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Sabre2-190 5 out of 5 stars

Review by: Jim007, 2016-03-22

My first canopy after using rental kit. 140 jumps. After getting used to the long range required for full toggle input I realised how responsive and fun this canopy is. Great landings. Powerful flare. Can stay up a long time in full brakes. Often criticised for off heading openings but after investing the time to work out why I found out that this was all down (in my case) to poor body position upon opening. Since correcting this I now open on heading without an issue. My next canopy will be another Sabre2 (but a little smaller). Current WL 1.1 on the 190.


Fun canopy 5 out of 5 stars

Review by: bjbkkb, 2015-10-17

I have about 100 jumps on this canopy now. I found the openings to be interesting. It seemed that it was always searching for its heading and the end cells were late to inflate. I started Psycho packing it and rolling the 1-4 and 6-9 cells away from the center cell and that has resulted in on heading openings. You really have to pay attention to the slider when you are packing. If it doesn't stay fully in the pack job you will know it with a rather abrupt opening. Very responsive on front and rear risers. I do a carving 90 into final carrying a lot of speed into the flare and the flare power is impressive. All in all this is a great canopy. I am loading this at 1.1 : 1.

Sabre 2 150 WL 1.4 5 out of 5 stars

Review by: enta, 2015-05-27

So I started with a Sabre 1 170 after I got my licence and after one of those well known killer openings and cutaway because of a line ripped apart, I decided to go for a brand new sabre2 150.

I have around 100 jumps on it now and i really like this canopy.
There are 2 minor downsides, even with some jumps on it, it feels like i have a brand new one with every packjob. Iīm not a super experienced packer, but i packet a lot of chutes and this one is really hardmode for me.

Even people with 1000 packjobs + are having a hard time to put it in. Everyone on my dz says, that sabre 2 take forever do get a bit rougher, but on the other hands itīs a good thing, the material will live very long (I hope).

I had to learn a new pack technique for this chute, because i wasnīt able to get it in with normal "pro packing" I get really jealous when i see others with a pilot which is close to packing a comfy blanket

The other minor downside are the openings, they are pretty consistent and smooth, but never on heading. There is always a 90-180° spin to the right whatever you do.

Nothing that worries me too much, in general I really like the openings, only had one rough one in 100 jumps and I'm pretty sure it was my packing, not the chute :)

With 170 jumps in total I am not very experienced so I'm just starting to add a little bit of speed in the landings and I'm really enjoying it.
I noticed, that I have much more control over the chute while landing with higher speeds.
I only put some pressure on the front (no spin) and release them approx. 5m over the ground and land it on toggles.
It is super fun and I "swoop" for like 10m.

I know itīs not much but as a beginner it really feels like a 50m swoop :D
The Chute is super forgiving, never had a dangerous situation so far.
You can fly slow and safe if you want to, but even with the size of 150 and 1.4 wl you can go for good speed and kinda aggressive.

Iīve seen people go 50m+ with a sabre 2, so i think i will fly this one for a long time and even after this i would consider to buy the same in 135.
I think this canopy is good for beginners and even very experienced jumpers can have fun with it.
For me itīs the perfect all-rounder and I'm glad I went for this one :)

Sabre II 170, Wing loading 1.3 5 out of 5 stars

Review by: Grayson68, 2014-09-23

I am a new jumper, (58 jumps) and I have jumped many different student canopies, along with a pilot 188 and a triathlon (about 190).

I just started jumping my Sabre II last weekend. After two jumps I got a very different landing experience. First, I landed in about 8 kts of wind, it got very good penetration and did not have an elevator effect. It felt just like a landing on my pilot. It was a little twitchy with my input during my flare, but the tapering is likely the cause. It landed great.

My second landing was a no wind landing, I came in very fast (compared to the other parachutes I jumped) and I ran it out. A little more flare might have prevented it. It was awesome.

I am not a good packer, but my two openings were awesome. A little turn each way, but it was a lot nicer to me.

Excellent canopy 4 out of 5 stars

Review by: ComicJules, 2012-06-07

The sabre 2 is easy to fly and great for beginners. It's my first canopy and I love it.the only problem is the frequent off heading openings. I guess that's not really a problem though ad long as you're not BASE jumping.

Good for beginners and advancing canopy pilots 4 out of 5 stars

Review by: ruanjjoubert, 2012-05-09

I have 50 jumps on my Sabre2 (170) now and it really is a very fun and easy canopy to fly. It flares well, lands well and handles well in strong wind. I have a wing loading of 1.16. It's a great canopy for beginners and if you're becoming a more advanced canopy pilot it is possible to build up that extra speed to put your skills to the test. I do have a problem with off heading openings usually 90 degrees and in both directions. It might also be the way I pack but I see some others are having the same problem. Also my end cells take a long time to inflate if left alone, but pump those brakes once or twice and they open without a problem. All round a very nice canopy with the pros outweighing the cons by far.


Sabre2 135 5 out of 5 stars

Review by: Willi91, 2011-09-07

Okay, I'm editing an old review, since I have put more jumps on it now (60+).

Let me start with the openings. Generally, they're okay. If you want a canopy with on-heading openings everytime and no end-cell closures, you won't get it from a Sabre2, but personally I don't really mind. Mine has a tendency to turn 90 degrees and sometimes up to 180, but I never really have linetwists. End-cell closures are always there, but they're easily dealt with. Pull lightly on your rears of pump once with your toggles, and they're gone.

The flight of the canopy is awesome. The first times I flew it, I couldn't stop laughing. The turns are fast and precise. The canopy does exactly what you tell it. I also love how responsive it is on harness input.

The landings are very, very fun. I have advanced to 270 HP landings, and I love doing them on the Sabre2. I start out with double fronts, but the last part of the turn is all harness. Before doing 270's, I didn't use front at all, only harness on 90's and 180's. This gives you a very comfortable slow turn, but still lots of speed.
Landing on the rears is no problem either. Lots of distance and a nice shutdown at the end. I noticed on the first jumps on it, that flaring all the way to the bottom of the range wouldn't give you the best shutdown, but instead you have to find the right spot for maximal flare.

All in all, a very nice canopy. I really love flying it and would recommend it to anyone. It's very versatile and it can offer you easy flying but it can also be agressive, if you want it to.


Another good product from PD 4 out of 5 stars

Review by: ksjumper, 2011-09-04

I love my sabre 2 but it when it enters turbulent air it acordians badly and nearly collapses. I only wingload 1.13 however. Please be aware of this characteristic. I also experience endcell closure but that is never a concern.

Amazing all around canopy 5 out of 5 stars

Review by: freefallfrom10k, 2011-08-25

I got to demo a 120 Sabre2 and all I can say is well done PD. Its fast, fun to land (compaired to what else I've landed), and responsive. Openings at a 1.25 wing loading are about 600 to 700 ft, so its a soft opening. Landing is gentle with a alright amount of surf. This is a great all around canopy.

Great all-round canopy 5 out of 5 stars

Review by: Kaos666, 2011-06-22

I've put about 65 jumps on a Sabre2 190 with a WL of 1.15 and can say without a doubt that it's a great canopy and fun to fly. Openings are super soft taking anywhere from 600'-800' to open and are usually on heading but you do get the occasional 90 deg. off heading opening. End cell closures seams to a be consistent occurrence on most jumps which isn't really a big deal, a little pressure on the rear risers and they're inflated.

Toggle turns are quick, stalls are smooth and recovery is pretty gentle provided you don't release the brakes too quickly. You can float around for ages in breaks and flying back from a long spot is a breeze on rear risers. Front riser pressure is fairly light but you do get the occasional buffeting on deep front riser turns. Landings are simple even in nil wind and the flare is powerful. I'd definitely recommend this canopy to anyone wanting a good all round canopy that's also great fun to fly.

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