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Freefly crossover and suit



Dec 17, 2001, 4:30 PM
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Freefly crossover and suit Can't Post

I'm hoping Santa will be bringing me a new freefly suit for Xmas and now I have a few questions. I want to start learning what to do with that new suit. I know the first thing to do is learn to sit. I've done a few that are more of the recliner type sits, but I'm wondering where you go from there, just out of curiosity. I know it will take me a little while to get used to even doing a sit in the new suit, as the only time I've pulled it off at all is when I had a large blousy jacket on and shorts...while I had things the opposite, big pants and a t-shirt, it was insane! Ramon can attest to that Smile I would image with some of both it will be a bit of a challenge too.

But I have always known what needs work on my's a bit easier to see "Hey, I f***'ed this one up, so I need to work on *this*" then knowing what to work on when you're basically solo'ing as a freeflyer.

Sssooo..after that long explanation...where does one go after a sit? What should I expect and try to accomplish in the future?


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Dec 17, 2001, 4:51 PM
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Re: Freefly crossover and suit [In reply to] Can't Post

The first thing to do is get that sit dialed in vertical. Look at the "learning to sit" post for some excellent tips on how to make that happen. Once you can exit and hold a stable vertical sit, there are lots of things to start learning - most of which are easier to do with a coach or another stable (and experienced) free-flier. The three things you need to learn first in my opinion are:
1. Fall rate control
2. Turns
3. Forward driving

Fall rate is controlled with both arms and legs. I use arms for small adjustments, legs for big ones. The higher your arms are the faster you fall. The more straightened out your legs are at the knees, the faster you fall. Like I said, get another experienced free-flier, and play follow the leader. They drop down, you catch him/her. They pop up, you pop up.

As far as turns go, I could explain how to use you arms/legs/torso, but this is easier. Follow your head - look where you want to turn.

Driving is all in the hips, push 'em forward to go forward, kinda like arching on your belly. Don't make the mistake of using your arms by pushing them behind you to drive. 9 times out of 10 it will make you drop your chin, lean forward and you end up backsliding. Again, get another free-flier to hold a base for you, drive to them, have them back off and go again.

Once you can do all this stuff, then start working on transitions, head down, etc. My rule of thumb, untill you can go anywhere and do anything upright, forget about getting head-down. Others will argue...



Dec 17, 2001, 7:10 PM
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Re: Freefly crossover and suit [In reply to] Can't Post

ramon gave me this tip and I did countless sit jumps just drilling it in. But the basic idea is that you should always be able to hold heading. When I was first learning would exit, get into a stable sit and then take a heading.

From there I would do:

1. Left/right 360.
2. Left/right cartwheel.
3. 2 forward flips.
4. 2 back flips.

The idea is to do each of these maneuvers and end up back on heading and stable.

Once you get these down you can start working on things like horizontal (arm & leg position, as well as backflying & stands) & vertical proximity (the forward drive with hips & feet that others have mentioned).

Lately I've been doing two ways working on proximity -- usually trying to do toe touches & such.

Every now & then I'll do a jump where I just bust out whatever moves me at the moment. I'll go into a sit & then spin it like crazy & try to stay stable -- or if I go unstable learning to straight to vRW stable. I do the same things with stands... spin 'em until I go unstable and then go straight to vRW. This teaches you how to handle instability without corking. Plus spins are fun! Smile

Just a few ideas.

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Dec 20, 2001, 5:38 PM
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Re: Freefly crossover and suit [In reply to] Can't Post

Thanks guys! You gave me plenty of ideas to keep me busy!

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