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Reviews for MINDWARP "Pimp Daddy" Helmet Average Rating = 4.13/5 Average Rating : 4.13 out of 5

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Bonehead! 1 out of 5 stars

Review by: Trap_door, 2012-01-05

Poor chin strap configuration and quality! Chin strap loosened far to easily and needs adjusting after most jumps. This new helmet I purchased is not compatible with the life of a busy tandem instructor as it requires adjusting far too often. I think the older design helmets were much better than these new ones they're producing! Stowage for an audible is also very poor; the chances of you loosing your audible are above average. All in all a great big disappointment.

Sorry Bonehead.... But Never again!

Bonehead Composite is bananas 5 out of 5 stars

Review by: YEPitsme, 2010-12-17

I instantly fell in love with this helmet. Fits like a glove and freefall is so much more quiet. I tried several different helmets before deciding on the Pimp Daddy and was so excited when it arrived. Comfort is like no other and even threw it in the oven to get a custom shape. Some douchebag broke into my truck and stole all of my skydiving gear, leaving me to start all over from scratch. And less than 2 weeks before Christmas. Utterly defeated and crushed, I contacted Bonehead Composites to ask for a courtesy discount due to my circumstance, and guess what... They replaced my helmet for free. Didn't even charge me shipping. If you want the best quality helmet and stellar service from a company that actually gives a sh*t about you as a customer, then I strongly suggest and HIGHLY recommend these guys. I'm a fan for life :) ask me about it - skies!

are you serious? 2 out of 5 stars

Review by: crazycableguy, 2010-02-10

let me start by saying that I am a big motorcycle/motocross guy and have been purchasing helmets for those sports for many years. My comparisons are based on other helmets used not for skydiving, so all jump helmets may be junk and that's just the nature of the sport.

I have found nothing about my mindwarp pimpdaddy helmet that resembles a quality built helmet!

The finish on the clear coat has several blemishes in it (I can deal with that)

The rubber trim around the edges was wavy and obviously not glued on with care

The fit was horrible! I measured my head using the website guidelines, I was right in the line between medium and large, so I selected the large. when on my head I noticed that the back upper part of the helmet was incredibly narrow. This area was pinching my head a bit too tightly. time to thermal fit the helmet. It took about 6 thermal fittings to make it not pinch (no big deal there)

The internal lining is removable so I guess that is a plus.

the audible pockets are a very thin material that have the coarse Velcro on the helmet side and only use the soft fabric of the liner to attach to. (Im sure this will ware out in less than 100 jumps and do a poor job of holding the ear padding in place after that.

In closing, I read the reviews on this helmet and everyone speaks very highly of it. this leads me to believe 1 of 2 options has occurred.
1) most of these reviews have been written by new people in the sport who have never worn anything other than a protec helmet (thats me)
2) that this sport is surrounded by junk helmets with hefty price tags.

I spent $230 with shipping and I wish I would have bought a protec,while the mindwarp may look a very little bit "cooler" it is the same quality as a 40 student helmet. maybe I should have spent 400 on a helmet and gotten quality. stay away from bonehead mindwarp, IT IS JUNK.

Good solid set up 4 out of 5 stars

Review by: 2shay, 2007-06-01

Good solid set up and nice functional helmet. Dual audibles are quite nice and will protect your head if you bang it onthe ground (I have seen it trust me)

Big Head 5 out of 5 stars

Review by: JANF, 2007-01-12

I've tried every jump helmet on the market! The XXL "Mindwarp" is the only one that fits. I've been using an XXXL snow ski helmet that works OK but has a few to many places that could catch a line. The "Mindwarp" XXL is a bit tight but I think a few more bakes in the oven will take care of that! For those of you out there with large brains - TRY THE "MINDWARP"


Took the advice of my friends 5 out of 5 stars

Review by: psipike02, 2006-07-10

After asking around and inquiring about the type of helmet I should purchase, the pimpdaddy came up several times. After using a friends XL a few times on some jumps, i knew it was what I wanted.

Compared to protec or student helmets, there is a huge difference.

I have a huge head (24.7" to be exact) so Linda at Bonehead wasn't even sure if it would fit and gave me an option just in case it didn't. Well, the box arrived and I tried it on and it fit perfectly. Slightly tight at one point on my forehead, but I can live with it. There's room in there for audibles and its EXTREMELY quiet in freefall....and comfortable as well.

Definately a great helmet and worth the purchase.


Great Fit 5 out of 5 stars

Review by: FallingOsh, 2005-07-30

I bought a used Mindwarp and it only took a few minutes to buff out previous marks. It looks brand new and fits my strangely shaped melon. It's also extremely quiet making freefall even more enjoyable for me. Great product.

Classic carbon fiber color 4 out of 5 stars

Review by: craigslist, 2005-06-20

Comfortable, quiet, you can put the helmet in the oven and then mold it to your head for a custom fit.

Love my pimp daddy 5 out of 5 stars

Review by: monkycndo, 2005-03-19

During student status, had to use the only XL protec at the DZ, and it barely fit. Went on a tour of DZs looking for a helmet to fit over my big melon and pointy chin. Not a single full face was up to the task. While at Perris, pulled on a Gunner and it was nice, but looked like it might be hard to attach a camera(way in the future) over the ear bulge. Next tried the pimp daddy. Perfect fit without baking it. Room on one side for camera mount. Bought one and can't believe how quiet and comfy it is. Plenty of room for internal audible. Can get a bit warm, but no reason not to buy. I think I'll get the optional chin cup to replace the strap/fastex clip. Bonehead makes a great helmet.

Great service 5 out of 5 stars

Review by: cavinr, 2004-11-02

I have trouble getting helmets big enough for my giant head, so I'm weary of mailordering a helmet just to find out that it's too small. I talked to Linda Hardesty at Bonehead, she offered alternatives and a guarantee of return if it didn't fit even after baking it. Well I received my helmet in three days, a day earlier than she promised, it fit great and is just as comfortable as she said it would be. I recommend dealing with her directly for anyone that isn't sure what size or type of helmet they need.

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