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Relative Workshop's new website!!



Jan 15, 2004, 5:43 AM
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Relative Workshop's new website!! Can't Post

Relative Workshop Website

Relative Workshop gears up for 2004 with the launch of their new website. RWS is now offering web surfers more to see and learn about at their website than they ever have before. Surfers will find that the new site is much more user friendly, making it easier to find and get to the information they are looking for, be it manuals, specs, size charts, etc.

Welcome to The Workshop
The Workshop is a new section of the website where you can see photos and videos, read articles, and learn about rigging from our experienced rigging staff. One of the main features in The Workshop is the Team Vector page. Here you can learn about all the sponsored people like Eric Fradet, Emmanuelle Celicout, and Jack Jefferies, or Aria, or Team Sinapsi, the Italian National 4-Way team. Find out why these people jump Vectors, why they trust in the quality and innovation that goes into every rig.

On the Road features articles and photos from events that RWS either sponsors or attends. Here staff members like Egon Sussmann write about their time spent on the road or at local events. Most recently the Fantasy Swoop competition at Fantasy of Flight on Nov. 15 is up on the site now.

There is a photo gallery and a page with desktop wallpapers and screensavers. But there is a special gallery called My Vector. This gallery is specifically for customers to send in photos of themselves and their Vectors. We are looking to see people showing us why they love to jump Vectors. Better yet each month we will choose a winner and send them a Relative Workshop T-shirt. An Annual Winner with a more substantial prize is in the works. All you have to do is email us your photos along with a short (1 or 2 sentences) about why you jump Vectors, and you will end up in the gallery.

Also in The Workshop is From the Rigging Loft. Here Louie Palomares and his rigging staff offer tips, answer questions, and give lessons on rigging issues they encounter.

The website also gives skydivers a new coloring program that is an improvement on the previous one. With the new versions you can color ALL of the color patterns, add and color embroidery, write your own embroidery, and print out the finished rig with all the color information you need for the order form. There is also an interactive Rig Tour that lets you click through all the features and options on a Vector container. You will quickly see all the safety and innovations that go into the Vector 3.

The website is not the only thing that got a face lift. The Vector 3 logo got a fresh new look. It now better conveys the statement of the Vector 3 itself, an example of modern technology and innovation that is setting the standard for things to come. Make sure to ask to see them you are ordering a rig.

Come by and see whats new!

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Jan 15, 2004, 11:09 AM
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Lets make it CLICKY

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