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J2 (DOM 1992) 5 out of 5 stars

Review by: Kyle345, 2014-03-20

It's a great container. Well built and holds up well over time. It's twenty years old and still looks amazing. Super comfortable and never had a problem with it.

My used Javelin 4 out of 5 stars

Review by: D2626, 2012-03-01

I purchased my rig used off Ebay 5 years ago. The harness was to small for me so I contacted Sun Path to ask what if anything could be done. Sent the rig to them with my measurements as if I was buying a new rig. Three weeks later I got the rig back with a new harness, all new hardware, new closing loop,updated mods.,and small repairs to this and that. The bill--$350 including a reserve repack and shipping. I have put another 500 jumps on this rig and its still going strong. Oh, I did have to replace the BOC pouch this year. What will my next rig be??? a nothing but a JAVELIN!!!

Main Pilot Chute and D-Bag. Only recommend with disclaimer 3 out of 5 stars

Review by: JWOTE, 2008-04-01

When I received my rig, it looked exactly as I had ordered it. Colors were correct and vibrant. Outside of the extended waiting period that seemed to change weelkly, I was happy to have finally received it. When to my supprise, my rigger calls and tell me that I have an extraordinarily large pilot chute accompanied by laughter. The rigger called the manufacturer and advised that the company takes the necessary steps to ensure that the pilot chute shipped with the rig coincides with the size of the main canopy, ensuring that the correct pilot chute was shipped for the canopy specs. After arriving at the drop zone, excited about my new rig. After an altitude hop-n-pop due to the canopy itself being brand new, it was time to go terminal. I was advised by my rigger to set myself up for a possible hard or harder than normal opening. Taking my riggers advice, I did just that. The next thing that I know is that I saw stars after the deployment and every vertabrae in my back popping... Obviuosly not the right sized pilot chute. Needless to say, that was the last jump that I did that day. The manufacturer then shipped another pilot chute in time for our boogie the following weekend. Jumped it twice the first day of the boogie and while repacking, the grommet on the top of the D-bag was found to be tearing away from the new bag...And this is not the same D-bag that was attached to the over sized pilot chute, we still had that one, and shipped it back after receiving the replacement. Now the rig is down for another weekend and I was forced to jump rental gear for the rest of the four day weekend (fortunately at no cost thanks to a great and understanding D.Z.O.). The following weekend I received another pilot chute and D-bag. So far so good. I have been completely satisfied with the rig thus far. I think that when a company exceeds their abilities to perform at an acceptable level of operation and provide a quality product which is expected as advertised. The manufacturer should obviosly take the necessary steps to ensure that customer satisfaction is number one, not the almighty dollar. I know because as you know, quality equipment in our sport is not cheap. I cannot say that my next container purchase will be a Javelin. And I would like to thank the manufacturer for the t-shirts and stickers. They made everything better.

If You're Buying Used Don't Hesitate...If you're buying new...consider others. 3 out of 5 stars

Review by: mbondvegas, 2007-11-06

I bought a relatively new used Javelin as my first rig and I love it. The quality of construction, design and comfort are all great.

I have tried to contact SunPath a couple of times (regarding rigging wingsuit mods {longer bridle, cut corners, etc})and had no luck with getting a response. That is just unreal!

I did get the mods done by my rigger and they are great...but I have lost faith in a company that can not respond to customer questions. Given the Javelin's premium price and utter lack of customer service...I can not possibly see buying a new one.

Much better options! 2 out of 5 stars

Review by: batman134, 2006-12-07

A lot of the reviews on here sound like advertisements. Great if you're truly happy with your gear, and even better if you have owned a few, so there is some comparison.'s the review on my Javelin. Bought it used, is a safe, functional, middle of the road rig. That said, I have contacted them via email once, and voicemail twice with a rigging question. That was over a month ago. Contacted Relative Workshop (actually they changed their name, but I cannot recall what it is now.) I haven't owned one for over 10 years, but got a human being on the phone immediately, and was eager to help!!! Next rig will be a Vector. Check out their Skyhook video.

javelin 3 out of 5 stars

Review by: 2shay, 2005-05-10

They need to make an upward closing flap and secondary riser covers if they expect to compete with any of the freefly rigs. I saw my flap open a few times sit flying and there is no good excuse for anybody for that!

Love My Javelins 5 out of 5 stars

Review by: townsrd, 2003-09-13

I've owned 3 Javelins a j-4 and 2 TJN's
The tjn are 98's and put about 1800 jumps on javelins. One TJN I've put 1200 or so jumps on. And it is holding up well. Never had to replace anything but closing loops. Never broken a stifner and riser covers still stay closed.( Comment to follow). The articulated harness is very comfortable and moves well.
I have 4 reserve deployments out of my TJN, Pilot chute lanches Xtremely well.

As a rigger I find this to be one of the easyiest to pack. Note: you must not put too much bulk into the top of the molar bag or you will ruin the riser cover tabs (seen this happen way too often). I also see Javelins with the reserve closing loop way too long. If you can get your fingers under the pilot chute - It's too long.
There are other great contrainer systems but I'm sold on this one.

Jump a Javelin 5 out of 5 stars

Review by: cuchulinn, 2002-11-26

Being new to this sport I find myself how do I write a review on my Javelin that might be useful for others if read. After my first AFF I knew I was hooked and spent COUNTLESS hours reading about every Rig and Rig manufacturer I could. I even went as far as to call their customer service reps, ask questions, leave voice mails just to see how responsive they were to my questions/concerns/needs. By the time I was off student status and getting very tired of renting equipment to jump I took all my new found knowledge to my instructors and asked for his opinion. I had my mind set on a Javelin and much to my delight, he agreed! (He has two rigs, one f which is his favorite Javelin. After getting a great deal on a J5, I needed it cut dwon from a C20 to a C17. Off to Javelin it went, and this is where my customer service testing was put to test. Sunpath was MORE than helpful, told me exactly what I needed to do. To make the long of it short, they got my rig, turned my request around in 1 day and emailed me with prices of what I wanted done, and ONE piece of recommended work (Bridal cover addition) they suggusted. They told me what it would cost, when it would be done, how it would be shipped and when it would be on my doore step. Two and a half weeks later there is was as promised! Like I sais, I am new to the sport and do not have much to compare it with, but I know it's 1000 times better than any student/rental (Telesis, Dolphin) I used. It packs easy, protects the risers perfectly, it's sturdy, and cleans up well when I do my best Pete Rose landing in the dirt! PLUS NO VELCO!!!! How can you not like that!

Blue Skies!

5 out of 5 stars

Review by: Gawain, 2002-05-11

I bought a J-2 (DOM 1992) from a fellow jumper for my first rig. He and I are the same height, build, etc. Naturally, it fits me like a glove and is very, very comfortable. As I continue to jump with it, I am consistently in awe at how well made this rig is. It's 10 years old and doesn't look it, not one bit. The first owner (whom I bought it from) is a master rigger, so he obviously took great care of it. Plus he added a codura BOC, so I've essentially got a bullet-proof pack here! On several accounts, I recall the former owner expressing his regret to me that he sold it to me, because he simply loved it. He has a J4 and he loves it too...but I guess we all get attached to things we keep for a long time. As for me, I'll be able to keep this for a long time, through at least two main down-sizings...which I figure will take me at least 500 jumps, or 3-5 years, and still, I see no reason why I'll need to replace it. As for the "use" of the rig, it is very straight forward, no hidden tucks, flaps, no velcro (huge plus!) and simply "looks" like a very well made, high quality container. If I had to replace it, I'd go straight to Sun Path.

5 out of 5 stars

Review by: KMC, 2002-02-21

It was so comfortable that I couldn't leave the PIA Symposium without it. I LOVE MY JAVELIN

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