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New Personalized Tabs in User Profile


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Nov 1, 2003, 3:14 PM
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New Personalized Tabs in User Profile Can't Post

Heya all,

I've added some personalized content from the site to your User Profile view. I will continue to build this out. The idea is to bring your contributions to the site into one area from where you can easily manage it and where others can view what you have out there. You have to be a registered user to be able to view these tabs!

If you click on any username you will still see the user profile but now with 3 Tabs:

  • Profile - The Profile tab brings you back to the user profile

  • Reviews - The Reviews tab will show you all gear and DZ reviews the person has written in the Gear and Dropzone databases

  • Classifieds - The Classifieds tab will show you any gear the user has for sale in the classifieds at this moment
An additional word on Reviews. Please look at the attachment. People often don't fill in all the fields when they submit a review. This is a great opportunity for you to modify and update all your old reviews and also make sure you've provided all the information. A complete review summary will look like the one in the attachment. To read the actual review text, click on Read this Review on the right.

There are a few components that are often missing. If some of your reviews don't have some of these, go update it! (numbers on the graphic)

  1. Review Subject - Your review should have a review subject. Users often forget to enter a short subject.

  2. Recommend - A little thumbs up or thumbs down graphic will appear depending on whether you recommend the item (or DZ) you reviewed or not.

  3. Star Rating - A star rating (1 to 5) with 1 low and 5 high will appear if you remembered to rate the item or DZ.

  4. Pros and Cons - Fill in the Pros and Cons of the item you reviewed. Shorts sentences or a few key points.

  5. Modify your Review - This link will only appear if you actually view your own review summary. Others will not see it. This gives you a quick way to get your reviews up to date.
Rest of this should be pretty clear. Enjoy! Smile

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