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Winter maintenance


riggerrob  (D 14840)

Jan 3, 2004, 7:43 AM
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Winter maintenance Can't Post

Just a reminder to jumpers in Northern States and Canada that now is the best time of the year for major maintenance: washing rigs, re-lining canopies, re-sizing harnesses, replacing scuffed leg pads, replacing that ugly-coloured mid-flap, Cypres 4-year checks, etc.
Seeing how this is the slow time of year for most Northern riggers, they will be glad for the work.
Manufacturers will also be glad to hear from you. You may even be able to parlay rig repairs into a winter vacation. Try mailing you Talon to Rigging Innovations with a note saying that you plan to pick it up at the factory just before the Valentine's Day Money Meet.

For example, last month I replaced stiffeners in a couple of student rigs. I currently have two tandem canopies in my loft that are due for re-lines, a pilot emergency parachute that needs a couple of stiffeners replaced and while I am replacing stiffeners, I may just replace ######'s badly warped reserve pin cover, seeing as how I have been bugging him for the last two years to replace it!
Oh, and two large boxes just arrived from Strong Enterprises. I think they contain tandem rigs returning from 8-year checks. Just have to repack them next week. The list goes on ...

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