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Optima II Review by vancitynurse

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one of the best peices of gear I have
Rated by: vancitynurse on 2012-07-02 (user profile) (user reviews)

Pros: alarms for both freefall and while under canopy, easy to set and read, auto shut off and start up (while on assent)
Cons: doesn't track jumps

This is my first audible and I love it. It is small but has a large screen which is easy to read. The settings are easy to get to know and changing the altitudes is no prob. It fits in my Z1 really well and when I have my helmet on I don't even know it's there until it goes off. I have my wrist mount of course but I find that I am using it less and less. I still check it from time to time, but it has deff become the back up. Love the canopy settings. It lets me keep my eyes up and scanning for other canopies in the air while coming in on my pattern. Would recommend everyone have one of these little guys in there must have gear list.

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