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Skydiving FAQ, Not just a site FAQ


AggieDave  (D License)

Jan 28, 2002, 6:31 PM
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Skydiving FAQ, Not just a site FAQ Quote | Reply

HH, I can't remember if this has been brought up in this forum before, but after seeing the exact same questions being raised in the different forums everytime someone new registers it would seem reasonable to create a FAQ of sorts. Maybe have Billvon write something up that covers all the major questions, RSLs, AADs, etc. with the different popular opinions represented. Smile

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Jimbo  (D License)

Jan 28, 2002, 7:54 PM
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Re: Skydiving FAQ, Not just a site FAQ [In reply to] Quote | Reply

That's a great idea. It's interesting though, how would you answer things like "Do I need an AAD?", or "My instructor said my RSL will kill me! Will it?" These are a few of the topics that people seem to be passionate about - it would be nice I think to get some well written opinions, both pro and con, on subjects like this and then place links to the various discussions we've had here. Of course on subjects where there are clear answers, like "What's an altimeter?", clear, concise answers could be provided.

Just my $0.02.

FWIW: I've started piecing together a Cypres FAQ. It's not complete, it's barely even a FAQ, but it will be done someday.

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