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Vengeance 120 5 out of 5 stars

Review by: Dudek, 2014-01-12

The airlocks are amazing in turbulance,fantastic main canopy wing loading 1,55

Awesome gear 4 out of 5 stars

Review by: alberto1980, 2013-03-15

I just switched from a Vengeance 150 to a Katana 135, and I regret it.

Vengeance opens way better, slightly less ground hungry which is a good thing. Get it till you find one.


Vengeance 170/150 5 out of 5 stars

Review by: Jonesy920x, 2012-09-18

I just came back after a 17 year hiatus and wanted to get an airlock canopy. I picked up a VN 170 loaded at 1.4. The canopy was a blast. I had read the reviews on the canopy and was scared to death on my first few openings. Yes this canopy can give you a surprise but I would attribute that more to body position and packing. Personally I believe loaded lightly it's a great intermediate wing. I downsized to a VN 150 loaded at 1.6 and what an amazing difference ! Much more responsive and a lot more forward speed (DUH). However if you work through your canopy skills you'll find it glides very well in brakes. I've made it back from some long spots with that technique. But when you let it loose it's a ground hungry bitch. Coming out of half brakes it gives a pretty good surge that could get you in trouble landing out if you haven't practiced it. All in all I love this wing and I am a true "Airlock" groupy ( :


Vengeance Openings? 5 out of 5 stars

Review by: p.w.stockwell, 2011-08-21

Well I only decided to write this review because I read all the reviews already posted here.

I have two vengeance 135's my exit weight is 225lb giving a wing loading of 1.67

The Following table is taken from the PD website and it is spot on. As you can see I am loading my vengeance to the MAX that PD recommend for expert, although I wouldn't call myself expert, just very experienced.

Model Minimum Student Novice Int. Adv. Expert Max. (do not exceed)

Vengeance-089 VLC N/R N/R N/R 107 142 160
Vengeance-097 VLC N/R N/R N/R 116 155 175
Vengeance-107 VLC N/R N/R N/R 128 171 193
Vengeance-120 VLC N/R N/R N/R 144 192 216
Vengeance-135 VLC N/R N/R N/R 162 216 243
Vengeance-150 VLC N/R N/R N/R 180 238 270
Vengeance-170 VLC N/R N/R 136 204 255 285

I have 5000 jumps and over 2000 of those were done on my Vengeance canopy's. I originally bought the vengeance as what was at the time suggested to be the replacement for the Stiletto promising better performance in turbulence. I fell in love with it and purchased a second identical canopy for my second rig. The vengeance proved to be ideal as a canopy for camera. Working full time as a cameraman I needed a canopy that would get me down fast so I could film Tandem landings. That would open softly so I didn't break my neck and would cope with testing conditions. The Vengeance does all of that and more it has got me back from insane spots. It will stay up if kept on brakes. It will spiral like a demon. It will swoop from a straight in approach. It will stay inflated in the most turbulent conditions.

As far as the opening go the only time I ever had funky opening was when a packer started getting creative and wrapping stabilizers around brake lines. Less is more when it comes to packing.
1) Nose straight down the front, do not push it back.
2)Clear the material inside the canopy either side into the stabilizers symmetrically.
3) Quarter the slider so it shows a little in front of the nose.
4) Flake the tail, don't start folding it back around brake lines
5) bring the tail up and wrap it around, roll it nice a tight to get really gentle openings

Sure it is a high performance canopy it is meant to react quickly to small inputs so you do need to fly the opening. Be aware of your body position feel the way the harness loads up during opening and be ready on the back risers. The canopy will react to small inputs and if you are not being to inventive with your packing, I pretty much guarantee those small inputs are coming from you. If the vengeance didn't open well I couldn't have done over 2000 camera jumps with it. Above all I still find my vengeance is just fun to fly. (Cant understand why they stopped making the Vengeance while still manufacturing the Spinetto oh sorry I mean Stiletto LOL).

Vengeance 170 5 out of 5 stars

Review by: SurferSilver, 2011-02-11

This canopy doesn't pack as most of other ones.If you don't pay attention to how you pack this one it will give you wild openings with almost instant dive or spiral dive that will not recover without proper and immediate input. Pack it nicely and it will give you a little bit longer but soft on heading opening.Turns easy and nicely.
Tons of flare power on landing and good direction control.


Airlocks on a 170 at only 1.17 4 out of 5 stars

Review by: brinary01, 2009-04-08

Ok I got about 40 jumps on this canopy not much but I want to put in my two cents about the airlocks as this is the most distinct feature on this canopy and what really sets it apart from the other canopies I have flown, including Saber 2 190/170, and spector 230/210, and a few others not worth mentioning. Before buying this canopy I read a lot about it, and about the airlock technology. Three big issues mentioned downing the canopy on windy days, cutaways, and packing oh and openings I will address this separate.
Cutaway: well I had to chop it once it was diving when I cut it away and it did not go far and winds I think were around 8 to 10 knots that day I recovered it with no problem but this is a forgiving DZ if there were trees I would have been paying a tree service to get it back but in no way did it fly any more than other cutaways I have seen.
Packing: My canopy had about 400 jumps on it when I got it, I donít know what every one is speaking of when they talk about it being hard to pack. To me it is not more difficult to pack than any other canopy of equal size in a equal size container, I am packing into a Jav J4 so it is going into a d-bag made for it. It is at the point were it is much easier to pack, but the issue is supposed to be with getting air out of it this has never been a problem.
Downing the canopy: this is the pain about this canopy windy it is a real pain, I donít bother trying to stow my breaks on a windy day because I will end up fighting the canopy, I donít bother trying to daisy chain the lines on a windy day because I will end up fighting the canopy. I get to the tail asap and shake it to get as much air out as possible, stick the toggles in there holders, and pick the lines up neatly pickup my d bag n pc then move out. On low wind days if I twist and down it on itís side just right it will land on the ground up side down (still fully inflated) in this case I do the same as above but stow my breast, and daisy chain my lines.
Openings: not as bad as I had read but still kind of funky not bad at all if I fly the opening, and soft I have opened in a track and it did not slam me if not flown some times it is fine most of the time it opens in a dive, which can be a problem if you have line twist, and opened kind of low like below 3000 in my experience this was enough to chop it as I was loosing a lot of altitude quick I do not blame the canopy design for this as most of the issues that led to the cutaway could have been prevented and were a result of me being in a rush to pack, and opening lower than I planed to. So to summarize a lot of fun to fly, and other than downing the canopy, I like the airlock design, but as I jump in Spain it is quite windy very often, and I will replace it with something similar in a non air locked design if the right deal comes along. Hope this helps anyone considering this canopy.

The only reason I do not recommend it is because it is such a pain to down and sense there are so many canopies that are similar with out airlocks I would say go that way first, but if the price is right you wont be disappointed with the flight.

Vengeance 135 5 out of 5 stars

Review by: nicksoccer20, 2008-08-02

I have approximately 30 jumps on my Vengance 135 now. The openings can be some what unpredictable! I have had the best openings i have ever had with any canopy on this thing. I have had some of the worst openings I've ever had(IE opening in line twist and spinning up). The canopy opens consistantly with regards to smoth and soft, it has yet to hurt me because of a hard opening.

I dare say that I have even jumped this thing with my wingsuit (Ghost) and I have still not had to cut it away, possibly luck????

I'm not big on swooping so I dont have much of an oppinion with regards to that. It has lighter front riser pressure then the stilleto, a bit more oversteer, and a lot longer recovery arc. Thats about the extent of what ive noticed. I really never do more then 90 degree turns with it on landing!

Well over it is a great canopy fun to fly as long as you can get it to open without chopping it!

PS. The airlocks are amazing in turbulance I cruse right through it!

Airlocks ROCK! 5 out of 5 stars

Review by: SCR10480, 2005-07-20

I have been waiting to add my review of the Vengeance, until I had a few jumps on it. Not that I don't appreciate the reviews written by folks that have made only 10 or 20 demo jumps on a canopy, I's just that the "personality" of airlocked parachutes don't fit the common mold. Even though the Vengeance is often compared to the awesome Stiletto (what elliptical isn't)? I have found them to be, at best, distant cousins.

If you have read the other well written reviews here, you've noticed a common theme. Openings with the VN require immediate attention, (from line stretch to slider stow) if you want to have anything that resembles an on heading opening. If you try the "shoulders level, hips flat and feet together" routine, you're gonna get a very scenic ride! One really needs to be on the rears as soon as the Vengeance is out of the sack.

Once your Vengeance is out of the bag, and you have it settled down...Oh Baby! What a ride! I disagree with the reviews claiming that the Stiletto turns faster. My stiletto needs to be "told" to Vengeance seems to read my mind. I have found the VN to be both more responsive, and quicker to enter turns and dives than my ST. Riser pressure is also noticeably lighter on the VN compared to the ST. And as noted in other reviews, the VN will continue to dive, until told to do something else...where my Stiletto will recover on it's own.

When it comes to stability? Well, the Vengeance is in a class by itself. I jump in the "High Desert" of Central Oregon, and we get some pretty nasty air during summer. I've had my ST do some really weird stuff in the trash, and even had it "drop" me a few times. My VN on the other hand, gives me a rougher ride, but is always on top and immediately controllable.

Yes, in moderate ground winds airlocks can be somewhat embarrassing to gather...just follow Germain's instructions, and get over yourself! Look at it this way: If your friends aren't teasing you about "folding your air mattress" they will find something else!

Airlocks: "Rock and Roll is here to stay" (Brian Germain)

Great glide, wide performance range 4 out of 5 stars

Review by: SkydiveMO, 2005-03-11

When I was looking to move into the world of ellipticals I had my heart set on an air locked canopy. I liked the idea of a canopy that resisted collapse in turbulence and retained its shape at slower speeds of flight. The choice was between Performance Designís Vengeance and Big Air Sportsí Samurai. I test jumped the Samurai 136 first and found it very responsive to control inputs and fast in flight and landing. The recover arc was much longer then a Stiletto but I believe slightly shorter then the Vengeance. The Samurai was a little too responsive for my abilities at the time so I tried the Vengeance next. The Vengeance 135 was more subdued in toggle and riser response and tamer in its flight characteristics. Toggle turns are slow initially but after a couple rotations can match or exceed a Stilettoís turn rate. The big difference that sets both the Samurai and Vengeance apart though is the glide. On a long spot all I have to do is unstow the breaks and pull slightly on the rear risers to flatten out the canopies glide angle and it will cover some real distance. The only canopy Iíve found that can out glide my Vengeance is the new Katana, which if it were available in a 135 yet I would highly consider. Another characteristic of the Vengeance is a long recovery arc, much longer then a Stiletto and nearly as long as my cross-braced canopy. I have had the most difficulty getting the timing right for front riser carves with my Vengeance. It dives a great deal before it starts to plain out. After a great deal of practice and some not so pretty landings Iíve started to become consistent swooping. Whether making a conservative straight in approach or cranking a 270 front riser turn the Vengeance blew away the Stiletto 135 and 150s I have jumped in both distance and flare power at the end of the swoop. After touching down if there is just a little wind the canopy will remain inflated and flying begging me to squeeze out that last bit of distance on the next jump.

My only complaints about my Vengeance are that the openings are just plain awkward and that on windy days canopy collection can be a chore. With the airlocks the cells do not inflate in a consistent order and the canopy does a lot of seeking before finally opening off heading. The openings are slow and comfortable and thanks to a long line set the off heading opening simply means a quick 90 or 180 turn that is easily stopped with rear riser input. Another characteristic caused by the long line set used on the Vengeance is over steer. I find often that coming out of a turn I have to counter steer as I am consistently overshooting my target. Like the dive this is all about the timing. My other complaint is that collecting the canopy on a windy day can be a chore. The airlocks are a dream in the air but a real pain on the ground. Following Brian Germainís tips on collecting an air locked canopy really helps though.

I have made about 200 jumps on my Vengeance and am very happy with it as a progression canopy. Now that Iím more skilled as a canopy pilot and am confident in my abilities I think Iíd prefer the higher performance of the Samurai. I would have no problem suggesting the Vengeance as an Intermediate level canopy to any jumper. It has a wide performance range and works great as an all-around canopy with a little pep in its step.

End cells or every canopy is an individual 5 out of 5 stars

Review by: nina, 2003-08-13

I just did about ten jumps with a Vengeance 97 while normally jumping a Stiletto 107.
Had a great time getting much more swoops out of it. But will need a smaller one. My exit weight is between 140 and 150 lbs.

My rigger, who lent the canopy to me, told me to be aware of dives to the right after opening. It started doing those dives after great soft openings. When I discussed that with the owner he told me what PD had told him. A parachute is an individual.
I found that after the next jumps (anyway always hands on risers and no change in the packing-method) the canopy began to know me or other way round. I obviously learned to push down the left leg to stop it from diving. It never dove again.
What a beautiful story…

I love this canopy — thanks Brian.


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