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You get what you pay for 4 out of 5 stars

Review by: FlyingBlueJay, 2007-08-23

My Aviator was the first helmet I bought. I tried a number of different helmets but it seemed to be the best bang for the buck. It's very comfortable, flys great, and judging by little nicks and scratches, it's saved me from a bit of pain.
That being said, after about 10 jumps the rubber lining around the front and down the sides of the front came loose. I was able to place it back on, but it came apart again flapping around in freefall and hanging off to the side under canopy. I hot glued it back on and it was great for about 40 jumps. The rubber has now started to come off again.
I'm pretty annoyed by this. Though the price is relatively low, I expected it to stay in one piece.


The best non-camera helmet I've seen so far 5 out of 5 stars

Review by: obadz, 2007-06-12

I bought my aviator used (with my rig) and it's a fabulous helmet.

It fits nicely; the soft chin straps works well; I can hear my audible perfectly in the internal pocket; Plus I think it looks great!

The lack of hard-shell on the forehead is both good and bad: It's bad because obviously you have no frontal protection. But it's great because you can lift goggles and put them on your forehead without taking off the helmet in the plane and under canopy. (It might also be why I have to wear my goggles a bit tighter when I go headdown: no shell to deflect the air)

Most comfortable helmet I've tried on 5 out of 5 stars

Review by: xero, 2004-01-05

Previously, I had a BoneHead Mindwarp (old style with external audible pocket), and was never really satisfied with the fit. Since I started jumping with two audibles, I ordered an Aviator. I originally ordered my helmet with only one audible pocket, but someone from Arrow Dynamics called and gave me another port on the other side at no extra cost. The helmet had a fairly short delivery time of three weeks for the custom color (blue).

The helmet is very lightweight, and much more comfortable than my old helmet. The audibles are much easier to hear with the internal pockets.

Overall, I'm very satisfied with the helmet, and I've had it for about four months.

Chalk up a save for ArrowDynamics 5 out of 5 stars

Review by: packerboy, 2003-12-02

When I got my Aviator in the mail, I thought the box was empty! No joke, this thing is LIGHT. Excellent price, a great helmet for freeflying or RW. I hav e a misshaped head :), and do not find it easy to buy a helmet for any sport, but this helmet is very comfortable. As for functionality.. I almost crapped my pants when my g/f decided to stop her forward motion by smashing the back of her head into the runway. Only problem... Girls Kick Ass sticker is a little scratched up.

5 out of 5 stars

Review by: lazerq3, 2002-03-09

I just purchased the new style aviator helmut with the internal Audible ports and love it!!!! The fit is really comfortable and when the Protrack is in place you can't even feel it. (It use to push up against my ear in the PROTEC) Plus you dont have to worry about it getting smacked off your helmut by risers, or worry about PLFing and rolling on your AUD during a crash landing!!! IT comes with velcro strips some you can really secure your AUD in the port, but it fits so well in there I dont even have to use them. Just slide it in and out and it WILL stay in place behind the pad. I personlly think the internal ports are the way to go!! Plus the helmut feels pretty good and solid. I mean yes it may not be as hard a protec but it feels like it can take a good beating and you'll still come out in good shape!!! Anyway a great helmut for the price and good protection for your melon and Audible. [shameless plug for lisa] pick one up at[shameless plug for lisa]!!

Wow, its so quiet!! 5 out of 5 stars

Review by: Greg, 2001-05-08

I just bought a new Aviator (white), although, not like the one depicted above. The one I got has two internal audiable mounts, one on each side which have so far held my pro track very securly, which I really like. As a matter of fact, its almost work to take my pro track in and out. The chin strap is kick butt, it is padded and is much more comfortable than my old Pro Tec chin strap. My new Aviator is light weight too, and besides bieng very comfortable, it really looks sexy!! And lastly, it is much more quiet in freefall than my old Pro Tec, I can really hear my pro track now!!

Greg A-37958

I like it! 0 out of 5 stars

Review by: Lisa Briggs, 2000-01-03

I've had my Aviator for about a year. I like it! It's marketed as a freefly helmet but I wear it on RW jumps too; I can always hear the count and if I ever want to hit someone with a kiss pass I can! :-)

The outside audible mount is very secure and will hold any audible. I've used a Skytronic Pro and a Pro Track (not at the same time) in there with no problems - I can hear them fine and the elastic straps didn't affect the mode and set buttons on the ProTrack like I was afraid of. I would recommend trying one on before buying. I know of a few jumpers who ended up having to get mixed sizes on the liners (ie medium top liner and small side liners to fit a narrower face).

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