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Ouragan FreeFly Suits Review by flea_bateman

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FreeFly Suit
Rated by: flea_bateman on 2012-02-14 (user profile) (user reviews)

Pros: Professionalism, customer service, quality, options and design
Cons: Pictures and examples of suits and website needs a re-design

So many Freefly suit vendors on the market these days, I had no idea which one to go with.

Done some research and Ourgan seemed to be on top with the quality however on the pricey side. But looking at the multiple options and designs availble I thought I'd give them ago. Afterall, how many suits am I actually going to buy in my life time!

I had many questions regarding materials, options, designs so i emailed Ouragan, they got back to me straight away and we exchanged about 15 mails.

Ouragan looked at the measurements on my form, the seemstress requested a web cam session so we could re-take some measurements with her supervision.

Very impressed with the professionalism and attention to detail.

I paid the extra for a rush order and within 3 weeks my suit was at my door.

Worth every bit of money and the customer service really go that extra mile.

I recommend Ouragan

Paul from the UK

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