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VRW WWR update 9/01


bbarnhouse  (D License)
Sep 1, 2003, 8:54 AM
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VRW WWR update 9/01 Can't Post

This update contains some very important information regarding the Women's Freefly World Record in November. Please read it carefully and thoroughly. We suggest that you save it so that you may refer to it at a later time should you have any questions regarding this event.


You may now register for the Women's Freefly World Record. The pre-registration deadline is Monday, November 24th. If you register on or before this date, the cost is $495 credit card or $480 check (or money order). If you register after this date, the cost is $518 credit card or $500 check (or money order).

This cost covers your registration fee, camera flyers, judges, organizers, oxygen (for higher altitude jumps), and 15 jumps: 5 from 13,000 ft.; 5 from 16,000 ft.; and 5 from 18,000 ft.

You may pay by credit card, check, or money order. To pay by credit card, call Skydive Arizona at (520) 466-3753. To pay by check, make your check payable to Amy Chmelecki and send it in with your registration (see below).

You must have the following to participate:
USPA membership (or a membership in your representative country's equivalent skydiving governing board)
Current FAI sporting license (go to the USPA website for more information)
D-license (or equivalent from your country's skydiving governing body)
In-date reserve

To register: Print out the attached form and fill it out as completely and accurately as possible. Mail the form, a copy of your USPA card (or your country's equivalent), a copy of your FAI card, and a check (if applicable) to the following address:

Amy Chmelecki
P.O. Box 874
Eloy, AZ 85231

If you do not currently have your USPA card or FAI card but you want to go ahead and register now, please do so. You have until Thursday, November 27th to provide us with copies of this information. However, the more people that send us their information early the better.

The WWR is happening at the same time as the Freefly Festival. Participants in the VWR WWR are not required to pay the registration fee for the Freefly Festival.


Several ladies have e-mailed us and mentioned that they would like to arrive a few days early and begin warming up before the actual record. Amy, Missy, and Jen will be organizing warm-up dives beginning on Tuesday, November 25th and ending Thursday, November 27th (the day before the record). We will be organizing no more than 5 jumps per day.

You may purchase up to 15 jump tickets at a discounted rate of $17/jump (after cash discount). These tickets may be used only for warm-up dives organized by one of the Sugar Gliderz. You may purchase the tickets when you register (if so, please indicate that on your form) or you may purchase them when you arrive the week of the event.


We will start on Friday, November 28th with at least a 6-way. Upon successful completion of this first record, we will add more people and build a bigger formation. Upon completion of this record, we will again add more people and build an even bigger formation. This process will continue for the entire 3 days of the records. Therefore, just because you do not get on the first record jumps does not mean that you will not get on any record jumps.

Because we will be adding people throughout the weekend, it is imperative that the people who are not currently jumping on a record skydive keep warm and up in the air. Therefore, the ladies who are not currently jumping on a record will be jumping with Steve Curtis. He will be organizing skydives that are very similar to the record skydives.

We will be having a mandatory meeting at 7:00pm on Thursday, Nov. 27th. Please make your travel arrangements with this in mind.

Our official camera flyers are Jason Peters and Greg Gasson. They will also be shooting still photographs. We will have additional camera people available for the warm-up dives.

Here is a schedule for the week of the record:

Tuesday, Nov. 25th
-Warm-up dives with the Sugar Gliderz

Wednesday, Nov. 26
-Warm-up dives with the Sugar Gliderz

Thursday, Nov. 27th
-Warm-up dives with the Sugar Gliderz
-7:00 pm mandatory briefing for all participants

Friday, Nov. 28th
-VRW Women's World Record skydives
-Organizing by Steve Curtis

Saturday, Nov. 29th
-VRW Women's World Record skydives
-Organizing by Steve Curtis

Sunday, Nov. 30th
-VRW Women's World Record skydives
-Organizing by Steve Curtis
-After hours: DJ Jody will be spinning in the Bent Prop


As always, there is free camping available at Skydive Arizona. The bunkhouse is also available on a first-come first-served basis for $5 per night. Here are a few local hotels:

(520) 466-7804
Eloy, AZ

Best Western
(520) 836-1600
Casa Grande, AZ


BEFORE you register, please be very clear about one thing. Paying your registration fee and registering for the WWR does NOT guarantee you a slot on the actual record dives. The objective of this event is to build the biggest female freefly formation possible as safely as possible. This event is not a skills camp. If you are unsure of your flying abilities, please be realistic. If you cannot comfortably dock on a 6-way, you should not be participating in this event.

It is entirely possible that the skydives organized by Curtis will be bigger than the record skydives (especially in the beginning). Thus, everyone who participates must have the necessary skills to be safe on a large VRW formation. If you are unsafe, you will not be jumping with either group.

If you pay the full registration fee, you ARE guaranteed 15 jumps. If it so happens that anyone is unable to make all 15 jumps due to circumstances beyond her control, she will be refunded for the amount of the jumps not made. For example, you register for the event but the weather is bad on Friday. You only make a total of 12 jumps. You would be reimbursed for 3 jumps.

After Monday, Nov. 24, there will be no refunds of the registration fee.


We strongly recommend that in the days prior to the record you do not over- train. This is the reason that we will only organize a maximum of 5 warm-up jumps per day. It is important to be relaxed and well-rested going into a world record event.

Preparing for this event involves more than just becoming a better flyer. World record events are very exhausting physically, mentally, and emotionally. Building a successful record skydive requires not only that people with sufficient talent show up, but that they all fly their very best under pressure. Be prepared to perform at your best under pressure.

Again, our purpose is to build the largest female freefly formation possible as safely as possible. This means that people will most likely be cut and/or moved and/or cut and added again later. You must be emotionally prepared to be cut.

We thank all of you for your dedication and hard work. We look forward to this event. If you have any further questions, please email us at:

Thank you.

Sugar Gliderz
Attachments: RegistrationForm.doc (20.5 KB)

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