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Bigway Safety, response to "Whew!!!"


FreeflyGoat  (D 26046)

Feb 4, 2002, 4:40 PM
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Bigway Safety, response to "Whew!!!" Can't Post

1.anything over a 3-way is a big way. If you dont have 4 jumpers that can freefly an exit and then form a base and hold until breakoff then nobody else except a cameraman has any business exiting with that group. No dockers, NO LURKERS!!!!!!!!

2.Skill level should be determined before the dive takes place.

3. Camera work should be left up to a cameraman on the outside on bigways. Cameras in the base do nothing but distract jumpers from the primary goal of the skydive, and that is to fly your slot not geek the camera. All the footage you end up getting anyways is a close up of Joe Freeflyers nostril passages and a few people zooming in and out of frame.

4.Stagger breakoff when you have a bigway. Outside dockers should be long gone before the base decides to leave. That way people are not fighting for breakoff space. Which oviously happened on this dive.

When taking on the duties of an organizer YOU take on the responsibility of everybodys safety on the dive. If an individual in the group makes a bad decision it reflects back on YOU as an organizer, IF you did not provide everyone on the dive with a safe plan.


Kris  (D 26033)

Feb 4, 2002, 9:25 PM
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Re: Bigway Safety, response to "Whew!!!" [In reply to] Can't Post

Thanks for posting this information!

While I am still in the very low experience range when it comes to freeflying and won't be doing anything bigger than a two-way with someone experienced this is great knowledge to have for down the road.

Can't wait to be in Dallas this weekend to work on my head-down some more.

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