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Hep C and Fatigue


ericber  (D 9298)

Mar 17, 2004, 4:26 PM
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Hep C and Fatigue Can't Post


I was wondering if there are any others out there with Hep C and experience the sometimes really tiring fatigue associated with the disease.

I have a difficult time coping with this, when I am going through it, and was simply wonderfing if there are others going through the same thing.

Blue Sky,


Luv2Fall  (B License)

Mar 19, 2004, 11:05 AM
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Re: [ericber] Hep C and Fatigue [In reply to] Can't Post

Mine isn't from Hep C but rather from the nero arena. I feel for you........coping with pathalogical fatigue is extremely difficult..............a very sick fatigue as opposed to normal fatique as a result of life.

Just as difficult to cope with for the person experiencing it, is others understanding what you're going through as, through their eyes, you're are "whole".........they don't see anything wrong appearance wise.

Acceptance, restructure of one's life, positive thinking and humor helps me to deal with it.

Tinkerbelle  (D 272)

Mar 19, 2004, 8:54 PM
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Re: [ericber] Hep C and Fatigue [In reply to] Can't Post

What about going through the regime of pegelated something or other... I know a jumper who had hep C and bad liver too from years of lots of drinking and other drug abuse. He has been clean and sober for a long time, what a hero, but was left with that problem. He did the regime, and is now disease free! He has more energy and feels like a new man! He has a new lease on life! There is a cure out there! Go for it!
Good luck!
Just don't tell anyone at the DZ or this forum 'cause they'll slaughter your character. Very few sensitive, kind, caring, helpful, accepting folks around the DZ or this forum. Seems like if you present some vulnerability, they will all jump on you and attack, like a bunch of pirahna or fire ants! There seem to be so many self-righteous folks just itching to hurl stones at anyone revealing their soft, pink underbellies.
Of course this non-support of others is why even though my friend was surrounded by hundreds of "close jumping buddies" at the DZ with whom he shared almost 5 days a week, or at least 3, he still felt as if he couldn't share his overwhelming problem with anyone and instead just killed himself. I do so wish all of his DZ friends had been more available to him, personally, I fault the crowd at the DZ as much as I do him, that they weren't more open and caring and sensitive to each others' problems, that he felt he had to get to that extreme, without anyone even realizing something was seriously wrong. Our brother was in trouble, and needed our help, support, and understanding, and we all, and I mean everyone at the DZ, with whom he socialized and played so often, weren't there for him in his time of need. We are supposed to be a collective family with our unique, mutual passion to fly in the sky! We all need to take more time to be interested in and care for the lives and wellfare of our fellow jumpers, for they are our extended family, our brothers and sisters! And when one of them feels so alone and desperate as he obviously felt, we, his family of fellow jumpers, especially those who spent so much time with him, should have been there for him! We need to stop being such fair weather friends and such self-righteous critics, and start being more supportive of one another, not just looking for a means or a reason to attack and defame one another, as I've observed is an alarming trend of late!
Tink Smile

Tinkerbelle  (D 272)

Mar 20, 2004, 3:15 AM
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Re: [Tinkerbelle] Hep C and Fatigue [In reply to] Can't Post

Before anyone gets upset with that last comment, allow me to elaborate... since I can not eliminate. I do not blame anyone for anyone else's problems. All I was trying to say there, is that we all need to be more open to one another and supportive of our fellow jumper's personal problems and needs. It is our collective responsibility not to just revel in the ebullience and levity of the laughter and good times, but also be there for one another through the hard times trouble, and personal turmoil. We should not jump on and attack people when they reveal some vulnerability, but rather embrace them, for often that kind of love and emotional support is all one needs to help them deal with their own problems. Just knowing people care can really lift one's spirits, just as being berated can tear at one's heart!
I will pray for all my fellow brother and sister flyers, that they may be happy and healthy, and when in need, pray that they can find the support and encouragement they need to lift them up out of their duldrums to once again see the light of the clear blue sky, our passage to Heaven!
God's speed, Joe, may you find peace among the angels. You are in great company up there in Heaven with my true love, Shawn, and most recently my beloved Daddy!
We love you all, and pray for your serenity every day!

ericber  (D 9298)

Mar 20, 2004, 2:34 PM
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Re: [Tinkerbelle] Hep C and Fatigue [In reply to] Can't Post

Dear Tink:

Thank you so much for taking your time and posting. Yes, I opened myself up, but I did not see it that way at first and simply wanted to see if there were any others out there with the problem. Mine is attibuted to the US Army 1967-70 military service and fortunately I do not required treatment as of yet. Yippie?

Again, thank you so much and if there are those who judge, well, that is their problem and not mine. :-)

Blue Sky,


Luv2Fall  (B License)

Mar 20, 2004, 3:36 PM
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Re: [Tinkerbelle] Hep C and Fatigue [In reply to] Can't Post

I agree..............compassion, acceptance, understanding, love and support seems to be in short supply when the chips are truly down.

cruzlite  (A 44192)

Apr 1, 2004, 4:50 PM
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Re: [ericber] Hep C and Fatigue [In reply to] Can't Post

Came accross this site while looking for info on the old Pegasus (sp?) canopy...

It kind of stuck in my mind because of the name...

Then recently, the KC Star did an article on it...
As they report it, the results they are getting are
above 60% (Virus totally eliminated - I believe)



Tinkerbelle  (D 272)

Apr 2, 2004, 10:56 PM
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Re: [cruzlite] Hep C and Fatigue [In reply to] Can't Post

Yeah to the complete elimination of the virus...,

The regime is Pegelated Interferon and Riboviron.
It has tremendous positive results. It took a couple of months of heavy treatment with that regime, but my friend with a severe case of Hep C and a bad liver from alcohol and drug abuse was completely cured! And for all you sceptics out there, no, it was not a false negative. He is completely virus free, for real!

They said he would be severely depressed during the treatment for some biochemical reason, and even screened him for depression ahead of time, but he did not suffer much at all. He said it all went fine, and wasn't that difficult in the least bit!

If anyone wants to talk to my friend he said he would be glad to talk to anyone to relate his experience. Just PM me, and I will give you his name and email or phone number, as I think it would be improper to give that out publically.

Loads of luck and support to anyone out there with this unique condition.
Tink Smile

Skyrad  (B License)

Apr 4, 2004, 10:54 AM
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Re: [Tinkerbelle] Hep C and Fatigue [In reply to] Can't Post


Hepatitis C virus is a highly variable agent and there are now 6 recognised genotypes with numerous subtypes. These genotypes and subtypes are distributed geographically. Type 4 has a high subtype diversity in Africa, and type 3 in South east Asia. There is very little subtype diversity in Europe and North America suggesting that the virus has only been recently introduced to these areas.

Genotype I, especially subtype Ib, has been associated with a poor response to interferon therapy (and combination therapy of alpha interferon and ribivirin) and severe chronic liver disease.

predictors of good response to combination therapy include:
HCV with genotypes 2 or 3 rather than 1
low viral load
absence of cirrhosis
age below 40 years.
The following papers may be of interest, good luck.

NICE (October 2000). Guidance on the use of Ribavirin and Interferon Alpha for Hepatitis C.

McHutchison JG et al. Interferon alpha-2b alone or in combination with ribavirin as initial treatment for chronic hepatitis C. NEJM (1998), 339, 1485-92.

Poynard T et al. Randomised trial of interferon alpha 2b plus ribavirin for 48 weeks or for 24 weeks versus interferon alpha 2b plus placebo for 48 weeks for treatment of chronic hepatitis C virus. International Hepatitis Interventional Therapy Group. Lancet (1998), 352, 1526-32.

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smiles  (D 41)

Apr 6, 2004, 1:20 PM
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Re: [ericber] Hep C and Fatigue [In reply to] Can't Post

you are certainly not alone-
How are your liver enzyme test results??

I have Hep C and get my liver enzymes tested regular. The results have been excellent for 7 years now---no changes. I am fortunate to be Hep C positive without any symptoms yet- my sister died last June with Hep C- (cirrhosis) UnsureUnsure

I cared for her over the last 10 years and she was not a drug user or alcoholic so unsure how she contacted it except when she had full mouth tooth extractions done. When she was originally diagnosed with cirrhosis we did not relate it to Hep C until years after when she was tested Hep C and B positive.
Also unsure how I contacted it. May be from personal care of my sister or when I was a dental assistant for 2 years back in the days when all dental instruments were so called sterilized in a blue solution and only autoclaved at the end of the day. The dentist I assisted did alot of extractions- the bloody instruments were all put in the sink and rinsed with water, then placed in tray of blue solution for 5 minutes...and back into the drawers to be used again. (I was poked many times with bloody explorers) Also one of my tattoo's was done 12 years ago.

Anyway my partner was tested soon after my diagnosis and he is also Hep C positive---we have long gotten over the big question as to who got it from where and what. He has elevated enzyme results when he drinks and does have unusual fatique off and on due to the disease.

All I know is I am still haunted by what my sister's last years of existence were like suffering with cirrhosis----that experience was enough to give my head a shake when it comes to drinking any alcohol.

I have had problems getting into emergency due to Hep C and lack of treatment rooms available- always remind nurses, doctors and dentists- even staff at d.z. and my jump buddies are all aware. I also wear an i.d. bracelet. My toothbrush, shaving razors ect. are all kept personal. Both my children were born cesarean before my diagnosis of Hep C and have been tested - negative for Hep C.


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