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"Reply to your post" notification


ernokaikkonen  (D 12)

Aug 23, 2003, 5:29 AM
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"Reply to your post" notification Quote | Reply

I've had this on my mind for a long time, but haven't bothered to post it yet.

At the moment, the subject of the notification email says " Forums - Reply to your post". Once you see that you have, say, nine messages with that same subject, you have to open them all to see what thread the replies were in and who replied.

How about changing the subject to for example :
" Forums - Reply to [insert your thread title here]".
Or even
"DZcom Forums - Reply to [thread] at [a forum]"

That way it would be unnecessary to even open the notification messages, which can take a while with a slow modem connection.

ernokaikkonen  (D 12)

Mar 10, 2006, 8:50 AM
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Re: [ernokaikkonen] "Reply to your post" notification [In reply to] Quote | Reply

Bump. I just noticed the same thing bugs me with the "watched threads" notifications.

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