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Crossfire vs Vengeance


Donce  (D License)

Apr 9, 2001, 1:48 AM
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Crossfire vs Vengeance Can't Post

I am going to buy one of these canopies but still don't know which one :((( I have 300+ jumps and I am thinking about wingload 1.5
I would like to hear the opinions from skydivers who jumped both canopies.

alan  (D 17868)

Apr 9, 2001, 3:30 PM
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Re: Crossfire vs Vengeance [In reply to] Can't Post

I would suggest demoing each canopy and decide on which one you like the best after jumping them yourself. I know it can be a pain sometimes waiting for a demo canopy, but it is worth it. If the manufacturer is slow, sometimes you can get one quicker from a dealer, try different avenues. If you can make Quincy, you will be able to demo them side by side. They are both great canopies and after having jumped both it would be difficult for me to say one is far better than the other. They both have many attributes, you need to jump them and see which ones fit your likes the best. Good luck. BTW, FWIW, I have heard some very favorable things about the Cobalt and it may be worth considering as well.


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