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Cutaway a 190 Spectre to a 193 PD reserve 5 out of 5 stars

Review by: Stusmooth, 2016-06-14

I cutaway a 190 Spectre to a 193 PD reserve and it opened great and flew awesome. It had a full flare. I am sitting at 200lbs exit weight and had a great stand up landing!

PD Reserve works 5 out of 5 stars

Review by: teemukoo, 2013-02-24

I were forced to use my PD Reserve on last summer after bad main packing and I would like introduce this youtube video for you.

This is the Reserve I trust :)

Great ride I hope to never have again 5 out of 5 stars

Review by: devildog, 2011-11-04

Packed a container lock after opening and quickly closing my flaps to look inside my container (wasn't thinking) and had to go to my reserve. Opened soft, on heading, and landing was smooth as silk. Can't give something that did all of that (not too mention kept me alive) anything but 5 stars.


PD143 5 out of 5 stars

Review by: millertimeunc, 2011-01-10

This was my first reserve ride from spinning line twists. After cutting away, I was low enough to not waste any time trying to get stable belly to earth, and pulled my reserve while head low and slightly on my back. I expected a rough deployment, but it opened quickly and with no drama, other than 2 line twists (no doubt related to the position I was in when I deployed it). It is a PD 143 which I am loading between 1.5-1.6, and it flew BIG. It reminded me a lot of a Spectre. I flared a little early on landing and was expecting to have to run it out, but the flare just kept going until I was completely stopped. I think that this is an outstanding reserve, and I'm glad I went with it!

Excellent 5 out of 5 stars

Review by: Mr.C, 2010-10-30

Opening was soft. Flight & Menuvering were great. Flare & landing were very nice.
My reserve ride was a 1.3 W/L. My main is a 1.1 W/L.


Optimum Reserve 193 5 out of 5 stars

Review by: coldsteel, 2009-06-07

I demo'd a PD Optimum reserve recently. I jumped the OP 193 loaded about 0.9.
The reserve canopy opened just fine at terminal, very firm but quite acceptable. The flight characteristics were similar to other modern F 111 reserve canopies I've flown. I was not able to stall it at altitude to test it's stall characteristics......despite taking a wrap on the brake lines. I think the brakes where set a little too long.....perhaps PD wanted them set up that way. I was hoping for a little stronger flare on the bottom end but I think I may have under loaded it and degraded it's performance.

The outstanding qualities of this canopy are it's small pack volume and ease of packing. It packs at least a size smaller than a comparable, similar size PDR canopy.

I wish I could buy one of these to jump as a main canopy. Why? Easy to pack, really small pack volume, and good performance.

This PD reserve is well-worth the premium price. I think PD should market as a main as's that good.

PD Reserve ride 5 out of 5 stars

Review by: rgrmike, 2009-04-04

I had my first cutaway today. I was on a 2 way from 13.5K. We broke at 5 - open at 4. I threw my BOC. Wham - loudest sound I have ever heard. My main blew the B and C lines on one of the left cells at the canopy. The right side of the canopy blew all of the lines but 2 just above the riser. I started an immediate high speed spin - almost horizontal to the ground.

I yanked my cutaway handle. Before I could yank my reserve handle my RSL opened my reserve. The opening was immediate. It opened perfectly - no twists. It flew on heading.

It was a great ride to the ground. The canopy has a powerful flair and awesome handling.

This is a super reserve; they hold their value extremely well. Thanks PD for the life saving Ride!


PD 193 Reserve ride 5 out of 5 stars

Review by: BHawks, 2009-02-08

Today we went up for a hop n pop, we were at about 3000 feet. I was the first out the door, I exited, pitched, and the relative wind of the propeller wrapped my main pilot chute down and under me! So I have a pilot chute in tow malfunction at 2500 burning altitude pretty quickly. So I went for my reserve, it opened beautifully, fast, not a slammer and on heading! Can't beat that!

To add on top of this, this was the first reserve I had packed as a new certificated rigger. So I saved my own bacon with my pack job. That makes me feel good to know my work, actually works! Get to buy my self a bottle!

This was my second time looking up at a PD reserve, it is a solid canopy, flew real well, I PLFed it on landing, but I couldn't ask for anything more.

When future customers bring a PD reserve for a repack, I can tell them, I will happy to work on it and it is a solid canopy!

Blue Skies!


Optima 143 5 out of 5 stars

Review by: dallycat, 2009-01-27

A while back i had the opportunity to jump a Optima 143.

During a sitfly jump with some friends after deploying my Stiletto 150 I felt it spin up instantly and could not kick out even one twist.. being my first cutaway i was a little nervous but after pulling the handles I looked up to see a beautiful orange canopy in a snivel then it opened up perfectly on heading.

Stowed the handles did a flight check to evaluate controls and found it flew much like a spectre. I like the choice of color, high visibility orange, if i am in the sky under my last canopy I want to be seen! The flare was amazing! I'm loading it at around 1.45

I have a pdr 160 in my crw rig that has never been jumped (doing crw i'm sure it will be someday). I would like to put a Optima in that rig as well. Very happy with the Optima and all PD products, never owned any other canopies than PD.

PDR 5 out of 5 stars

Review by: dlee, 2008-09-03

I just had a cutaway and reserve rid this weekend. I have a 126, loaded about 1.6. My malfunction was a spinning thing that had two cell inflated connected to a ball of crap. I chopped. This reserve canopy opened quickly and on heading, and got me home with a nice stand up landing.

As many know, PD has a demo program, where you call or e-mail and send them some money for shipping and they send you a canopy and a return shipping label. I HIGHLY recommend doing this with your reserve. Your reserve is, in many cases, probably going to fly much differently than your main, ZP vs. F-111, Square vs. elliptical, etc. It is better to have your first jump on a canopy not be after you just cut away low over Bubba McNasty's alligator farm or something.

I highly recommend this canopy and I highly you fly your reserve before you REALLY need it.

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