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Falcon 195 4 out of 5 stars

Review by: Go_Diego_go, 2011-05-11

Great canopy besides the openings on heavier loadings. Although it opens really hard, it is a very reliable canopy and performs well in all wind conditions. So lets say as a starter canopy, awesome, but if you want something with a "snivel" look elsewhere. I would still recommend this canopy to a anyone.

internet access 4 out of 5 stars

Review by: Randy4192, 2011-05-09

Their web-site is user friendly and easy to find. All the information you need is right on their site.

Falcon 215 3 out of 5 stars

Review by: JWADE0041, 2011-05-05

I just got done doing three jumps on a fairly used falcon 215, each time I barried one of the toggles I would get into a half turn before the canopy nose fairly bad, (scared the shit out of me) leaving me with minor line twist. Now I do take into consideration the thing just might be hooked up wrong, but like I said to my cousin after I got down, im never jumping that thing again. It would be one thing if it just happened once but, every single time I barried(sp?) a toggle it did it. Like I said could be the way it is hooked up, could be too old who knows, Im not a rigger.

But other than that it has a nice glide, I'm jumping it at a 1.0 wingloading ration so it does alright, the flare is a little weak on it but I am to say that that is cause from the f111 material. if your looking for a first main go ahead and spend a little extra cash and get a zp canopy. you'll enjoy it much more.


Falcon 215 5 out of 5 stars

Review by: coldsteel, 2008-08-17

I think this is a legitimate choice for a "first canopy" or "transition canopy" for several reasons. First it's easy to packs small and packs ridiculously easy compared to snot-slippery, frustrating ZP canopies. It's relatively easy to slip this puppy into a Javelin J-4 bag, and I stuggled to put a new FCI Sentry 210 and PD Silhouette 210 into the same container.

Secondly,the Falcon 215, loaded 1:1, zips right along with the similarly loaded non-elliptical ZP designs. Flying today, I experienced a full blown, breath-taking but controllable, dynamic stalls at altitude that ZP's won't do, and deeply braked turns were accompanied by very interesting accelerated stall behavior that you won't see with similar-size ZP's. At the bottom end of the dive, I found that I could accuratly do standups in the hoola hoop target that I just glided over with ZP's. The flare was just fine. This is not a serious disc stomping accuracy parachute but I wouldn't hesitate to do "Demo Accuracy" into a tight DZ with it.

Did I mention that this canopy opens nice and soft without snivelling? I use the standard Precision "psycho pack" techique and it works well. I have also flat packed the canopy with similar success. Precision built the canopy that I jumped to military standards, Dacron lines and bullet-proof fabric construction.

Finally, George Galloway at Precision has a nice supply of these silver brutes that he built for a foreign military (who in turn, backed out of the contract). You might be able to get a great deal on one! Loaded 1.0 or more these canopies would make excellent student canopies.

Falcon 150 - 500 jumps, dom 1990 2 out of 5 stars

Review by: mangledspoon, 2007-02-15

I bought a Falcon 150 canopy with almost 500 jumps on it, and initially it seemed to fly ok - I did eight test jumps before buying it.
With time and experience I've discovered that openings are almost ALWAYS very brisk (to the point I've stopped looking up after opening because it hurts) unless I roll the nose a lot... and then the openings still suck but are at least not as painful.
My landings aren't great on it either, I've been told this is due to the canopy not me... the flare in it sucks.

Falcon, an ideal starter canopy 5 out of 5 stars

Review by: 377, 2006-04-22

Falcons fly a lot like Triathlons, very stable and predictable. Falcons have a surprisingly strong flare for an F 111 canopy. Construction quality is just flat out superb, very neat sewing on every single point, even bartacks are cosmetically perfect. The quality may be one reason Falcons seem to last so long and still fly and open well. If you cannot afford a Triathlon, buy a Falcon for your first canopy. You will not be disappointed. Used Falcons in great shape regularly sell in the 300-400 dollar price range.

Falcon 175 4 out of 5 stars

Review by: LilZilla, 2005-03-30

For a first canopy this is not a bad deal. I began jumping my falcon 175 after 40 jumps and loved it. It performed very well in the sky and was very fun to fly. Compared to those huge student status canopies, this canopy flies a little quicker and performs alittle more agressively but still remains to be very forgiving. My exit weight is about 195 lbs. and exceeded the max. weight limit on that canopy by about 20 lbs. For me, the landings where a little hard. Although, in 10 - 15 mhp winds, I've had some of the best landings I had ever had with that canopy. Overall, I was very pleased with the canopy and had a lot of fun while jumping it.

Overall a decent canopy fun to fly 5 out of 5 stars

Review by: nicksoccer20, 2004-10-09

My falcon 215 tends to open fast. Not realy hard just fast a little uncomfortable. Not painfull so I guess I can't complain to much but no matter how much I role the nose it opens the same way each time. It is nice to land compared to my last canopy a 7 cell. Overall a decent canopy fun to fly reliable and a strong flare for a f111 canopy.

5 out of 5 stars

Review by: Stacy, 2002-05-08

Much more glide and forward speed than my paracommander!! flare is a lot better too. I find it much easier to get back from a long spot with the falcon than a T-10.

I trust it enough to use a Falcon 195 as a Reserve. 0 out of 5 stars

Review by: Otto Kiehl, 2000-11-29

I owned a Falcon 235 which I bought used with about 400 jumps on it when I had about 120 jumps. At the time I weighed about 200. It took me a while to learn to land it on no-wind days, but I never had a hard opening, the worst was an occassioinal 90 - 180 twist (flatpacked - usually quickly). That canopy has Dacron lines, which may have something to do with the soft openings. When I moved to a Batwing about 450 jumps later, I sold it with a lot of regret. That same canopy is now on its fourth owner, each having put about 400 jumps on it. As far as I know the total now is roughly 1500 with ZERO malfunctions and even more amazing, still the original lines. I trust it enough to use a Falcon 195 as a Reserve. Nuff said.

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