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Chuck/Alan swoop heading change


ramon  (D 26115)

Dec 21, 2001, 8:48 PM
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Chuck/Alan swoop heading change Can't Post

Chuck and/or Alan,

I've been trying to jump my FX lately instead of my vengeance because it is so much faster ( load fX @ 2 vs 1.67 on veng). and it is pretty my vengeance is butt ugly

The Vengeance is very easy to swoop and it dives hard for it's size. The brake lines are a little tight, as a result, if I am diving slightly cross wind and need to make a heading adjustment I can bump a toggle and it is done,no problem. This is good especially if I am swooping traffic (a no no, but it happens, and someone who has right of way starts drifting into my lane while I'm diving.

My FX has really loose brake lines. I think I pull them5 or 6 inches before I feel anything. When I dive it or I am pulling out of a dive little toggle movements don't do anything to my heading and well.... I am leery of bumping a toggle at 50 mph or while I am planing out.

I'm sure this sounds amateurish and stupid...any advice?


craddock  (D 22750)

Dec 22, 2001, 10:06 AM
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Re: Chuck/Alan swoop heading change [In reply to] Can't Post

Practice. Not trying to be smart, but after a little practice you will not even think about it. If your input starts with the toggles at your ears or at your chest it still will only require the same amount of input. It will not take very long to be comfortable with the extra slack. You can tell when you are starting to pull down on the tail so just practice over and over on every jump. You do not have to be close to the ground to practice your swoop. Hook it hard up high and practice pulling out of the dive with toggles. Practice carving out of the dive. Practice small adjustments to that you get the feel of how much input your are giving the canopy. You should not be trying to condition your self to a specific point(ears or shoulders), but rather to feel what you are doing to the canopy. Then you can jump any canopy at any brake line lenth with no concerns.
That said, I finish my turn as well as perform any minor corrections with harness input. Anything beyond harness input I use rear risers unless of course things get really nasty. I have just started this technique after watching some rear riser landings at the ranch and I am hooked.

Premier skymonkeyone  (D 12501)

Dec 22, 2001, 12:04 PM
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Re: Chuck/Alan swoop heading change [In reply to] Can't Post

Like Josh said, but I don't have any problem making final corrections with a toggle either. As a matter of fact, when I am hard carving, or "circle surfing", I lay well over in the direction of the turn, then yank the opposite toggle to get the canopy back over my head after I bleed off most of my usable airspeed.

FYI kids: Josh Huls (craddock) is one of only two people to actually land ON the raft in round 8 of The Ranch Pond Swoop Nationals. Outstanding, though I thought my belly skip over the mattress in the video was nearly-equally stylish.


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alan  (D 17868)

Dec 22, 2001, 12:25 PM
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Re: Chuck/Alan swoop heading change [In reply to] Can't Post

Ditto Josh and Chuck. The FX/VX are noted for not having much response to the toggles in the top 6" or so, hell that pretty much goes for all Icarus canopies. Many of us set them up even a little looser to insure that there is no tail deflection during an aggressive front riser input, to maintain the integrity/efficiency of the airfoil. You'll soon get used to it, but harness input seems to be adequate for most relatively minor adjustments and once you dial in the rear riser spread for the surf, you'll be nothing but smiles.


cobaltdan  (D License)

Dec 22, 2001, 1:45 PM
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Re: Chuck/Alan swoop heading change [In reply to] Can't Post

at 2:1 your weight shift in your harness or pushing on risers should be very responsive.
give it a try over your toggles (in addition to geting used to the effective toggle control range of your canopy)


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