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Yeah I know..common newbie question !



Sep 15, 2003, 11:28 AM
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Yeah I know..common newbie question ! Can't Post

Sorry to bother all you guys with this.
New jumper <50 jumps desparately wanting to get my own rig !
Im 6ft 2 and a 'tad' over 15stone (205lbs)..although my racing weight will be around 14.12.....what the Hell rig should I go for ...???
I know the stock response of ...ask your instructor...but am getting a stock response !
Im not a 'radical dude' and for me the frrefalll is still my focus...not swooping !
Want a rig...second hand or new that I can use and learn in...without being left behind.....
GIVE ME YOUR experiences and advice...please.....cause I am lost at the mo !
ALL responses very gratefully received...

"do or do not....there is no try..."


Sep 15, 2003, 11:37 AM
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Re: [Zoter] Yeah I know..common newbie question ! [In reply to] Can't Post

I searched around for 3-4 weeks and found a nice '98 javelin in real good shape. Bought it with a PD160 Reserve and 2000 Cypres for $1500. I bought a brand new Sabre 2 170 canopy which was around $1500. The key is, don't rush if you find a used rig you think is good for you. There are plenty out there. Also, being that the season is coming to an end (atleast here in Boston) I would assume more people will be selling their rigs. Look around on eBay and if you have the money, buy a new one. Although, I was told by many that even if I had the money not to buy a new one as my first rig. Good luck, and talk to your instructors Wink

nightjumps  (No License)

Sep 15, 2003, 11:40 AM
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Re: [Zoter] Yeah I know..common newbie question ! [In reply to] Can't Post

Go see your Instructor. We tell you that for a reason. Take him/her a couple of choices in the main 230ZP and reserve 249 DashM or 235R range and give him/her something to throw darts at for you.

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pilotdave  (D License)

Sep 15, 2003, 11:45 AM
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Re: [Zoter] Yeah I know..common newbie question ! [In reply to] Can't Post

The big thing to understand is that the choice of canopy is very important, but any (safe) container will be fine as long as it fits. The reserve will be chosen basically just by your weight. For used containers, a lot of people say to buy something made in 1996 or later, and avoid velcro.

For canopies, read the gear reviews here and the info on the manufacturer websites. What type/size are you jumping now? When you buy, you'll want something not too much smaller or faster. There are lots of choices though. I bought a PD 9 cell when I had around 40 jumps. It's at the slow, conservative end of the spectrum for beginner canopies. A Sabre2 might be at the other end, but reasonable at low loading (aka big). So, read up on various canopies, narrow down your list and bring it to your instructors, and ask which ones they think you should be jumping.


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