to say the openings are amazing on my Vampire 4! I've had one line twist but it flew out before i could even unzip my arms! With the couple of twists the parachute didn't dive out of control or anything, it remained in a semi straight stable path of flight. Overall the best parachute I have jumped to this day out of the ten previous ones i have flown. So if you have to go elliptical with your WS, get one of these!

Pretty awesome 5 out of 5 stars

Review by: nickmbrobinson, 2012-02-06

500-600 jumps on a couple of sizes 1.5-1.75 wingloading. Greats openings - always soft, more or less on heading, never a twist in sight. Generally a fun, low stress canopy to fly and responsive to harness inputs. Land it however you like, big turns / straight in, no wind / high wind, no worries.


Nice Canopy 5 out of 5 stars

Review by: MikeHLM, 2012-02-05

I bought it after reading the reviews here. I love this canopy, the only think what to be aware is, that you should have a minimum of 1,4 wingload;
It doesn┤t matter but, if you haven┤t enought wingload at windy days it could be not so charmed like usually!

I would by it again!

Great canopy for an intermediate-advanced wooper 5 out of 5 stars

Review by: teknik, 2009-11-04

Bought a used Xfire2 109 (loaded at 1.7) after having read the reviews and having heard almost no complaints from other skydivers that have tried the canopy before.

I have over 700 jumps and have done the past 400 on a Stiletto 150. I loved the responsiveness of the canopy but hated the way the canopy would flatten out as soon as I'd let go of a riser even after 270s/360s. Openings were a bit heratic as well. But still a great canopy.

The Crossfire 2 109 I've been jumping since opens, flies, and lands like a dream.

In the 20+ jumps I've done, I've had only one 90° off heading opening. I've dumped it a couple times while tracking and openings were still fine.
The opening sequence might be a little longer than on other canopies, but the comfort is well worth it. My back is already thanking me.

Since I'm used to stilettos, the xfire feels a lot less twitchy, but you can still accomplish very deep fast turns or slow flat turns when needed. In deep brakes, the canopy is still very responsive even in high winds. Coming home from long spots is quite comfortable as well since riser pressure is really light.

Riser pressure starts really building up after 360 turns with no harness input. If combining riser + harness input, you can make it spiral forever. The canopy is quite ground hungry but still leaves a good margin to bail out. Toggles are very responsive and the canopy has tons of flare power before shutting down.

All in all, the greatest canopy I've tried yet. I'd recommend it to any person that has gear on his head and wants a consistent and fun canopy to perfect their swooping skills.

Thanks for reading,

xfire2 5 out of 5 stars

Review by: fearless, 2009-09-16

A switched from a saffire 2 149 to a crossfire 2 129 with 1.52 loading and I have to say I really love this canopy now the plan is to get a 109 :D

love it 5 out of 5 stars

Review by: ozzy13, 2009-08-06

I put around 350 jumps on it. I have a CF 2 129 loaded at 1.8. It flies great. Have no problem getting back from long spots. Opens on heading and soft. The landings are fun. Great swooping canopy but if you need to do a normal landing its response great also. I highly recommend this canopy.


Wow 5 out of 5 stars

Review by: Rstanley0312, 2009-07-14

Best canopy I have ever flown..... compared to the PD products I demo'd there is simply no better canopy in its class.

169 Crossfire 2 loaded at 1.5

Cross fire 2 149 5 out of 5 stars

Review by: ataltitude, 2009-05-28

This canopy is the best, I haven't jumped many canopy's but this kick's ass and opens soft on heading so far.
I don't push the nose in at all just flack, rap and in the bag. Pack size is a lot smaller then other canopy's that I have jumped. Super smooth flying and also flare's great, nice toggle presser. What more can I say. If you get the chance to jump one take it and have fun.
Be safe and Blue skies

xfire 2 5 out of 5 stars

Review by: jbrinkman, 2009-03-05

Im loading mine at 1.7 and its really fun. Used to fly a safire 2 and the openings are just as good. I think all that crap about off heading openings that "some" people complain about dont know what they are talking about. I dont pack meticulously. I flake, quarter, wrap the tail around the nose and roll it a few times then lay that B^#$% on the ground and shove it into the bag. MOST of my openigs are great, everyonce in a while i have an off heading or line twist but it was probably due to positioning. You cant ask for too much, I mean a parachute isnt always goingto come out of the bag perfectly straight.Anyways, I highly reccomend it.

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