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G2 Review by SwissSkydiver

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Cookie G3
Rated by: SwissSkydiver on 2012-07-21 (user profile) (user reviews)

Pros: Very comfortable ! Very quiet, Great View area ! Can't feel audible, Great customer service
Cons: In some weather conditions lithly fogging

I bought my helmet directly from Cookie Composites ! I think it's the best Full face helemt available on the market ! Very comfortable to wear, looking great, and your are not feeling the audible in the inside pocket of the helmet, and you have a great view to everything around you !

The Fist visor Version 1 had a bad fogging and crackling issue ! I contacted the customer service and they immediately sent the Version 2 ( for free) which is now almost perfect ! Sometimes it's lightly fogging in the area around the mouth, but I think we can overlook this ! I recommend this helmet to every sort of Skydiver

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