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CF 4-way blocks, HowTo?


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Jan 23, 2002, 1:31 PM
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CF 4-way blocks, HowTo? Can't Post

I am trying to figure the CF 4-way sequential event block sequences - 2000
( Can somebody comment? (I'm looking at them
from the front). By the way, I didn't want to write `it' so where I write `he' It could
also mean `she'.

1. Inverted Tee -> Diamond : Top rotates down, left toggle up then left
2. Vichy -> Gaff : Can row 2 grip-shift row 3 or must he release
the grip? If so, should he plane before the
grip is released? Row 1 left wing moves right
and down with right frontriser.
3. Stack -> Boomerang : Again, can rows 1 & 3 grip-shift? If not,
row 4 planes before grips are released.
4. Step-Stack -> 2 Step : Row 3 moves to the left with toggle to make
room. Row 2 right wing moves left & down with
left frontriser. Row 4 moves back in.
5. Stack -> Stack : How does this work, can the pilot of the upper
2-stack rotate as if he were single?
6. Diamond -> Vichy : Top rotates down, I guess over the top is the
only option.
7. Diamond -> Diamond : This looks tricky. The pilot of white toggle
turns away and both float. The pilot of black
follows with left fronriser.
8. Sawasdee -> Hook : Top rotates down, sashay to the left.
9. Boomerang -> Sawasdee : Again tricky. Pilot of black turns right with
left toggle up. then the pin of black turns
back on frontriser. Pilot frontrisers when pin
enters turbulence of white. White floats.
10. Step-Stack -> Stairstep : Can the left wing of row 2 grip-shift row 3
and hand him over to the right wing? Or should
row 3 plane up so he can move over to the
right? Then the left wing moves right and down
with right and then both frontrisers.
11. Gaff -> Boomerang : Black turns away so white can frontriser behind
and drop down and black floats up.
12. Stairstep -> Diamond : Again the two stairsteps problem. White turns
away so black can frontriser in behind.
13. Stack -> Inverted Tee : If row 1 goes up & over row 2 can sashay and
dock first.
14.Gatton -> Diamond : Top sashay down.

If I were to sort them in order of difficulty I would say 8-6-14-1,
13-3-4-10-2, 5, 7-9-11-12. We (two dogs and two puppies) want to get into
sequential. So far we have completed a bunch of diamonds and are looking for
guidence to go from there. So any help is apreaciated, as detailed as possible.

It looks like sometimes the formation should turn to ease the inter. How is
this heading problem solved during contest?

My feeling is that the two stairstep inter is the most difficult to handle
and should be emphasised. What are the traps to be aware of?

Then I noticed there aren't any side by sides or planes, why?

Blues & Diamonds


Skydive long and properous!

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