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looking for CRW incident article


Kelly  (C License)

Feb 27, 2002, 11:00 AM
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looking for CRW incident article Can't Post

a few years back, in Perris I believe, a guy named Paul Joseph was doing CReW with his team mates. he became entangled with another jumper and the other guy cutaway. PJ attemped to cutaway but was in a violent spin.. he did something like 180 rotations (From a count watchign the video) before he dumped his reserve, grabbed as much of the mess as he could and landed on a roof. where he promptly fell off and landed next to a sticker bush. (first hand account, PJ's a good friend and ive seen the video).
now, heres a clue. THe team is mentioned in an article hanging on the wall at the Bent Prop bar and Grille out at skydive arizona. The article is a year prior to this incident,
and its about "skydiver of the year" or something. I Think the guy its abouts name is Jim, not sure though. he got the award because he saved Pauls life on a jump at the time. CRW wrap and the guy did something that allowed PJ to live..
okay, youve got the clues. please help me find the article.

i think it happned at a nationals competition. the footage was shot from the ground w/ a special camera.

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